The 10 Worst Games of 2020

The world of online gaming is vast and exciting, offering something for every gaming enthusiast. However, not all the games we find online hit the spot.

Although these games don't fill gamers with excitement, they offer a word of warning to game designers and show them what to avoid when designing games in the future.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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XIII Remake

When XIII was released in 2003, it was considered to be a diamond in the rough. It was loved by fans who enjoyed the first-person shooter experience. However, the remake wasn't nearly as popular because bugs and glitches resulted in the remake feeling older and more dated than the original.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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Although the game is widely unpopular, proving that now all games need a remake, die-hard fans still enjoy it. Here are a few tips that will help you master the game.

  • Walkthrough the game and collect everything you can. There are 54 collectibles up for grabs.
  • To finish the story, use the ending glitch.
  • Collect several trophies while playing.

The remake was also released on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox 1. The game allows you to play as a man with no identity called "XIII" as you go on a solo campaign with several twists and turns. You can participate in fierce fights that are suitable for multi-players. If you want to take a walk in XIII's shoes, you can download the game.


Mittelborg: City Of Mages

This game gives you the chance to try on the crown of the immortal Chancellor in Mittelborg. It is your goal to build a solid tactic that will help you survive. You'll need to make it to the ending, where you might discover all of Mittelborg's secrets. Will you be able to save the magic and be victorious in Mittelborg? The power lies at your fingertips.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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The game has three requirements for you to complete the game successfully. First, you will need to do the following if you want to get a taste of victory.

  • Protect the city from rebellious spirits, monsters, living dead, nomads, and mercenaries.
  • Keep an unfaltering watch while making hard decisions.
  • Fight, die, and then fight some more.

Although the game has received harsh criticism from fans because the controls are challenging, there is a lack of touch-screen interaction, and the game offers very little variety in what's happening, there are gamers who enjoy the game. If you would like to try on the crown of the immortal chancellor, download the game.


Fast & Furious Crossroads

What do you get if you combine high-speed racing with explosions and a well-known and popular franchise? You get the Fast & Furious Crossroads game that is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. However, fans of the movie franchise felt great disappointment in the lack of content, subpar physics, and costly price tag. In addition, fans felt ripped off because the game is short and offers mediocre gameplay.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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The game starts with a prologue that takes you through the slamming and driving mechanics of the game. Once you have mastered the mechanics, you can hit the road and see objective markers next to the road. Completing these objective markers lead to success.

Although the game received a brutal welcome, some gamers enjoy the simplistic storyline and car racing features. Fans of Vin Diesel enjoy seeing his avatar in the game along with other famous faces of the franchise. If you want to get behind the wheel, you can take a look at the download costs.

Robot Squad Simulator X

This game has an exciting concept, where robots have jobs that are too hazardous for people. However, most gamers felt the game was frustrating and quite dull at times.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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Your role is that of an operator during spy missions, rescue operations, and military missions in the game. What do you operate? Remote-controlled robots, of course. There are a variety of machines in the game, including underwater drones and flying robots.

The gameplay mainly consists of 16 story missions with settings across the world. If you want to feel what it feels like to have a robotic arm, you can buy the game on Microsoft Store.

Dawn Of Fear

Although you should be warned that many horror fans were disappointed by Dawn of Fear, some horror fans enjoy this old-school horror game. The most significant criticism of the game was the ongoing technical issues. Players might have enjoyed the game if they could play it without interruption and frustration.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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The game attempts some jump scares and tension, but players felt it wasn't enough to make them shiver in fear. The game is a 3rd-person survival horror that introduces players to Alex. He is a young man with a troubled past filled with tragedy.

Players are asked to solve several puzzles, collect objects, and clues as the game progresses, and survive by avoiding evil as much as possible while trying to discover the full story behind Alex's tragic life.

Doug Hates His Job

This title is surprisingly unfunny for a game all about the comedy that arose from hating one's job. The game has been harshly criticized because of the gameplay being repetitive and the controls being sloppy. Players were disappointed, although they enjoyed the dialogue and the setting of the game.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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Although there were gamers who enjoyed the game, most gamers felt the game was overpriced, and the feelings of frustration and irritation outweighed the game's pros. You play as a sales agent, Doug, who is down-and-out, with your only motivation being the holiday bonus you will receive for working at a soul-crushing company.

Of course, your boss, Mr. Smith, will give you a hard time every chance he gets. Your goal to succeed in the game is to cope in the working environment while successfully navigating your colleagues to several hazards. Doug hates that his job is available on the Microsoft Store for download. You can click take a look if you would like to feel what it feels like to drag Doug's heels through his day at work.

This Is The Zodiac Speaking

This game is a first-person player game that is a mix of mystery, thriller, and horror. The game is loosely based on facts of the Zodiac's story, an American serial killer who was never captured. The game tries to be an investigative thriller with detective elements that have left players wanting.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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This game will require you to discover the facts and unravel the story based on gathered evidence. You will need to run investigations while managing traumas. The game offers three endings, depending on how well you run your inquiry and your decisions as the game progresses.

Fans of 70s vintage old-school vibes will love this Indie game very much. If you think you have what it takes to catch the Zodiac killer, you can download the game to step into the role of the lead investigator.

Tiny Racer

Gamers who enjoy a game where you can shrink vehicles and race between ordinary objects in size can give this game a try. However, the game has been criticized for not offering enough control over the car that the player is driving. In addition, players would have liked to see a wider variety of vehicles. 

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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Tiny Racer gives you the chance to start a tournament and find new maps to unlock. Becoming the champion is simple - just be the fastest driver. The game offers you a time trial, so you can improve your skills before attempting to annihilate your competition.

The game makes it easy to choose a wacky vehicle, a looney track, and start your race. Racing fans can download the game today and start their journey to becoming the champion of the tracks.

Outbreak: The New Nightmare

Fans who enjoy a survival horror game might enjoy this game. Unfortunately, the game has been criticized as being unfinished but not completely horrible. The game follows six survivors as they try to get out of a zombie-infested city.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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If you are playing Outbreak for the first time, it is better to play as Hank or Lydia. Hank can do some proper damage because he has a shotgun as you start the game. Lydia can also offer some resistance to attacks because she has a custom pistol.

If you want to experience life in a city where zombies are taking over, and hygiene is a concept of the past, you can download Outbreak: The New Nightmare and get going quickly and easily.

Bounty Battle

This game claims to be the ultimate indie fighting game. It offers 2D fighting with multiplayer options. So you can put your favorite heroes up against each other to see who is the last one standing.

The 10 Worst Games of 2020
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By choosing to play Bounty Battle, you get various game modes such as Challenge Mode, Tournaments, and Versus Mode. You also get access to tutorials and a training room where you can improve your fighting skills.

You can pick from 30 characters who each have their own unique attacks and sets of movement. The game offers 16 different battle arenas. If you want to try your hand at Indie battles, you can download Bounty Battle.


When it comes to online games, sometimes the worst of them can still offer some entertainment.

Avid gamers often enjoy experiencing the highs and lows of online gaming. These loyal gamers keep these games alive.