Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins

There's a reason why many people enjoy fishing as their favorite pastime. It allows us to be calm and there is something very therapeutic about sitting there, waiting to catch a fish. 

Now, you can enjoy fishing with the help of your mobile device with Fishing Life - a mobile fishing game that lets you catch different types of fish, large whales, and dangerous sharks with a beautiful sunset as your background. It's one of the most realistic experiences I've found in a mobile game. 


In this game, you get to enjoy both the sights and sounds of actual fishing but there's more to the game though. Find out how you can fish, earn gold coins, and more with my guide below.

  • The Importance of Bait
  • Get the Best Boat
  • Sell Your Fish or Keep it in the Aquarium
  • Login Every Day for Awesome Rewards
  • Complete Various Missions for Prizes
Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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The Importance of Bait

As with real-life fishing, bait is an important aspect of the game. This allows players to catch a higher-tier fish which allows me to level up in the game. 

Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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The bigger the fish, the higher grade it becomes but it all depends on the type of bait that I use. Normally, the game offers the basic bait at the start but it can only do so much. 


This is why upgrading the bait into a higher tier is equally important to progress in the game. You can buy new bait if you want but you can also use the fish that you caught as bait for your next catch

However, if you plan on catching a higher-tier fish, you will also need to get a higher-tier bait.

Upgrading Your Gear

Apart from using the bait, players will also need several other types of gear to make catching fish much easier. The rod and line are two very essential gear that players should focus on upgrading. 


Upgrading the rod will allow me to catch high-grade fish. I won't be able to catch higher-tiered fish with a basic rod so keep on upgrading them using the gold that you earned in the game. 

The line is another important piece of gear that allows me to go deeper into the depths of the sea. Upgrading the fishing line allows it to travel more distance and enables me to discover more varieties of fishes and many other creatures in the deep sea.

Get the Best Boat

Boats are essential in the game. They are commonly used to store all of the fish that I've caught throughout the game. Having the best boat also means being able to move longer distances and store more fish at a single time. 

Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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However, I can only have the best boat if I upgrade them. Once again, gold coins play a huge role in upgrading the boat. 

Upgrading my boat allows me to cover huge distances which can only mean that I get to explore the sea and discover new kinds of fish. 

Collect all the gold you can get from different sources and put them to good use by upgrading both your gear and your boat.

Discover New Kinds of Fish

Almost everything I need to catch the best fish in the sea is already given to me, I just have to earn it through fishing and upgrading. 

Now, it's time to set off on an adventure to find the best fish to catch and this can only be done by diving deep into the sea and going beyond the restricted areas. This can only be done by either upgrading your boat or buying a new one. 

Playing Fishing Life is a continuous journey to improving your fishing abilities as well as a constant improvement of your gear and boat. Make sure to make upgrades and never stop pushing your limits in this game.

Sell Your Fish or Keep it in the Aquarium

Earning gold is very difficult to do in Fishing Life. The main goal is to catch the best and most rare fish that I can find. The rarer fish you get, the more profitable they become. 

Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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One good way to earn gold in the game is to sell the fish that I've caught. To sell the fish, I go to the fishnet menu and tap on the Sell button then Confirm button to sell the fish. 

However, if you have a high-tier fish and you would want a constant stream of income, it is best to put them in your aquarium as it will let you earn gold coins over time. The amount may not be equivalent to selling the fish but it is a good way to earn an income passively. 

My advice is to sell the common ones and place the rare high-tier fishes in your aquarium.

Take Care of Your Fish

Apart from earning a passive income when I place my fish in the aquarium, I also get to take care of them just like having a real aquarium. To access the aquarium, go to the fishnet menu and tap the aquarium to send your chosen fish inside. 

I can monitor the fish's energy and even get to feed the fish so it is healthy and can produce a decent amount of gold. I can simply tap the screen to claim the rewards from taking good care of the fish in the aquarium. 

To feed the fish, all I need to do is to watch some ads by tapping the feeding option.

Login Every Day for Awesome Rewards

One of the best things about playing mobile games is that they often offer a lot of rewards, especially those who always log in to the game. That's the reason why we always receive notifications to log in and play every day and Fishing Life is no exception. 

Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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Not only do I get to receive a lot of rewards from logging in every day, but I also get a free upgrade of my basic bait into tier-one once I log in for seven consecutive days.

A tier 1 bait allows me to catch higher-tier fish. This would bring in more experience allowing me to progress in the game much faster. 

Never skip a day especially on your first seven days in the game. What I do is simply log in, collect the rewards, play a few games, and log out.

Get Gold for Free

The most basic way of earning gold in the game is to play. Fishing is the main way to make a profit in the game so I can upgrade both my gear, boat, and even my character. 

Gold is such a precious commodity since it takes a lot of patience to earn gold in this game. However, I've discovered a secret that many other players have no idea about. This is a certain way for me to earn free gold without even having to touch a single item in the game. 

Simply head over to the shop then tap on the Gold Store. You can then watch a few video ads at the gold store and earn tons of gold coins in the game.

Complete Various Missions for Prizes

Fishing Life offers various missions for players to complete. Some of these missions include catching a certain type of fish while others would want me to reach a certain milestone in the game. 

Fishing Life - Discover How to Get Coins
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There are a lot of missions where players can compete for prizes and rewards. Most of the rewards include gold coins and new gear so be sure to check the missions first before heading out to play the game. 

You can check the missions by tapping on the book icon and it will reveal a list of missions for you to accomplish.

Hook Chests and Open Them

As I was trying to catch some fish, I noticed that chests were floating around so I got curious and tried to grab one to open. I was fairly surprised to discover that these chests offer gold coins as a reward. 

Chests that are floating on water can be collected by running over them with my boat. For chests found in the deep sea, I just used my rod to fish them out and open them. Don't leave these chests floating around. 

Make the most out of your time in the ocean by catching these chests apart from the fish.


At the end of the day, Fishing Life is a very simple fishing game without any fancy mechanics that lets you enjoy your pastime. These are just a few tips that I wanted to share with you to make your experience playing the game much more enjoyable. 

Follow the tips above and you might even get a surprise by summoning a rare fish. Fishing Life is now available for download on the Google Play Store for all Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.