Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store

When it comes to mobile games, I tend to look for free games at the Google Play Store most of the time, but once in a while, I dive deep into the featured paid games category and see what gems are in store for me there. 

Countless times I have experienced that many of these paid games are very good games to play; however, I also understand that the price tag puts many people off.


In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Why You Should Buy Games
  • How To Buy Games
  • Ways To Buy Games Without Using A Credit Card
  • Download Google Opinion Rewards
  • The Reluctance To Pay For Games
Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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Why You Should Buy Games

Many would want to argue against buying games, especially on the mobile platform. I think that players who want to support game developers should feel free to purchase the games they like. However, others think that it is not worth it.

Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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Buying games ensure that I am getting the best quality game that is being offered. There have been countless mobile games offered for free but are loaded with ads to sustain their income and help support the game. 


If you do not want ads floating on your screen every few minutes, buying the game would remove that nuisance. Buying the game also lets you get the latest update from the developer. 

There is also a danger when you download the games from unverified sources, so avoid that at all costs. Whether you want to support the game developer or enjoy a good quality game to play, buying mobile games through the Google Play Store should be your ultimate choice.

Why Updates Are Important

There have been countless times when I played a game that it suddenly crashes, and I end up having to launch it again and again. Many other consumers face this type of problem, and it can be quite detrimental to the developer. 


This can easily be solved by having constant updates on the mobile game. Updates are essential as they allow the latest features that will lead to better security and stability. Most bought games within the Google Play Store offer constant updates and better customer response. 

I'm not saying that free apps and games do not offer regular updates or have horrible customer support, but many times, these paid games make the most out of my money by providing good client service and continuous updates. 

How To Buy Games

When I want to buy games, the first thing that I do when I want to buy games is to launch the Google Play Store. To purchase and download the game of your choice, a simple search for the title of the game and select it once it shows you the list. 

Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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Tap Install or the price of the item, and it will lead you to a screen where you can enter your credit card details or other payment options that are made available to your region. It will then ask for your permission to access certain functions on your phone. 

If you do not have any issue with it, tap Accept to begin downloading the game. You will then be asked to purchase the game using your preferred payment method. If this is the first time that you have purchased, there will be a wide selection of payment options to choose from by tapping on the down arrow. 

Once you have set up your payment method, it will automatically be added to your Google account. The game will then download after you made the purchase.

Use Your Google Play Balance

Google Play balance is where I can find all my credits so I can purchase games, apps, and other content found on the Play Store. I usually redeem different gift cards and digital codes to add more credits to my balance.

Take note that it is impossible to share or transfer the amount between Google Play accounts even if I own both accounts, so be careful when you add more credits. 

If you bought a game using the wrong account, you can always contact the developer of the game and ask for a refund so you can buy the game again using the right account.

Ways To Buy Games Without Using A Credit Card

Even without a credit card, I can still buy games using other payment methods and other means of paying for the game. Here are some of the alternative ways to pay for the game that you like. Mind you; these are legitimate ways that do not incorporate any hacks or cheat in the system.

Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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The first thing that I tried when purchasing a game at the Play Store was to see if it offers PayPal as a payment option. 

I was not surprised to know that the Play Store does have the option since PayPal is one of the most popular payment services in the entire world. 

Using Paypal is a fast, easy, secured, and the most convenient way of paying for your games even without using a credit card.

Use Gift Cards

Another way of getting credits on your Google Play account is to add gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased in different stores, but it would still depend on your region. 

If you belong to a region that does not sell any Google Gift Card, you can still earn them through different apps or redeem vouchers. Some apps reward you with gift cards and codes that you can use to purchase games. 

MobileXpression is an app that you can download that monitors your web activity for research purposes. They will then reward you with gift cards for participating.

Download Google Opinion Rewards

There is an app called Google Opinion Rewards that I often hear about, especially for those who want to earn a few bucks. The app offers surveys to answer and rewards me with Google Play credits once I complete each survey. 

Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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Please note that there are no right or wrong answers for these surveys as they are opinion-based, so you can always choose which is right for you. 

Once you have enough credits on the app, you can then use them on the Google Play Store to purchase the games you like. You may even use the extra credits to purchase in-app items for games that offer them. 

I've noticed that many players who want to have an additional source of income use this method to their advantage.

Shop Online

I know that this step is a bit counterintuitive but hold on for a minute. As we transition to online shopping more and more these days, there are many ways to save more money and even have the chance to earn while shopping online. 

There are many platforms that offer hidden discounts and even reward me with gift cards by shopping online. Platforms and apps like Ibotta allow me to save money from grocery shopping online and earn gift cards simultaneously. 

InstaGC is also an excellent app to earn points from shopping online, which can then redeem Google Play gift cards. MyAchievement is another app that lets me earn points by just doing regular daily activities such as walking and answering questions and, in the end, convert those points to gift cards.

The Reluctance To Pay For Games

As I have noticed, many free mobile games earn many downloads, but most of the paid games that I encounter have significantly fewer downloads compared to the free ones. There is always a reluctance to pay for fun when there are free games that are readily playable.

Learn How To Buy Games In The Play Store
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While such a concept is agreeable at times, there are a lot of reasons why people are reluctant to pay for mobile games. 

They are afraid that the quality might not be up to par with their expectations or have to pay more to gain more access to certain features. 

However, with the help of specific methods mentioned above, these should pave the way for you to buy more games and experience the difference between free and paid games.

Benefits Of Paid Games

The best benefit I get from downloading and playing free games is that I can download them whenever I want, and I get access to the game at any time. I can check the game out without having to deal with a price restriction to see if I like the game or not. 

Free games tend to have many more downloads than their paid counterparts; however, there are some wherein the overall quality and experience might not be what you expect. Paid games are usually perceived with higher value, and players tend to get what they paid for. 

The games you buy through the Play Store are often well-received by its players and provide constant updates to keep them happy. I would rather prefer to have a game that is on par with my expectation and provide me with the best possible gaming experience.


It all boils down to preference, but we all know that paid games offer more than free ones. Suppose you find that you want to play a game, but it needs to be purchased; first, there are many ways to buy the game without using a credit card or paying for it. You need to follow the steps mentioned above.