Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2

I have to admit that I am not a fan of fighting games in general but there is one that I have checked out a few months back that changed my entire perspective into mobile fighting games

Shadow Fight 2 caught me by surprise with how well-developed this game is. I've done a bit of research and found out that this game was a sequel to an extraordinarily popular Facebook game that had over 40 million users.


Have you played the game? Want to learn more about how to play it? In this article, I'm going to dive into the game and how to get rewards. Read on!

  • Shadow Martial Arts Experience
  • Be a Martial Arts Expert
  • Learn From Defeat
  • Winning a Round
  • Grind Coins and Gems
Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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Shadow Martial Arts Experience

Shadow Fight 2 takes its players on an epic journey through a world where martial arts and magic coexist. 

Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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With different fighting styles, weapons to choose from, demon bosses to fight, and unique armor sets to choose from, players must face their enemies head-on or get eliminated from the battle in the most brutal way possible.


Fight your way through different enemies and use fluid martial arts moves through a detailed animated shadow experience. 

Travel through different worlds and face different enemies in this action-packed mobile experience as you upgrade and train your fighter into the martial arts expert.

Downloading the Game

Shadow Fight 2 is available for all mobile devices including iOS and Android devices. 


The game can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

In-app purchases are also available so be sure to set up your payment option beforehand.

Be a Martial Arts Expert

Shadow Fight 2 is an unforgiving mobile game that will truly test your skill in different fighting styles. Learning the ways of each character's style can be quite challenging so I highly suggest that you seek out help whenever possible. 

Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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Fortunately, I have gathered a few recommendations to help you win more fights and find better ways to keep on winning. The first tip that I would like to give out to new players is to learn the controls

The first thing that I noticed in this game is how players tend to mash the buttons just to attack. However, that is not the case for this game. Learning how to use the controls and perform different combos and attacks is key to victory. 

You might be able to land a few critical strikes by just mashing the buttons but once you learn how to make good use of the controls, you can control your fate in this game. I get to pull off massive combos and successive strikes once I got the hang of using the controls better.

Fight with Finesse

I've noticed that whenever I miss an attack or just stand still in the game during a fight, the meter below my health bar slowly diminishes. But when I do get to land an attack or a full combo, that meter surges up and suddenly pops off. There is a reason why such a meter exists in the game.

It rewards players for being aggressive but with finesse. Those who aimlessly throw punches and kicks tend to burn that meter off while those who aggressively land their attacks are rewarded by it. Soon, the meter will fill up and I get to execute even more powerful attacks which will help deal massive damage to the enemy and eliminate them as fast as possible.

I highly suggest that you look at this meter carefully and avoid depleting it. Land all of your attacks even if they block it or counter it. As long as you hit your enemies, this meter will slowly fill up towards an inevitable powerful blow that can even turn the fight in your favor.

Learn From Defeat

There will always be times that I don't win my matches and that's fine. It's normal to lose sometimes but there are certain key elements that one can learn from defeat. Replay the fight and see what went wrong so you can polish your skill.

Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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There is a reason why the replay feature is added to the game. It has allowed me to look for my mistakes in the game so I can learn from them and avoid them from happening again. 

This has made an impact on how I play the game as I tend to win more games now than I was before I swallowed my pride and studied every replay.

Learn How to Start the Fight

Learning the different strategies in Shadow Fight 2 is essential in this game but knowing when and how to start the fight is key to landing an advantage in the game. The game has a First Strike buff especially during the early stages of the game. The First Strike buff happens when you deal the first-ever damage to your opponent.

What I do to get the First Strike buff is to block incoming attacks from the opponent at the start of the fight as much as I can. Once I see a perfect opportunity to strike, I immediately go for a head strike which unleashes a good amount of damage that will let me earn the First Strike buff.

Just make sure to understand how kicks and punches work in the game. Kicks are meant to disrupt the enemy combos and have a longer range than punches however, they only serve as a setup for your punches. Punches deal more damage than kicks so always look to secure a huge blow by landing a few good punches or combos into your enemy especially if they are up against the wall.

Winning a Round

There is only one method to winning this game and it is to eliminate your opponent's health to zero. In most fighting games, you try to hold off and defend yourself from attacks hoping to take less damage until the timer runs out to win the game but in Shadow Fight 2, it is more brutal. 

Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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Players will have to do their best to wipe out their opponent's health with whatever they've got. If for some reason your opponent is still up by the time the timer hits zero, you immediately lose the match. 

There are no draws in this game and the only way to deal with a loss is to try again. I suggest that you try to practice different combos to help save time, deal more damage, and end the match as quickly as possible.


Another quick way to dispose of your enemies to aim for the head. Headshots deal a lot of damage and can even drop your opponent to the ground. This is a good way to pin them down and never allow them to retaliate.

In this method, I get to beat my opponents to a pulp without ever giving them the chance to get back up. Brutal, methodical, quick, and easy.

Grind Coins and Gems

Coins are the most common in-game currency used in Shadow Fight 2 while gems are the premium currency. 

Learn How to Get Rewards in Shadow Fight 2
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These are used to purchase gear and upgrade them however, you will have to beat as many opponents as possible if you want to collect a large number of coins to upgrade your equipment.

For that reason, I would highly advise that you play Survival mode instead to farm and grind for coins in this game. In Survival mode, you get to fight an endless battle against many opponents while gaining a small amount of health after each round. 

The more enemies you beat, the more coins you earn. The campaign is also a great way to grind for these resources but playing the Survival mode is what I recommend for you to do to practice your skills while also farming for coins.

Unlock New Skills and Gear

The first thing that you need to know when it comes to understanding the skill trees is to identify your strategy and playstyle. Once you have locked it down, it is time to make some upgrades and unlock new skills that relate well to your preferred playstyle. Choose skills that offer percent damage instead of flat damage.

Once you have unlocked the new skill, I usually take them to the dojo to practice them and weave them into my combos. Upgrading and unlocking new skills help your fighter become stronger. Some of these new moves might even be game-changing once you get to incorporate them into your combos.

Moves like foot sweeps, flying kicks, and many others deal a lot of damage and can cause an initial burst that will give you an advantage. Unlocking new weapons and armor is also key to victory so balance how you use your resources to unlock new skills and gear for your fighter.


Dive into epic battles between fighters, demons, and monster bosses while showing off your martial arts expertise in this awesome mobile fighting game. 

Shadow Fight 2 not only offers a grand battle between martial arts experts but a fun good time as well.