Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends

League of Legends has been around for over 10 years now and it is still one of the most popular MOBA titles all around the world. I love it for the same reason most people do: playing the game is very easy and enjoyable for both casual and hardcore players.

In the game, I get to choose champions to play and each of them has certain cosmetic items that boost the aesthetics of the champion. While they do not provide any strategic advantage, it is still cool to look at. So, if you want to get free skins in League of Legends, read on!

  • About Blue and Orange Essence
  • All About Riot Points
  • How to Get Free Skins
  • The Benefits of Opening Chests
  • Reasons to Join Events
Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
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About Blue and Orange Essence

Blue Essences, also known as BE, are part of the three main currencies in the game. You can find the amount of Blue Essence that you have in the top right corner of the client that is marked with a blue crystal. 

Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
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I find Blue Essence the easiest currency to acquire because it is one of the most basic currencies in the game. Orange Essence is much more difficult to acquire.

BE is commonly used to purchase Champions in the game. However, I discovered that there are times within the year that players can purchase rare skins using BE.


Orange Essence on the other hand is quite difficult to acquire and is somewhat rarer than Blue Essence. Orange Essence is commonly used to unlock skins from skin shards, unlock permanent emotes, Eternals, and ward skins depending on my choice.

How to Get Blue and Orange Essence

Blue Essence is very easy to come by. I just play a few games until I level up and the game rewards me with Champion capsules that contain Blue Essence. The Champion capsules also contain Champion Shards that I can disenchant for even more Blue Essence.

Orange Essence can take a lot of time to acquire. They can only be produced when you have skin shards, ward skin shards, emotes, and Eternal capsules. 


I have to disenchant the skin shards and other items under the Collections tab apart from the Champion Shards to get a decent amount of Orange Essence.

All About Riot Points

Riot Points or RP is another currency in the game that can only be purchased using real money. Riot Points are exclusive and are used by players to purchase skins for their champion as well as ward skins, Eternals, experience boosts, emotes, chromas, and many more. 

Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
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From what I know, RP can only be used within the League of Legends client and nowhere else. RP can be purchased through the in-game store or through a League of Legends card that can be purchased in different outlets. 

To purchase RP, log in to the client and click on the in-game store and select Purchase RP where you can choose from a wide variety of RP amounts to purchase. 

Once you have purchased your selected RP amount, you can go ahead and spend them on different items at the store.

Uses of Riot Points

Now that you know how to purchase Riot Points, it is time to teach you how to use them in the in-game store. Check out the in-game store first and select the skin that you like. 

Make sure that you have enough RP to purchase the skin otherwise you may need to buy more RP to purchase the skin that you like.

I usually purchase just enough RP so that I can purchase the skin that I want. However, there are also other uses of RP in the game. I can purchase ward skins, battle passes, orbs, emotes, chromas, Eternals, experience boost, and many more with my RP.

How to Get Free Skins

One of the many reasons why people play this game apart from the action surrounding Summoner's Rift is the amazing skins that come out every patch.

Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
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Imagine diving into combat with skin like Gatekeeper Galio or protecting your teammates with the beautiful aesthetics of KD/A Seraphine's shields. 

I have always wanted to get some of those skins and fortunately, Youtuber Dr. Hades has provided us with the information we need to get some skins for free.

Here's what I have discovered upon watching his YouTube video and I am here to tell you how you can get skins on League of Legends without dropping a single cent in the game.

Community Giveaways

One thing I like about the League of Legends community is that it is active and vibrant. Everyone within the community is passionate about the game and wants to excel at it. Most of the time, content creators, streamers, pro players, and even just your average player love to share their games through streaming.

These streamers often have giveaways during their live broadcast. This is the right time for you to take advantage of this and get the skins that you like. Follow content creators like Dr. Hades on their YouTube channel and see if they offer some community giveaways.

There are also Facebook and Twitter pages as well as Twitch channels that offer community giveaways apart from YouTube. With so many streamers and content creators, I can get a lot of free skins from just following their page and supporting their endeavors.

The Benefits of Opening Chests

Another tip that I have learned from watching Dr. Hades' video is that opening chests are also an effective method for getting free skins. However, we will have to dial back a bit and discuss what chests are and how to open them. There are two types of chests in the game so far: Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests.

Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
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Both chests can be opened through the use of Hextech keys. To acquire chests, players must attain a champion rating of S or more in any given game and the chest can only be acquired once for quite some time. Hextech keys are acquired by giving and receiving honor from other players after a match.

Now that I have all the items needed for the chests and keys, I can open these chests and receive different shards such as skin and skin ward shards as well as emotes and other surprises. 

The main difference between the chests is that Masterwork Chests have a higher rate of dropping higher tier skin shards than the usual Hextech Chests. Sometimes, these chests also give out Blue and Orange Essence and if I already have enough OE, I can unlock the skin shards to get the skin for free.

Watch Professional Games

One of the most entertaining aspects about League of Legends that I follow is the professional games. There are a lot of professional games that are being played almost every day from every region. There are different pro leagues in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.

While watching pro events, I noticed that the stream offers a lot of freebies and drops that include skins and other in-game items. It came as a surprise to me that I can get free skins just by watching my favorite teams playing at the highest level and enjoy every second of it. 

Make sure to log in to your Riot account before accessing the League of Legends esports website so you can automatically get the rewards just by watching the stream.

Reasons to Join Events

In almost every patch, League of Legends hosts different kinds of events such as the Spirit Blossom Event held last year that featured a lot of oriental-themed aesthetics including skins and ward skins. 

Dr. Hades Tells How to Get Blue Essence, Orange Essence, and Riot Points in League of Legends
Image Source: Esports Talk

These events also give out free skins through the use of event coins. Event coins can be earned by completing different missions that require you to play the game and finish several tasks. These missions often reward me with either BE, OE, Hextech keys, chests, and event coins. 

I can then head over to the Collections tab to check how many coins I've earned and for 200 event coins, I can purchase an Event orb that contains a skins shard. 

With the OE that I acquire from the missions and by disenchanting other skin shards, I can use it to unlock the skin shard from the orb to get a free skin.

Watch Out for Essence Emporium

Since BE is almost always given in the game for free, I can save up a lot of BE. At one point I had around 100,000 since I have all the champions in the game. 

Riot has made it so that players who have acquired a lot of BE are allowed to spend them through the Essence Emporium.

The Essence Emporium is a store that only opens twice a year that sells rare skins. You can purchase these skins with BE instead of RP.


There are so many ways to get free skins in League of Legends. It is up to you whether you want to go for the free stuff or if you want to invest some RP to earn more free skins in the game. 

Either way, all you need to do is to enjoy playing the game and you get a lot of blue and orange essence in no time.