YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims

There was a time while I was playing The Sims Freeplay when I came across a lot of players who suddenly became rich in a few days of playing. 

I started thinking they were using cheats or hacks in the game but I had to find out how they were able to do it. Luckily, I came across a Youtube channel called Contrary Sims and discovered that there are far better ways to earn money in The Sims.


Today, I'm going to show you what I've learned from this YouTuber and hopefully, help you get more money for your Sims family in the game.

  • Playing Sims Freeplay
  • How to Earn Simoleons
  • The Benefits of Gardening
  • How to Earn LP
  • Cycle Through Different Hobbies
  • Collect Town Revenue
YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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Playing Sims Freeplay

Sims Freeplay is a mobile simulation game from EA that is highly reminiscent of the older Sims games. The game is played in real-time so you will need to take good care of each of your Sims. 

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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In Sims Freeplay, three different currencies are used. The primary currency is called simoleons which is the common currency used in the game. It is primarily used to pay for different items such as furniture and many other aspects of the game.


Then, you have lifestyle points that are earned through doing different activities in the game. Finally, social points are used similar to lifestyle points and they are commonly used to complete specific tasks.

How to Download Sims Freeplay

Sims Freeplay is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. To download, simply search for the title of the game and tap “Install” or “Get” to begin.

Wait until the game has finished downloading and installing and launch the game by tapping “Open” or going to your home screen and launching the game by tapping the game's icon.


How to Earn Simoleons

Simoleons are the basic currency that we use in the game. I usually use it to buy different items in the game. 

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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There are a lot of ways for players to earn and spend simoleons to better the lives of our Sims however, it is also important to keep a steady flow of simoleons in order to keep your family alive and well.

Here are the things that I have learned from the YouTube video on how to earn simoleons for your Sims family.

Send Them to Work

If you truly want to earn a lot of simoleons for your family, send your adult Sims to work every day. I can earn as much as 700 to 2,000 simoleons for every Sim that I send to work every day.

However, the amount that I earn every day will depend on the type of career I have chosen for my Sim. Some careers earn less at the beginning while others earn more but do not have the option for an increase. Make sure to choose wisely on which career you want your Sim to have.

Additionally, you can also earn simoleons using your teen Sims as well. Send them to school and after each day, you will get a few simoleons once they get back home. At the end of the ‘day’, I can reach up to around 25,000 simoleons which is good enough to sustain the needs of my family.

The Benefits of Gardening

Another good tip that I have learned from watching Contrary Sims was to allow your Sim to garden. Gardening helps with earning simoleons as well as giving your Sim something productive to do instead of just standing inside your home. 

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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This activity alone has earned me more than 1,200 simoleons. To do this, make sure that the Sim is inspired first. 

You will notice that a Sim is inspired when green sparkles are surrounding the character and they are leaping excitedly. 

Take them to your garden and leave them there overnight and you should be surprised to know that you can earn as much as 30,000 simoleons just from gardening.

Check Your Mail

There will be times that the game may send you rewards. Check your mail from time to time and open them to receive rewards.

I have tried this method and was able to earn around 10,000 simoleons so be sure to check your mail from time to time.

How to Earn LP

LP or Lifestyle Points are usually used to purchase premium items in the game. They are also used to speed up the action and progress of our Sim, especially in the long run.

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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Here are some key ways to earn LP as what I've learned.

Take Up a Hobby

Players can earn as much as 3 LP by just letting their Sim learn a hobby. I highly suggest taking hobbies that do not take up a lot of time so you can do more and earn more. 

Cooking is a great hobby to help you earn more LP. To do this, you can invite friends over and have them cook together. 

This also helps level up each Sim that participates in the hobby and each time a Sim levels up, you also get 1 LP so if you have 5 Sims that are cooking then you get 5 LP, apart from the ones that were earned through cooking.

Cycle Through Different Hobbies

Once you have earned enough through one hobby, it is best to cycle through different hobbies. 

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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Learning a new hobby will force your Sim to forget the previous hobby. This means that you get LP every time you learn a new hobby.

From what I've gathered, I have to make sure to collect all the rewards from one hobby first before moving on to the next hobby. 

I find this tip to be very significant if you want to gather enough LP for your Sim family.

Join Competitions

Competitions are also a great way to learn Lifestyle Points for our Sim. Check out several competitions and join them to earn at the very least 3 LP.

There are a lot of competitions to choose from for you to join so choose wisely.

How to Earn SP

SP or Social Points are a much harder currency to come by. I had to double my efforts just to get them but there are a few methods that I have discovered that will ease the process. To earn Social Points, you will need to have neighbors.

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
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This is where things can get difficult for you. However, I've learned that you can add neighbors through Facebook

I can just find new friends through the comments section and add them on Facebook or join community pages and groups that have Sim Freeplay players to add as your neighbor.

Watch Ads

Another great way to earn SP without having too much to do is to watch ads

The game does have ads and while we might be sometimes annoyed by it, the game offers us some compensation by giving us 1 SP for every ad that we watch within the game.

Take advantage of this so you can get enough SP to get the items you like such as the 70s Retro TV or the Lime Green Toilet.

Even More Ways to Get Money

Apart from the tips mentioned above, I have also found even more ways to earn more in-game currencies for the game. These tips can be easily done and should help you gather enough simoleons, LP, or SP to boost the quality of your family. Check out the following tips below.

The first thing you need to do every week is to complete the weekly tasks

Completing weekly tasks will get you rewards such as a hefty amount of simoleons, LP, and the occasional SP. 

The amount is randomly given but I still think it is worth a try.

Collect Party Boat Rewards

Adding friends on Facebook into the game will help you earn even more rewards from the game. 

By adding neighbors, you also get gift boxes that contain different amounts of simoleons or LP.

So the more neighbors you add to your game, the more gift boxes you will receive.

Collect Town Revenue

Head downtown and collect the town revenue. This is a good source of simoleons that will help in the game.

YouTube Channel Contrary Sims Teaches Viewers How to Get Money on The Sims
Image Source: Jordyn Sims / YouTube

Along the way, you can also take your Sim out for a drive and collect even more rewards.

You can collect LP and simoleons by just roaming around town so get your Sim a car to do this as soon as possible.

Adopt Pets

In Sims Freeplay, we can adopt a pet and in return, they give a good amount of simoleons and LP by digging. 

You might start with a puppy but only the adult pets can dig up currencies so feed them well and keep them happy. 

Their happiness level will help them dig regularly.


Hopefully, you will be able to earn more money as I did from Sims Freeplay using the tips from Contrary Sim on YouTube. 

These should be enough to help your Sim family survive and be able to purchase high-quality items that should keep them happy for a long time.