What Are the Best War Strategy Games for iOS? See Here

War strategy games are always fun and exciting to play. Most of these games require a lot of thinking and strategizing. 

Strategy games are one of the most diverse types of games that cater to many hardcore gamers. From recruiting units to learning many strategies for different opponents, these war strategy games are fast-paced and competitive. 


With themes and settings ranging from modern to sci-fi, these strategic game offers vast gameplay that should make for a good time. Here are some of the best war strategy games for the iPhone.

What Are the Best War Strategy Games for iOS? See Here
Image Source: BattleCenter

War Commander: Rogue Assault 

War Commander is a modern multiplayer online strategy game that uses full 3D graphics which has never been used on mobile devices. Players can recruit and take control of different units and send them off to destroy the enemies. This strategy game poses nonstop action combat until the enemy is defeated.

Build your base, control units, and duke it out with your enemies. Players can download War Commander through the App Store and experience one of the all-time best war strategy games of all time.


Dawn of Titans: War Strategy

Experience one of the best strategy games with Dawn of Titans as you command soldiers and fight alongside gods and titans. Capture enemy bases and expand your territory by taking on other players in this real-time battle strategy game. 

Build your kingdom and capture nearby lands while defending your own. Upgrade your army and acquire relics that will help turn the tide of battle. 

With all these features at play, Dawn of Titans sets the stage for quality when it comes to war strategy games. Players can download the game through the App Store.


Art Of War 3

Art of War 3 is another strategy game on the list that takes inspiration from the old PC game. Players will have to build their base, recruit soldiers and tanks while upgrading their defenses. As soon as players are deployed to the map, the action is relentless. 

Players can choose a side whether to join the rebels or take sides with the Confederation. Set in a beautifully enchanting world, the graphics and overall gameplay of this mobile game are on par with many other iPhone games

ROME: Total War

Set in the ancient Roman times, Rome Total War lets players choose up to 18 different factions to defend or destroy Rome. Players get to play for the Roman Empire or invade it as a Barbarian tribe. 

Recruit your army or ally yourself with different tribes to exterminate your enemies. Ransack settlements and take resources across the map. Rome: Total War uses touch controls and an easy-to-use interface that is great for iOS games.

The Battle of Polytopia

What Are the Best War Strategy Games for iOS? See Here
Image Source: PCMag UK

The Battle of Polytopia uses turn-based strategy gameplay and cute polygon graphics. But, do not let the cute artwork diminish the fact that this game involves serious strategy. Players take on the role of a tribe leader and build the settlement into an empire.

The game can be played through a single-player mode or with a group of friends. Explore, expand, and terminate enemies that get in the way of your civilization. New maps are generated for each round which makes the game more refreshing.


Take on the challenge and dive deep into one of these war strategy games to test your wit. With diverse maps, units, and gameplay, these war strategy games offer many different ways to play. 

Managing civilizations and dealing with invading enemies are just some of the things that make this genre very fun to play. Whether you are into real-time or turn-based combat, these games are some of the best in the market.