Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds

Ever want to build your empire and conquer different exotic lands? Game of Sultans is the best mobile strategy game that will make that dream come true. 

From expanding your vast empire to making sure your lineage continues even after years of ruling, players will know what it's like to build, lead, and expand an empire much like the Ottoman Empire.


Gather your friends and family and complete daily quests for rewards. With so many things to do, you might wonder how to win the game. In this article, I will teach you about Diamonds and how they can help you.

  • Building Your Empire
  • About Diamonds
  • Getting Diamonds in Game of Sultans
  • Join In-Game Events
  • Rank Up and Get Honor
  • Check Your Mail Regularly
Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Building Your Empire

Game of Sultans is a mobile real-time strategy game from Mechanist Internet Technologist. Players get to play a Sultan who must lead a group of viziers and build their empire from the ground up. Players also need to gather resources, fight opponents, settle an alliance, and conquer the world.

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Find new friends as you wander across the vast land. Forge an alliance with your friends and fight in different large-scale wars such as the War of Supremacy and Union War. Take on a journey as you travel through different lands and conquer every one of them.


Apart from exploring the world, players also get to raise their heirs, train them to become the next leaders or until they grow up and marry. You can even purchase costumes and armor as you lead them to battle or get cute pets and companions as you travel the world.

Where to Download

Game of Sultans is available for download at the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. 

Make sure to download the game by tapping ‘Install’ and wait for the complete installation of the game. 


Launch the game and log in using your email address to start playing the game.

About Diamonds

Diamonds are a premium in-game currency that can be bought by using our real money. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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The premium aspect of the currency can sometimes be overlooked if you know where to find some diamonds in the game. Don't worry, I'll tell you later on.

Before we proceed, Diamonds are acquired by using real money so I highly suggest that you set up your payment option before playing the game. I'm very sure you will need diamonds if you want to further enjoy and win more games.

Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds are commonly used to make the game convenient for the player. If I want to continue playing the game by, say, lessening the waiting time for upgrades and recruiting your troops, I would simply use diamonds to make sure that I rise to power fast enough to be able to start conquering different lands.

Apart from that, I also get to trade diamonds for any other commodities and resources in the game. This means that I can always use them to purchase different resources that will help me build more structures and recruit more troops for my army. 

There is an obvious advantage to players who spend money in this game especially if they want to win more games.

Getting Diamonds in Game of Sultans

Players who do not want to spend money on the game should not worry though. There are still a lot of ways for you to get diamonds in Game of Sultans without having to spend a dime. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Diamonds are quite rare if you are a free-to-play player so make good use of the diamonds you earn through the methods that I will be teaching you below.

I have gathered some of the best ways to get free diamonds in the game and hope you can follow through and use these diamonds wisely.

Login at Specific Days

Game of Sultans often rewards me with diamonds in the game. However, there is one specific requirement that the game wants me to do first. This is to log in and play the game on the second day after I first started the game, and a week after first playing the game.

On the second day, I would receive at least 240 diamonds in total. I would also then receive a total of 400 diamonds a week after once I log in. This results in having up to 640 diamonds just by logging in to the game on specific days.

Join In-Game Events

Game of Sultans often provides us with many in-game events. While these events only last for several days or weeks, they often provide us with a lot of rewards. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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One of these rewards could include diamonds however, be sure to check out upcoming events so you can prepare to play the game.

There are simple events that I have participated in in the past just by logging in to the game which has earned me a couple of diamonds. 

If you have the time, go ahead and join every in-game event that the game offers and you should be able to collect as many diamonds as possible for free.

Complete Your Quests

There are a lot of quests that I can easily do within a period in Game of Sultans. Most of these quests are simple tasks that I can complete by just playing the game. Every time I get to finish a quest, the game offers me some cool rewards and some of those rewards include resources as well as diamonds.

Another great thing about this tip is that when I get to finish at least 140 daily quests in the game, I get to open the final treasure chest which will give me the chance to earn at least 50 diamonds. 

While it may not be enough, it is still a good amount of diamonds to help you in the game especially since there are still a lot of ways for me to earn them for free.

Rank Up and Get Honor

Another tip that I can share with you is to play the game as much as possible and rank up

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Ranking up means you get to grow in power and soon you'll be able to unlock the Honor button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you tap the Honor button, it will reveal three different aspects - Campaign, Intimacy, and Power.

Choosing any of these aspects will soon reveal a decent amount of diamonds for you to collect. 

Go ahead and climb through the ranks and challenge as many players as you can to unlock the Honor option.

Watch Ads

I know that ads can be quite annoying and intrusive at times especially for mobile games but the developers have to make their money through ads and you can take advantage of this route to earn a few diamonds or a gold coupon in the process. 

What I do is I simply watch a few video ads during my spare time. I don't even need to watch them, I just let them play in the background while doing something else and when I get back, I collect the 25 diamonds for every video that I ‘watched’.

Check Your Mail Regularly

The game features an in-game mailing system wherein I get to receive system notifications. 

Game of Sultans - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Sometimes, this is also an avenue for the game to insert different rewards after participating in in-game events. Always check your in-game mail and see if you have any rewards to collect.

You might be surprised to know that you already have lots of diamonds waiting for you. Simply claim these rewards and you can then delete the mail right after if you want to conserve some space. I even got 100 diamonds just by playing the game and checking my mail.

Finish All Achievements

In conjunction with checking out the in-game mail, why not try to check all of your achievements in the game as well. There is a specific tab in the game where you can see a list of all of your achievements. Every achievement that you have reached will reward you with different items including diamonds.

Finish all of the achievements in the game as soon as possible so you can enjoy the different benefits of the rewards. This is highly advised for those who are still new to the game as you get to receive a lot of diamonds early on.


I hope that you were able to collect as many diamonds in the game for free as much as possible with the help of my tips. I understand that you might not want to spend a lot of cash on this mobile game. 

The tips mentioned above might not be enough for you to thoroughly dominate the game but it is surely decent enough to create an advantage that you can ride through up until you reach the top.