Learn About These Fortnite Daily Challenges

Change has come for Fortnite Battle Royale. Maps have been updated, and the introduction of the Battle Pass a few seasons ago made the game more interesting to play. Epic Games continues to innovate the game through the introduction of many challenges.

Fortnite challenges have become a staple in the game. They were introduced back in Season 3 as part of making players take on the challenge of playing the game.


While Daily Challenges have been replaced with Weekly Challenges, they are still widely accepted as a way to supplement the experience you gain within the game. Read on to learn more about interesting Fortnite Daily Challenges as well as Weekly Challenges.

Learn About These Fortnite Daily Challenges
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What's Fortnite All About?

Fortnite Battle Royale was previously a separate mode in Fortnite. The mode details players who are dropped in a specific land where they gather resources and battle it out until they remain the last man standing. 

Players battle it out as the area becomes smaller and the need for resources becomes more important. With an emphasis on skills, accuracy, creativity, and strategy, Fortnite Battle Royale became the face of Fortnite and the Battle Royale tag was dropped. 


The game became ultimately known just as “Fortnite”. Fortnite introduced the Battle Pass which allowed players to gain more experience by finishing a set of tasks known as Daily Challenges.

These daily challenges provided a list of things that players are required to do while playing to finish a task. Once finished, the player is rewarded with experience and unique items that are exclusive for Battle Pass users.

What Are Daily and Weekly Challenges?

Daily Challenges were removed from the game in Chapter 2: Season 3. However, it made its triumphant return in v11.20. Daily Challenges were made available to all players and completing them would bring thousands of experience. 


Unique challenges such as eliminating another player in a specific area or surviving longer than a specific opponent are just a few tasks from the daily challenge.

Finishing daily challenges will provide you with a hefty amount of experience. However, it is called a challenge for a specific reason. 

You will have three available tasks at a specific time and once a day, you can replace a challenge for another if you find it difficult to finish. 

Daily Challenges reset every midnight UTC. Completing 5 daily challenges will reward you with one battle pass level. Completing 10 will also reward another battle pass level so make sure to complete them as soon as possible. 

Other Types of Challenges

There are also other types of challenges in Fortnite, such as event challenges, or seasonal challenges. These types of challenges can only be completed during a specific time.

How Challenges Help

Learn About These Fortnite Daily Challenges

These challenges will help you earn new items and even some V-bucks so you won't have to spend a large amount on other items. Weekly challenges are also provided for players, they are mostly composed of tasks, such as finding hidden items or collecting specific ones. 

Fortnite has over 10 weekly challenges to complete and 3 Fornite XP Xtravaganza challenges that you and your squad can work to finish. These challenges need to be done before the season ends so you can reap the rewards.


In the end, these challenges not only allow you to practice and hone your skills in the game, but they also give you a decent amount of rewards that will help you play better and improve your play-style. 

Fortnite constantly brings something new to the table and these daily challenges are a surefire way to keep you busy playing the game until the end of the season.