Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems

One of the coolest things about this generation of technology is the “Online Gaming Apps.” Gaming technology has improved so much over the past couple of years that it now feels like you form part of the games you play on your laptop or mobile device. 

One such gaming app that delights me with its thrilling battles is the Zooba: Free-For-All Zoo Combat Battle Royale Games. This multiplayer game is winning hearts with its cute cartoon characters and remarkable graphics. 


The segment below illustrates in-depth information about the game focused on helping beginners learn about the game characters and various tips and tricks to help you be the master of this game. 

  • About Zooba
  • How To Download Zooba
  • Zooba’s Characters
  • How To Get Gems And Coins In Zooba
  • Weapons In Zooba
  • Bring Out The Best From Your Characters
  • Complete Missions
Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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About Zooba

Zooba is an action-centric adventurous game released in the year 2019 by Wildlife Studios. The multiplayer game is a daredevil in the field of action games that can be played with your friends in groups. 

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
Image Source: Zooba

The fast-paced game is combined with a Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA) game styling to give unbelievable gaming chills. The survival battle royale game has cute cartoony graphics and zoo animals ready for the battleship. 


Every match that is played in the game will upgrade your character to another level to progress further in the game. Each animal character in the game has a unique ability to help you win the war. 

It’s all about staying ahead in the competition and being the last one standing. If you are the last man standing, then you win the game, as easy as that!

Zooba Features 

Designed to give multi-players an adrenaline-raising adventure gaming experience, Zooba’s features are mind-blowing. From graphics to prizes, Zooba has covered it all. The stunning graphics of the game makes it easy for gamers to fall in love with the game. 


If you are a fan of the mechanics involved in the games like PUBJ, then Zooba is the right pick for you. The multiplayer game has several locations and survival areas that you can fight in, providing you with different nail-biting fight areas to explore with your friends. 

The ten characters provide an array of options to choose from. The exciting prizes and rewards keep you driven to play and improve every day. Upgrading characters with better skills and items allow you to defeat others in a splendid yet satisfying way. 

How To Download Zooba

To download Zooba, Android users can access it from the Google Play Store. By searching Zooba in the search box, the app engine will direct you automatically to its downloading page. Click on download to download the most amazing multiplayer game. It is compatible with Android version 6 and later. 

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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Zooba is also available for download on iDevices from Apple App Store. Please search for the app by its name in the search box. Click on the “Get” option to download the app. Furthermore, fill in your Apple account details (Apple ID and Password) to get started with Zooba.

Cost Of Zooba

Zooba is entirely free to download and play on Android as well as iOS devices. But, it involves in-app purchases for various items inside the game. 

The in-app purchases for Zooba start from $0.99 for a small number of gems to a backpack full of gems for about $19.99.

These purchases are completely optional and not at all mandatory to buy. The only requirement to access Zooba is the age limit. To be a Zoobster, you must be 12+.

Zooba’s Characters 

Loaded with ten characters, Zooba justifies its multi-player tag as each one of your friends gets to choose a character for themselves. These ten characters are Molly, Larry, Bruce, Nix, Shelly, Pepper, Ollie, Duke, Finn, and Frosty Strafer. 

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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Each character is empowered with two sets of skills - active skills and passive skills. The active skill gets activated for individual characters by pressing the “Attack” button on the right bottom of the screen. 

While your character’s passive skills come into play when playing with your friends or in a team. 

Character’s Traits

Every character in the game is unique and possesses a distinctive trait. Some are good with soaking damage; some have a tremendous speed while some have long-range. But before choosing any of the characters for yourself, don’t forget to check these traits

Health, it’s an essential factor to win in the game. The higher the HP, the more is the survival chance. You are also suggested to check the damage stats. If the damage stats are good enough, it gets easier for you to create havoc for other characters. 

If your character is high on Agility, it will have an excellent ability to run faster. Don’t forget to look after the Range because if the Range stats are higher. Then it will be easier for you to attack at long-range distances in the game.

How To Obtain, Unlock And Upgrade Your Characters

You can get new characters from the crates/toolboxes by constantly excelling in the game. The rewards will depend on the league that you are participating in. As you progress in leagues, rewards will automatically start to get better and new characters will unlock.

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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To upgrade your characters in Zooba, you are required to duplicate the copies of the character. For example, if you wish to raise Larry to Level 2, then you need two identical copies of Larry. 

You can get multiple copies of characters by playing battles and earning chests or crates.

How To Get Gems And Coins In Zooba

Ever heard the saying, No Money, No Honey? The same applies in the world of Zooba as well. To keep the train of victory running, you need gems and coins to keep your performance leveled. 

You can quickly get gems in Zooba by watching the video ads and getting league rewards, mastery rewards, completing missions, and spending on- crates in the shop.

To get coins on Zooba, one can achieve these from battle crates, league rewards, completing missions, spending on- character upgrades, and daily deals. 

Weapons In Zooba

Weapons do play a major role in Zooba and, to an extent, determine your chances of winning. The high-tier quality and option in a weapon are directly proportional to your chances of winning in the game. 

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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The most common weapons in Zooba are Spear, Bows, Arrows, and Bombs. These have expertise domains according to their rankings which are, common, bronze, silver, gold, and legendary. 

Advancing in the game will determine your efficiency in improving these domains automatically.

Tips To Win In Zooba

To unfurl the flag of victory by defeating them all in Zooba, you must know the following tricks and tips. 

The minute you press the Battle button, you are directed to a map from where you get an idea of your enemy’s location. Look out for yourself and make sure that you ain’t surrounded by so many other players. Find a safe place for yourself that is less populated with enemies. 

When you reach an empty area, start to loot the weapons and health kits before moving ahead. These measures will help you disguise and protect yourself from others. Once you have stocked up on armor, weapons, and stuff, it’s time to hunt for bigger weapons and to speed up your winning streak.

Bring Out The Best From Your Characters

Before picking up any character, check its stats, traits, active and passive skills. These factors are the key to wrap-up your victory title. Carefully use your active skill because, in the cooldown period, you won’t be able to use it.

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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Upgrading the characters will give them a higher rank, more trophies, and possibilities for better loot. Equip your items to your characters because items allow you to access your character's passive skills. 

This will result in better attacking skills, prolonged health, a wider range, etc. To increase the effect, you can even upgrade it.

Master Your Character

You might wonder. What is Mastering? The game has a score for each character on an individual basis. For example, let us take Molly; if Molly wins trophies, coins, and gems, all of it will be counted towards her performance.

And when you play as that particular character, you can claim these trophies that will keep adding up to your Mastery rewards. So, if you are mastering any character, you are bagging yourself a lot of rewards.

Complete Missions

Completing missions in Zooba will open a lot of doors for you in the game. The supreme benefit of completing them is to get rewards, coins, and gems. 

Zooba: Free-For-All - How To Get Gems
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Save these gems to buy crates and rewards to upgrade your characters with tools, weapons, and health care kits. You can also create multiple copies of the characters by being currently active through missions.  

Piggy Bank And Daily Deals

You need a certain minimum of gems to open your piggy bank. It will fill up as you will continue to play and keep on saving the loot. You will get character tokens, coins, and items along with gems that you have spent by saving them in a piggy bank.

Do not forget to grab daily deals from the store. These are other kinds of loot that the game provides. There are several chances to get the best deals on character copies and weapons at very low prices. So, always keep an eye for the gold and grab these. 

The Bottom Line

With so much being discussed, this beginner guide has summed up all that you might be interested in knowing about Zooba. Geared with information about all the character stats, tips, and features of Zooba, it is now time to start your first Zooba battle.