How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz

If there is one thing that I find unique about World of Tanks Blitz is that it is a first-person shooter game with a twist. The game uses tanks instead of people when playing. The typical rules still apply when playing World of Tank Blitz - survive the onslaught from the enemy and eliminate them to win.

There are a lot of ways to win in this game. I prefer to use different strategies to win more games and hopefully earn more credits to make my tanks stronger. 


With all the complexities involved in World of Tank Blitz, here are some tips that will help you get through some of the most challenging battles.

  • Learn The Different Types Of Tanks
  • Medium Tanks - A Well-Balanced Archetype
  • Target The Side And Rear
  • Know Your Role
  • Win More Games For More Money
  • Don't Waste Ammo
  • Play With A Friend
How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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Learn The Different Types Of Tanks

Let's start first with the foundation of the game. In this section, I will provide you with information on the different types of tanks that are available in the game. Tanks are the basic units in the game, and players can only control one tank at any given time.

This will help you learn more about the game as well as get to know which tanks suit your play style.


Different tanks offer different play styles. Some tanks have more defensive capabilities, while others add more firepower. It is up to you to choose which ones fit you best.

Light Tanks For Better Mobility

Light Tanks are pretty mobile in this game. These are the type that sacrifice defenses for mobility. If you like the hit-and-run playstyle, I would suggest that you start picking up light tanks and practice them in battle. 

One great advantage of light tanks is that they are very easy to maneuver. This means you get to go around enemy tanks and hit them where they are weak. 


You also get past a lot of obstacles much easier, and you tend to avoid getting spotted most of the time due to your size. Light tanks are highly recommended for new players.

Medium Tanks - A Well-Balanced Archetype

Medium tanks are usually the go-to type of tanks for those who are undecided. Medium tanks have it all - durability, firepower, maneuverability, and mobility. However, medium tanks are not the perfect tanks.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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They can still be outmaneuvered by light tanks and can be destroyed quickly by heavier tanks. 

What I do like about medium tanks is their reliability. You can always rely on a medium tank in any type of situation when playing the game.

The Heavy Hitting Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers are pretty challenging to pull off in the game. I will leave this to the expert or seasoned players to handle. The reason behind this is that tank destroyers have some of the most complex systems. 

Most tank destroyers only do one thing - destroy tanks. Play these tanks as an assassin or a sniper. This means you need to consider proper positioning, better aim, and many more, which can be overwhelming for a new player.

Target The Side And Rear

When it comes to dealing with medium tanks and tank destroyers, there is one thing to bear in mind. Each tank has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Most medium tanks and other heavy tanks are quite vulnerable in the side and rear.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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This should be your primary target when dealing with them. Avoid shooting them from the front. This would only be a waste of time and ammo. Circle these heavy tanks and shoot at them from the side. 

They won't be able to turn around to defend themselves due to their slow movement. Take this time to throw in a couple of shots before moving again.

Take Cover

Even if I use the tank with the highest defense, I would still be vulnerable to attacks from all sides. This is why taking cover is still one of the best defensive moves that you can do in the game. 

Taking cover gives you time to think about your next move. Never go out in the open and expose yourself. If you have to move around, go from one covered position to another. 

This is highly advisable for smaller tanks that are very vulnerable to tank destroyers.

Know Your Role

Now that you know the different types of tanks in this game, it is time that you understand the roles that they play. Most light tanks are great for scouting the area.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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Medium tanks are great for the front line and can dish out a good amount of damage to the enemy team. Tank destroyers are often found in the backline, so those who want to play an assassin type of role should pick up tank destroyers. 

It is essential to know your role before the game so that you will know the type of ammo to bring to battle.

Prepare For Battle

Preparation is crucial in the World of Tanks Blitz. Choosing the tanks that you want to play affects how you prepare for battle. 

Light tanks tend to use AP bullets since it doesn't add a lot of weight. Heavier tanks should bring more ammo since you will be focusing more on damage instead of scouting.

Win More Games For More Money

Credits are earned and used in the game to buy new tanks and upgrade your current ones. Before you can do so, you will need to learn how to earn credits in this game.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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The first and best way to earn money or credits in World of Tanks Blitz is to win more games. After each game, the system will calculate your score, affecting the credits you will be receiving. 

This is why playing the game effectively would result in more income.

Buy A Premium Tank

I know a lot of people are also asking for alternative ways to earn more credits in World of Tanks Blitz. One of the most effective ways to earn a lot of credits is to purchase a Premium Tank

Having a Premium Tank will net around 80,000 credits to your account. Anything premium is a good source of income. This way, it will only be a matter of time before you can purchase the tank that you like or upgrade yours to its best status.

Don't Waste Ammo

As I have already mentioned above, every tank is quite durable when you face them from the front. The sides are the best area to target an enemy.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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Make sure to avoid wasting your ammo by firing from the front. Maneuver your tank to the side and attack them at that angle. Patience is also key to saving ammo

Hold off on shooting enemies; instead, wait for the right time to do so. Missing a shot means you will spend some time to reload which makes you vulnerable to attacks.

Run From Your Enemies

There will come a time when you will be trapped in a corner or simply surrounded by enemies. Most players would want to fight their way out. 

While this can be done, leave that to the experts. Beginners should just make the decision to run from their enemies instead of fighting each one of them. Light tanks are the best types of tanks that can outrun enemies

It's always the best strategy to pick your fights. If you know you can't win against a certain enemy, try to run away and give yourself time to strategize against such an opponent.

Play With A Friend

The best way to play this game is to play with a friend. I would always have a lot of fun when I invite my friends to play with me. There are a lot of advantages when playing with a friend.

How To Get Money In World Of Tanks Blitz
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Apart from having proper communication, I also know how my friends play. We tend to play well together; thus, we win more and earn more credits along the way. 

Invite your friends over through your social media account and share some of your victories to entice other friends. 

Understanding Friendly Fire

Players need to know that World of Tanks Blitz has friendly fire. This means that you can attack a teammate during battle. 

Whether you did it by accident or you do it intentionally, your name would turn blue, and anyone in the game can attack you without any penalty. You are also going to be most likely banned from the game as well. 

And while accidents can happen, you should be very careful with your aim.


World of Tanks Blitz truly captures what World of Tanks is all about. The mobile game offers in-depth strategy and a whole lot of fun.

To download the game, head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store.