How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile

Are you currently searching for an old-school type of MMORPG that you can play for several hours a day? How about an MMO that sounds familiar or maybe you have played before? If that's the case, I highly recommend Perfect World Mobile.

Perfect World Mobile is an awesome blend of old-school MMORPG gameplay with better graphics, high-quality content, and solid social features. 


Read on to learn more about Perfect World Mobile and how you can earn gold coins easier and more quickly to make your gameplay even better.

  • Perfect World MMORPG on Your Mobile Device
  • Earning Gold Coins in Perfect World Mobile
  • Learn Alchemy
  • Level Up Faster
  • Upgrade Skills and Gear Frequently
How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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Perfect World MMORPG on Your Mobile Device

Perfect World Mobile is a multiplayer online role-playing game from Perfect World Games. The game perfectly captures the PC version and is now playable on mobile devices. 

How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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Choose a character class that fits your playstyle, defeat monsters and bosses, complete hundreds of quests, join guilds and events, craft different types of gear and items or go to war with other players.


This open-world MMORPG boasts some of the best graphics on mobile. Ride above the clouds or travel through different biomes and go on an adventure together with your friends. With over 60,000 square kilometers to explore, players are treated to a plethora of places to discover.

Perfect World Mobile is available for download at the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Let's Talk About In-Game Currencies

There are a few different kinds of in-game currency that the game uses. These in-game currencies are used in a specific manner so players should determine which ones they need before they start earning them. Silver coins are the most common type of currency in Perfect World Mobile and I can easily get them within the game.


Gold coins however are far more difficult to get. I'll be teaching you later how you can start earning more gold coins. For now, gold coins can be converted into silver coins so I can buy items from the shop, upgrade my skills, and craft different items and gear for my character.

Silver Ingots is one of the premium currencies in the game. They are commonly obtained from events and by trading items. Gold Ingots is another premium currency that is bought using real money and is used to purchase outfits, enhancement materials, scrolls, skill book chests, stones, and many more.

Earning Gold Coins in Perfect World Mobile

Earning gold coins in Perfect World Mobile can be quite difficult based on experience. There are a lot of things to do before I start earning gold coins and players should know this before they start playing the game. 

How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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Most gold coins are used to convert into silver coins for other purposes. In this guide, I will be providing you with quick and meaningful ways to earn gold coins fast. 

There are a lot of ways to earn gold coins in this game however, they are commonly being used to purchase mana and health potions in this game. 

Players will need to conserve mana and health potions as much as possible since they take up a lot of your budget. The best thing that you can do to conserve your gold coins is to start maxing your fishing skill.

Max Fishing Skill First

Fishing not only gives you plenty of opportunities to earn gold coins but also helps you to unlock many other skills in the game. I tend to use up all of my AP from fishing but you can always replenish them by doing some of the daily quests

While fishing, I get an item called a Discarded Tool which is used when crafting and upgrading weapons and gear. 

My advice is that you fish for these items and sell them to either players or the NPC and get around 1,000 to 2,000 gold for each discarded tool that you sell. By maxing out your fishing skill, you get more out of fishing and be able to get more gold coins in the process. 

Learn Alchemy 

Another way to earn more gold coins in the game is to sell specific items that players commonly use. One of which is Mana Brew. Mana Brew tends to sell well based on my experience since it replenishes a good amount of mana when in combat.

How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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I also use Mana Brew to help save gold coins but I rather sell them to other players. For players to create Mana Brew, get the Alchemy skill as soon as it is available once you upgrade your Gathering skill. 

Increase the skill to level 20 and you should be able to create Mana Brew and sell them for 500 gold coins each.

Sell Quest Items

While selling consumable items is a great way to earn more gold coins, I also discovered that I get to earn even more when I sell my quest items to other players. You can check out the value of these quest items at the marketplace or the auction house and see that they are sold for a good amount of gold coins.

Most quest items are rare and provide a good amount of stat boost. If you have a few extra quest items that you no longer need, you can always put them up for sale especially for other players who want to purchase them.

Speaking of quest items, I also suggest that you try to research the quest requirements and see if you can sell them to other players as well. Many players want to complete their quest as soon as possible so by fulfilling their needs you can help them complete their quests and earn yourself gold coins at the same time.

Level Up Faster

Now that you know how to earn gold coins in the game, it is time for you to learn how to level up your character faster. 

How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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The faster you reach a higher level, the better for your character. Players who want to level up fast also tend to have more opportunities to get rare items and other gear as they can defeat bosses and complete quests faster than other players.

I have gathered some tips on how you can level up your character in the game.

Complete Cultivation Quests

Skills are unlocked and added to your character once they reach a certain level or finish a certain quest. One of the major quests that I highly advise you do is the cultivation quests. These quests help you increase your cultivation skills as well as upgrade other skills as well.

I can unlock my cultivation quest at around level 9 and get them every 10 levels thereafter. This quest goes on up until I reach level 69 and by then, I get to choose a specific path that will have a major impact on my character's destiny in the game. 

Check the requirements for each cultivation quest so that it will be much easier to finish them and advance into the game much faster.

Upgrade Skills and Gear Frequently

As I level up in the game, I noticed that monsters begin to feel more difficult to take down and quests begin to feel more challenging

How to get Gold Coins on Perfect World Mobile
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Many players make the common mistake of focusing on just leveling up their character without upgrading their skills and gear as well. This is the reason why you tend to do less damage to high-level monsters or have difficulty finishing a certain quest.

Always make sure that you also upgrade your skills and change your gear to suit your level. If you have a very good set of equipment, you can always upgrade or refine them to increase their stats. 

There is no need for you to spend a lot of silver coins to upgrade everything as long as you know which items are significant to your goal in the game.

Join Guilds

Guilds are one of the most common features that I have noticed in every MMORPG. There is a reason why many games prefer to have this type of feature as it encourages players to play with others and have fun while doing so. There are a lot of advantages that you can get by joining guilds.

Guilds often have higher-level players that can help you with certain quests and sometimes, they even give you items to help you in the game. 

This social feature also allows you to participate in a massive guild-vs-guild competition that will reward you with rare items in the game. Make sure to join an active guild and form your community.


Perfect World Mobile captures the essence of the original PC version. For those who are looking for a good MMORPG or simply feel nostalgic from their experience with Perfect World, this mobile game is surely one of those games that will keep you playing for hours and hours.