Multiplayer Racing Games PC Edition - See Here

If you have the need for speed, but don't want the cops pulling you over, a multiplayer racing game just might do the trick. Over the years, hundreds of racing games have popped up for racing enthusiasts everywhere with different features and objectives to make it all challenging. 

When it comes to PC editions, there are a number of multiplayer race games that you can look at. Each one will give you a different feel, but they all will have you imagining you're in the driver's seat. 


You can find out below which games you should look into playing when it comes to PC edition racing games. You’ll also find out what the objectives and features of each game are by reading on. 

Multiplayer Racing Games PC Edition - See Here
Image Source: PC Gamer

F1 2018

You can’t have race cars in any equation and not have F1 as part of the options from which you can choose from. When it comes to PC multiplayer racing, F1 2018 offers you a full race simulation. You get to feel the car's movement, track, and other characteristics. 

You have a chance to put yourself in the shoes of a racing star and take part in a season’s race. 


You can have heated up rivalries with other drivers and you also get to have a feel of what it’s like to be engaged in contract negotiations. You can also tweak your car to the modern speciation.

You have to make a time investment for you to have an edge in the game. The main objective is to try and finish as many races as you can in the top positions. You can easily download F1 2018 from the Steam store.

Forza Motorsport 7

If you’re looking for a game that gives you a real feel of all-day racing, then Forza is the game you want to look at. 


The main feature when it comes to this game is that you can race into dawn and all the way into darkness. This way, you’ll have a full experience of racing through all terrains.

You also have different weather conditions that make it harder to maneuver some roads, making this a once in a lifetime experience. Your main objective is to race through the track and come out on top of the leaderboard in the end. 

And to make it all the more interesting, there is an impromptu paddle-dodging marathon in poor visibility conditions. To download Forza Motorsport 7 for PC or buy the Xbox game, visit the Xbox official website.

Dirt Rally 2

Multiplayer Racing Games PC Edition - See Here
Image Source: The Drive

With the first Dirt Rally game gaining high praise when it came out, it was only befitting that a second one should come up. 

The first one was mainly focused on energy drinks ads and snapback caps ads, this one has just all the race feel. All you have to do is pay attention to the car racing. Here, the developer has paid attention to making this game about having you feel as if you’re part of the 4WD WRC. You get to feel the weight of the car and the terrain among other things.

The main objective, as for the other games is to ensure that you come out on top of the board in the end. You’ll have to take part in the test races, just like it would happen in the WRC too. Also, if you do something in the game that you wouldn't recover from in real life - the same outcome applies. 

To download and play Dirt Rally 2 on your PC, visit the Steam store.


When it comes to multiplayer racing, there are plenty of games out there. But if you really want to get a feel for the action, then the games above are exactly what you're looking for. 

Check them out today!