Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game

Many mobile games today often have exclusive in-game items that give their players the edge over others. Many players always want to have the upper hand when playing these games. This is not something new within the mobile games industry, and Garena Free Fire is no exemption.

Garena Free Fire is a mobile shooter game where you pick a character and survive until the very end while also trying to eliminate other players on the map. This is why learning how to get free diamonds in this game is important, as it allows you to purchase powerful in-game items. Having a lot of diamonds should give you many options to choose from.

Playing Free Fire is already difficult to do with all the skills it takes to win matches. Having diamonds to buy weapons exponentially increases your chances of winning. Discover tips to get free diamonds in Free Fire by checking out the guide down below.

  • Playing Free Fire on Mobile
  • Join the Advanced Server and Earn Diamonds for Free
  • Gather Your Friends, Form a Team, and Join a Tournament
  • Check Out Their Website to Redeem Codes
  • Try Using Google Opinion Rewards Instead
Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game
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Playing Free Fire on Mobile

Free Fire is an all-new mobile shooter game published by Garena International. In this game, players get to select a wide range of special characters, each with their abilities.


Each player will then be dropped into a location where they gather resources and weapons and eliminate each other. The map slowly diminishes into a smaller location as players begin to dwindle in numbers.

You must work with your teammates or be resourceful if you prefer to be alone. The player that outlasts to the end wins the entire match.

With 50 players vying for the title of the last man standing, you will need to survive and gather the best weapons to defeat your enemies.


What Are Diamonds in Free Fire?

Having the best weapons in the game will give you more benefits than you can imagine. This is where diamonds come into play, as it offers you the chance to purchase the best weapons you can imagine.

Free Fire is a free-to-play mobile game that also uses a resource called diamonds to purchase different in-game items. These items will help you increase your chances of surviving the onslaught. The more diamonds that you have, the more items you can purchase to help defend yourself.

While many players want to spend their hard-earned money purchasing diamonds, there are many other ways to get this resource for free. Remember that these tips only work on mobile and are 100 percent legitimate.


Join the Advanced Server and Earn Diamonds for Free

One of the best ways to earn diamonds for free in Free Fire is to join the advanced server. The advanced server is where you get a preview of the next update before they are implemented in the game.

Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game
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It is mostly a few weeks before the patch is pushed through the live servers. This is also where you test different updates and new features in the game to see if there are bugs.

Make sure that you always provide the game developers with meaningful feedback and suggestions after testing the game out. They often reward you with free diamonds that you can use on your live server account.

The only caveat is that you will need to apply first before joining the advanced server, so keep on applying to enter.

Participate in Events

Another great way to earn free diamonds is to join in-game events. In-game events often happen when a new patch arrives, and these events commonly last for a few weeks.

This should give you enough time to participate together with your friends so you both will get the chance to earn free diamonds. Most of these in-game events require you to play the game with your friends to unlock certain rewards.

There are rare in-game items to be given away, and some are exclusive items that can only be awarded to players who have participated in these in-game events. Try to participate in these events as much as possible and get those diamonds.

Gather Your Friends, Form a Team, and Join a Tournament

Free Fire is a very competitive game, especially when you reach the higher ranks. You'll notice that many organizations run different tournaments to prove who is the best in playing the game.

Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game
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Gather up your friends and form a team so you can join these tournaments. Most of the time, these tournaments have diamonds as prizes, while others just give out cash. This is the reason why you should always hone your skills.

With the right skills, you get to the top ladder and can challenge other players for the prize money. You can then use the prize money to purchase diamonds and buy all the in-game items that you want.

Follow Your Favorite Free Fire Streamer

The game is very popular worldwide and is streamed by hundreds or even thousands of players on many different streaming platforms. Streaming is a great way to gather a fanbase and learn from experts on the game.

These streamers and content creators often want to share their streams with viewers and loyal fans. Many of these influencers have a loyal following, but they also want to increase their views.

One technique they do is they often give out free diamonds to players who watch them play the game. It is highly recommended that you try to follow as many streamers and content creators on your social media account to get more chances of recieveing free diamonds.

Check Out Their Website to Redeem Codes

As with many other mobile games, Free Fire has a social media page on almost every platform. Try to check them out and make sure to follow their official website and social media pages for updates.

Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game
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Aside from that, Free Fire's official publisher Garena often gives out a lot of codes that contain free diamonds and sometimes in-game items. They don't frequently do this, but it is best that you keep tabs on them so you are notified whenever they post something new on their page.

This is a great way to engage their loyal players to continue playing the game while you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Top up and Get Free Diamonds

As mentioned above, diamonds can be purchased using real money through a process called top-up. Many third-party websites offer free diamonds when you top up, but it is highly recommended that you only do this on the official website.

Avoid suspicious sites at all costs and top-up only through official channels. Topping up means you get to choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase. Upon purchase, they give you the exact amount that you've paid.

They also surprise you with free diamonds after topping up a certain amount to your account. Check the official website for these promos and top up immediately to get free diamonds.

Try Using Google Opinion Rewards Instead

It is quite difficult to earn real money just to use it for diamonds in Free Fire. Sure, there are certain ways to get free diamonds, but they only come once in a while.

Free Fire - Discover Tips to Get Free Diamonds in Game
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You'll need to have the proper timing to get the codes to redeem them or stumble across a good tournament that offers a good amount of prizes. If you want to be more proactive in earning an income to pay for your diamonds, try downloading and using Google Opinion Rewards to receive credits to use in Free Fire.

All you need to do is answer a few surveys, and each survey will reward you with a few credits. Use these credits to purchase diamonds, and you should be able to get your favorite in-game items in no time.

Download the App Today and Try These Tips Out

Now that you've finally learned how to get diamonds for free, it is time that you put it to the test within the game. Download Free Fire today at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Tap Install once you find the game and wait until it is fully installed. Tap Open to launch the game. Make sure that you only download the game on the platforms mentioned above.

You will also need to log in using your credentials or you may choose to log in using your social media account. Go through the tutorial, and once done, you are set to go and apply the tips mentioned above.


Only a few players know the importance of having diamonds in Free Fire. They often just want to play the game for free but having diamonds to purchase new in-game items provides a wide variety of benefits that you can take advantage of.

This is the main reason why you should always grab the opportunity to get free diamonds at all times. Hopefully this guide helps you earn free diamonds in the game!