Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4

Anyone who has been playing within the battle royale genre knows that one of the most popular games right now is Fortnite. It is easily one of the best in the genre.

I always recommend players interested in trying a new game to try out Fortnite instead and welcome them within the community. There is just something about Fortnite that is both highly competitive and fun at the same time - no wonder it continues to grow in number up to this very day.


With the recent announcement, I can even play Fortnite on my PlayStation 4, which might be news to some of you. In this article, I will discuss the following:

  • Playing Fortnite On PS4
  • Cross-Platform Play With PS4
  • Controller Setup
  • Familiarize With The Controls
  • Build, Build, Build
  • Never Look Down
Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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Playing Fortnite On PS4

Fortnite is a battle royale game that pits 100 players into a map. They drop through the map via parachute and gather resources to build defensive structures, gather weapons, and eliminate one another. 

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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As the map slowly decreases in size, players will be forced inside the safe area, where players begin to find little to no place to hide. 


This is where the game becomes quite interesting as players will have to contend with how fast they can build, how good they are at playing the game, and how they strategize to survive to become the last player standing. 

Many would immediately ask me if there is any difference between playing Fortnite on PC and the PlayStation 4. The ultimate answer is there are some differences, but they lean more towards learning to use the controllers on the PS4.

How To Get Fortnite On PS4

Everything about the game is still the same. From the gameplay to the rules and the map itself, playing Fortnite on PS4 remains pretty much the same. Don't worry about the PS4 controls, as I will be providing you with information on how you can set up your PS4 controller to play Fortnite without having too much difficulty down below.


Getting Fortnite on your PS4 is relatively easy. First, you will need to make sure that you are connected to the internet to log in to your PlayStation account and into the PlayStation Store. Once inside, search for Fortnite and move to the right side, where you can find the download option.

Wait for the game to be fully downloaded before you can proceed. You also have the option to link your Epic Games account so you can bind Fortnite to all of your accounts across different platforms. This way, you can play on the same account whether you switch to PC, PS4, or on your mobile device.

Cross-Platform Play With PS4

The best thing that I like about Fortnite is that it allows cross-platform play to almost every console and other platforms available today. So, if you have friends playing Fortnite on their PC, you can invite them to play the game with you. 

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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Android, iOS, and other mobile device users can also enjoy playing the game together with friends. 

The game also features the PartyFinder option, where I get to search and invite my friends through their Epic Games account on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and more. 

I get to send and receive invitations so we can easily play together.

Quick Guide To Control Setup

Now I understand that many PS4 players will feel quite ostracized by how difficult it can be to play Fortnite using the PS4 controller. I've experienced a bit of difficulty at first, but I can tell you that you need to give yourself time to adapt to the controls. 

I will provide you a controller setup that will help you learn the controls faster and easier so you can enjoy playing the game.

Controller Setup

There are two types of control setup for Fortnite on the PlayStation 4. 

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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The first one is the Combat setup, where you use the joystick to run and sprint, with the square button for reloading your weapon, the X button for jump, the triangle button for shuffling your gun, and the circle button is used to toggle the Build setup. 

To shoot or attack, all you need to use is the R2 button, while crouching is done by pressing the L1 button.

Build Setup

While the combat setup is focused on fighting, the Build setup is more focused on the game's building aspect. I highly suggest that you try to focus more on the Combat set up first, then move on to the Build setup. 

Most of the Combat setup buttons take only a few games to learn since it is more fluid to use, and the controls are relatively simple to understand and use.

Familiarize With The Controls

The first thing that I want to recommend to any new player in this game, especially if they are playing from their PS4, is to learn and familiarize the controls. 

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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Locating the weapon shuffle button or finding the reload button can be pretty tricky at first, but spending some time learning their placement and playing a few games will help you get familiar with the controls. 

Soon enough, you will be able to shift through Combat and Build mode without skipping a beat. This is when you can then move on to mastering the game's other skills such as aiming accuracy, building, and many more.

Learn The Weapons

I see many new players that tend to run around unarmed during the first few minutes upon landing. They often don't gather or seem to want to find weapons to arm and defend themselves. You are more likely to get eliminated from the game if you do not have any form of weapon, especially during the early stages.

I highly recommend that once you land, seek shelter and, while doing so, gather weapons and learn how to use them. Every gun in this game has a purpose.

For example, a shotgun is more useful in close-quarter combat than a sniper rifle intended for long-range assassinations. By learning how each weapon functions, you can familiarize yourself with each weapon in the game and identify if you can take down an enemy or not.

Build, Build, Build

Now that you know how to get weapons in this game, it's time for you to learn how to build. Looking at the pros, you'd be amazed at how fast they can build a fortress using the controllers but doing so might look easy on their part, but the execution is far more complicated.

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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It will take a lot of time and practice on your part, especially with the controller setup you have on your PlayStation 4. Many players coming from PC will have to re-learn this skill when playing on their PS4; if you want to find success in this game, practice building for your defense.

Keep An Eye On The Play Area

Fortnite has one of the largest maps in any battle royale game. During the first time I played this game, I was tempted to roam around the entire map and explore the different areas. 

The game does, later on, remind you that the map slowly diminishes its size, and you can see it through your minimap.

A circle begins to shrink as the play area begins to gradually become smaller as well. Pay close attention to the play area so you can strategize where you want to go, hide, or ambush incoming players.

Never Look Down

If there is one skill that I would like for players to learn is to never look down. Looking down means you are making yourself vulnerable inside the game.

Learn How To Play Fortnite On A PS4
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This means that you don't have as much vision of your surroundings if you keep looking down. This is also quite prevalent during fights when players look down instead of focusing on their enemies.

Play With Friends

Lastly, the best part about playing Fortnite for me is getting to play with friends. Invite your friends over now that Fortnite is available on all platforms including the PS4.

Make sure to link your Epic Games account so you can invite your friends from other platforms to your game. 


The game is currently in its Chapter 2, sixth season, and features a Wild theme with new animals and a crafting system. Fortnite continues to innovate and push the boundaries of gameplay with more to come in the future.

With the inclusion of the PlayStation 4 to its cross-platform play, Fortnite has further solidified itself as a top-notch battle royale game that everyone must play. This is just one of those games where it feels like you get to play with your friends whenever, wherever you go as long as you have access to the game.