See the Best Fable Video Game Characters Here

With a game like Fable where there are a number of characters, most players have a favorite. Like any other game in the market, these characters are relatable because they represent something in players' lives. 

An adventure game like Fable will look to tackle your sense of adventure and also a chance to experience some action in the game. The game is available across a bunch of platforms.


With a game like this, you get loved characters. Surely, you've got one of your own, but up next we're going to tell you about some of the most favorite characters in the Fable universe. 

See the Best Fable Video Game Characters Here
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The Dog

The first, and probably the most obvious choice when it comes to Fable, is the dog. What makes the dog make the list is that it is lovable and also can do a number of tricks. 

He’s always happy to play fetch with the Hero, as well. The dog can also be a great asset when it comes to finding treasures. You can also use the dog when you have some dig spots. When you’re in a fight, you may also need him to distract your enemies. At times, he may also inflict damage to the enemy if need be.


You also get the dog without a name, which means that you can name him whatever you want. You have to put a collar on him before you can give him a name. With a name, you can have an emotional connection with the dog in the game.

The other reason that the dog is favored by many players is that when you face Lucian and he tries to kill you, the dog will jump in front. SPOILER ALERT - He will die, which may be a problem due to the connection and will be an emotional moment.

Sir Walter Beck

The best characters are the ones that give aid to the Hero and this character does just that. He’s a loyal friend to the Hero - that’s throughout the game without ever flinching. 


His story, however, has a tragic end, as no matter what choice you make, it has to happen. 

What makes this character a favorite is that despite the Hero’s accession to power of either King or Queen, Sir Walter remains loyal. The other characters in the game tend to switch loyalties when the Hero becomes King.

When the darkness faces the Hero, sir Walter realizes that he must do what has to be done. The main aim of the hero is to save as many people in Albion as possible. So, Sir Walter knows and understands that the Hero has to do some bad things for the greater good.

Ben Finn

See the Best Fable Video Game Characters Here
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If there’s a character that brings some bit of comedy to the game then it is Ben, and you can see why players find him favorable. And as much as he’s the comedic relief of the game, he knows when to take the situation seriously.

Where you are likely to fall in love with Ben is when the Hero and Sir Walter, together with Ben, are separated. Sir Walter and the Hero are lost in the desert, and this prompts Ben to launch a search party. This is done so that the two, the Hero and Sir Walter, don’t perish in the desert.

Ben then comforts the Hero and Walter when they wake up after almost perishing. The other thing about this character is that he’s not afraid to fight as he joins the Hero on the battlefront.

These are battles against darkness towards the end of the main campaign, as the hero seeks accession to power.


With a game like Fable where the storyline is pretty simple to understand, you can easily pick out the bad guys from the good ones. 

For most players, the best characters are the ones that help the Hero on his journey to being King. Loyalty and the ability to fight are also important. Make your choices wisely.