CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game

I'm guessing you have already heard of one of the most popular first-person shooter games of all time - CrossFire

Whether you are actively playing the game or have seen an ad from it somewhere, there is no denying that the FPS game is vastly popular, boasting 1 billion registered players in 2020. 


Playing the game might be easy if you are already an FPS player but understanding how weapons are used in this game is another topic we need to discuss. In this article, I will discuss the following:

  • A Tactical Shooter Game
  • Weapons In CrossFire
  • Getting Weapons In CrossFire
  • Get Permanent Weapons With Rank Points
  • Daily Rewards In CrossFire
CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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A Tactical Shooter Game

CrossFire is a tactical first-person shooter game from Smilegate and has been very popular in countries like China and South Korea. The game has even been adapted to a successful television series that gained more than a billion views in China alone. 

CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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CrossFire is available for Windows PC and has branched out to other media such as the mobile platform. The game is played in different modes, and depending on the game mode, the objectives differ. 


In Team Deathmatch, players will have to work together in a team to eliminate the opposing team as many times as possible, while Free for All means that everyone is your opponent, and players respawn in random locations after getting eliminated. 

The game's main objective is to survive while also meeting the different objectives of the game mode. Many other game modes include Hero Mode, Zombie Mode, Wave Mode, Big Head, Search and Destroy, and many more.

Where To Download CrossFire

CrossFire is available for download through the official website. Click on the Downloads page to begin the download and wait for the game to properly install on your computer.


Weapons In CrossFire

CrossFire features many weapons for players to choose from; however, there is one distinct difference between all of them. Weapons purchased at the in-game store or given to the gamer are a reward, but these weapons are unfortunately temporary. 

CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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There is only one way to acquire a weapon that will remain permanent inside your inventory, and I'll be teaching you about that later on. If there is no permanent indicator on your weapon, chances are, these are only available for a certain period before the timer runs out, and you will have to either purchase them or rent them. 

Many think this is a pay-to-win option for the game, but it is far from it. This only proves that the game will require you to learn about different weapons for you to master, and once you have decided to put more effort into learning the weapons system, you can choose which weapons you want to have permanently.

In CrossFire, you can only carry two main weapons, one melee weapon and three accessories or grenades. I tend to separate the main weapons into two different categories so that I get to choose which main weapon to use on a specific map.

Weapon Categories In CrossFire

Weapons in CrossFire are divided into eight different categories. Each weapon category has its strengths and weaknesses. Most of these weapons are used in specific situations or specific maps in the game. The categories are assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, machine guns, shotguns, sniper, melee, and accessories or throwables.

Assault rifles are all-around weapons, but I mainly use them for close-quarter combat. Snipers are great for long-distance assassinations and are commonly used to eliminate priority targets in the game. I usually use sniper rifles in open areas as targets are easily seen, and it is far more convenient.

Both machine and submachine guns have high firing rates and are commonly used in scuffles in closed spaces. Meanwhile, shotguns are the ultimate weapon of choice if I want to have accuracy in eliminating opponents. Pistols are used for their firing power and clip size, while throwables or accessories, which are grenades, are used to either start a fight or disengage from it.

Getting Weapons In CrossFire

Weapons are one of the most important items in the game of CrossFire. They are commonly used to eliminate other players on the map. With so many different types of weapons to choose from, it can be pretty hard for beginners and even seasoned players like myself to pick a weapon and learn how to use them immediately. 

CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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It will take a lot of time to learn how to use the different weapons available. The best advice that I can give is to explore many weapons as much as possible and learn how to use them. 

After exploring all your options, you will know what each weapon does and what you can do as a player. It will give you the advantage to know what a weapon can do, especially if an opponent is pointing it towards you. 

There are so many weapons to choose from in this game, but learning how to get weapons can be equally challenging. Here are some ways that I have learned to get weapons in CrossFire.

Purchase Weapons At The In-Game Store

As I was learning about the weapons in the game, I have discovered that some of the best weapons that any player can use are at the in-game store. Many would want to say that the game might be pay-to-win because of this, but there are still far better weapons that can be acquired in the game without purchasing them at the in-game store.

Nevertheless, if you want to own a good weapon to use in the game and if you have the money to do so, go ahead and purchase them. Do take note that the weapons at the in-game store range from cheap to very expensive. 

They only last for 30 days, so you might want to purchase them again for another thirty days after the duration expires.

Get Permanent Weapons With Rank Points

Apart from purchasing weapons at the in-game store, there are still many other ways to have the right weapons when loading them into the game. 

CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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Many might not want to spend a little bit of cash to purchase some of the best weapons in the game, but I can still get weapons through my rank points. 

Rank points are acquired when you play ranked matches in the game. Of course, I would want to win many ranked matches to earn more rank points to spend more of them in the game. 

The best part about this is that the weapons are permanent, unlike many found in the in-game store. I would never have to worry about them disappearing all of a sudden when playing.

Eliminate Your Opponent

In a game where you need to eliminate your opponent, the best way to earn a temporary weapon is to kill them and grab their loot. Eliminating your opponent would allow you to also take the weapon that they were using before they got killed. 

Loot all their items if you still have room in your inventory and use them however you like. I make sure to use the weapons available to me from the loot by taking the best weapon possible. 

Just be reminded that the weapons you looted from your opponents are temporary and are not carried over to the next game.

Daily Rewards in CrossFire

CrossFire has a feature called the Daily Award System. In this system, players are treated to different kinds of rewards, including but not limited to weapons of different kinds. Some of these weapons are given to you once you finish a certain task in the game.

CrossFire - Learn How To Get Permanent Items In The Game
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Sometimes, even just by logging in to the game, I receive a weapon that I can use. Some of the weapons given to me by the Daily Award System have different duration and are only temporary, so I have to make good use of them when playing. 

These weapons can only be used for a short time and will be removed from the inventory after their duration has passed.

Complete Daily Missions In CrossFire

Apart from the Daily Award System, players are also treated to different kinds of missions that need to be completed. The first thing that I usually do once I log into the game apart from collecting the daily rewards from the Daily Award System is to check my daily missions. 

Most of these daily missions are very easy to achieve, such as killing several opponents or playing some matches within the day. As a reward, these daily missions often give out weapons that I can try within a certain duration, much like everything else from the game. 

Most weapons usually last around seven days, so there is enough time to use them while playing and testing how effective they are. I think the game is quite smart to give you these weapons to try for free so you can decide whether you want to extend them through the in-game store or acquire them permanently through your rank points.


It's not a secret why CrossFire continues to be very popular and a very lucrative game. Players are treated to free items and rewards in the game but what it all boils down to is the fact that the weapons system in this game is unique to many other games within the genre.