Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone

Imagine getting to play a game as simple as Block Champ and finding it one of the most enjoyable mobile games to play. 

Block Champ might be very simple but what I noticed when playing the game is it has some challenging cerebral aspects that will truly test your spatial skills. 


Apart from the fun gameplay and interesting challenges, there is more to Block Champ than just a simple mobile game. Read on below to learn more about Block Champ and what makes it so fun.

  • About Block Champ
  • How and where to download the game.
  • How to Play the Game
  • Tips for Success
  • Never Underestimate Corners
  • Plan Everything But Be Flexible
Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
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About Block Champ

Block Champ is a puzzle game developed by Undonesoft Lite and released for mobile devices. The aesthetics and the gameplay are very similar to Tetris but with a few changes. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible by clearing out blocks and lines along the way.

Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
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The game made its way into my hands when it was first introduced to me by a friend. He was telling me about an addictive game that played very similar to a classic game but with modern twists. 


When he first mentioned Block Champ, I was a bit apprehensive about such a simplistic game but little did I know, this mobile game would be my go-to fun activity for the next few months.

With so many random factors in the game, I actually found it hard to understand at first but if you are one of the many people that can take up the challenge, this game can be a very interesting, unique, and fun mobile game to play. In this game, I get to learn how to be flexible and test my spatial skills all at once.

How and Where to Download

If that wasn't convincing enough, maybe you can try and download the game for yourself. It is available for all Android mobile devices through the Google Play Store. To download the game, simply launch the Play Store and search for the title of the game.


Begin the download by tapping ‘Install’ and waiting for the installation to finish. When the Install button says ‘Open’ then click it to launch the app. Once launched, you can start playing the game and experience the fun for yourself.

How to Play the Game

Upon launching the app, I was impressed with the simple design of the game. I was immediately taken to the main game where blocks of different colors and shapes became available for me to place within my play area. 

Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
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During gameplay, I could also see incoming blocks at the bottom of the screen, which lets me carefully plan my next move.

Each block takes space within the play area and if I completely cover a line, the line clears itself up and I get a score. Each line I clear earns a score but if I clear up multiple lines, the score either doubles or triples

The game goes on until I stop to exit the game or if the entire play area is filled with blocks without any lines able to be cleared.

Look for Bolts

Of course, the game would not be as fun if there weren't any random factors or power-ups involved. The game regularly gives us random blocks that I find to be very challenging to find a spot to place and this often leads to awkward lines filled with one or two empty spots. There are also freezies that require me to clear the line twice before they disappear.

However, the game does offer some form of advantage to the player through the use of power-ups such as bolts. You can easily spot a block that has this power-up as it is marked by a lightning bolt in it. Collecting two bolts within the line will clear it immediately.

Multipliers are also great power-ups that multiply the score I get from clearing multiple lines. I usually do this in combination with other power-ups so that I can take advantage of its effect for a much higher score.

Tips for Success

Block Champ might be one of the easiest games to play on mobile but I have found several key tips to make it even easier. 

Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
Image Source: ConteZero

I have gathered these tips based on my experience while playing the game, from friends who have also played the game, and other sources whose tips I will share to help you elevate your game when playing.

The first tip that I can provide is to focus on creating lines instead of blocks. During my first few tries at the game, I was always tempted to build blocks using the same color. This did nothing for the game and changed how I played the game. 

So instead of focusing on the blocks, I shifted to focusing on creating lines instead. This changed my perspective on the game so much that it has made it very easy to play. I get to clear lines faster and earn more points than ever before.

Proper Spacing Is Key

Space is important in the game. The more you clear lines, the more you have free space to play with, and the more space to play, the more likely you will gain points and have a lesser chance of losing the game. When I play, I always make sure to make good use of the space after clearing a line. 

Never leave a line unfilled simply because you think you might be able to fill it out later. Remember that the blocks are random and there is a high chance that you won't be able to fill those spaces with the right blocks. Don't risk your game and act now to fill up those empty spaces in between lines to avoid crowing the entire game.

Additionally, take this opportunity to free up lines as much as possible. Whenever an opportunity to clear up a line or two arises, I always take it to free up some space.

Never Underestimate Corners

Many would think that corners offer dead-end options for blocks that might not fit in them but I beg to differ. Corners are the best places to fill in the gaps so make sure to work on corners instead. 

Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
Image Source: Brand X / YouTube

This will give you vertical and horizontal options to fill your blocks. If you can do so, start working on the corners first. 

Make use of the large L-shaped blocks and place them on the corner so they won't stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of your pile.

Leave Some Room for the Larger Blocks

What I found to be truly notorious in the game are the large 3x3 blocks that take up a lot of space and can sometimes be a nuisance to clear. This usually happens when my board is about to be full and then comes the large blocks that could upend everything that I have worked for. 

I've experienced this countless times and have made a lot of mistakes in handling larger blocks. One important tip that I can share to deal with larger blocks is to anticipate them

Make room for those gigantic pieces and should they come at the most peculiar times, you can easily fit them into that specific area.

Plan Everything But Be Flexible

I know the feeling of having to look at the board and the incoming blocks and have to plan out everything. We always look for scenarios and calculate our chances when the blocks are presented. It pays to have a good plan but it is also good to be flexible from time to time.

Block Champ - Learn to Play and Download the App on a Phone
Image Source: DJ Ronald / YouTube

What Block Champ has taught me is that there will always be something that will wreck your plans so why not be flexible enough to handle it when things don't go as planned? 

Keep an eye out for unwanted blocks and be quick to think where you want to place it and have a solid plan to clear it later on. 

The ultimate strategy in this game is to learn how to be flexible and creative with your blocks.

Keep on Playing

The best advice that I can give to you when playing Block Champ is to keep on playing. Playing helps you understand the game better and you build a solid strategy from the get-go. 

Playing the game also helps pick up a rhythm and you begin to figure your own pace in this game. The more you play, the more you expose yourself to different situations that will challenge the way you try to resolve them. 

Learn from your mistakes and always keep a flexible mindset. Soon, you'll discover that these are the simplest ways to get a higher score.


Based on my experience, Block Champ is a fun game that requires a bit of critical thinking and a whole lot of skill. You'll be served with challenging blocks that are quite difficult to clear but keep on playing! 

You'll soon discover that there is always a way out of every situation that you are in. This is what makes Block Champ such a fun game to play.