Ultimate X Poker – Learn the Game Objective Here

One of the best ways you can stay ahead of the competition in poker is by taking part in games like Ultimate X Poker. A game like this will keep your skills in tip-top conditions. 

Part of the objective of the game is to help you learn more about poker before you can deal with a bigger hand. The stakes are very high when you play with real money.


To learn more about the concept of Ultimate X Poker, you definitely need to read below. Info on the kind of stakes you’ll be facing when you play this game is next.

Ultimate X Poker – Learn the Game Objective Here
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Ultimate X Poker

Ultimate X Poker can be played online. 

First, unlike most poker video games you can find in the market, this game offers you a single-hand and multi-hand concept of the game. If you bet at least 10 coins per line, this will put you in the X model. 


To explain further, if you place a bet on 10 coins per line, that’s instead of the 5 coins you earn a multiplayer.

The main idea is to double up on the bet, and this comes with much greater hopes of a bigger payout. The concept of how to place a bet among others will be explained further below.

How to Play Ultimate X Poker

 As you have already seen above, the idea of play is pretty simple and one you can easily grasp. You have to, however, have the right hand if you’re going to place that bet. 


With a chance to win big with a doubled-up bid of your bet, you can also lose big. What you want to do in this case, as you have a line to place a bet on, is to play as few hands as possible. 

This is because the game is much like a Triple Play Bonus Poker game. You can either win big, or you can lose just as much as you can win.

The key is to be patient and see what kinds of hands you’re being dealt in the first few rounds. And also, you need to know that if you have a full house, the next hand’s payout will be triple.

The Objective of Ultimate X Poker

Ultimate X Poker – Learn the Game Objective Here
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The ultimate goal for this game is to get as many wins as you possibly can. So, when you finally activate the Ultimate X feature of the game, you’ll be doubling up on your bet. 

See, when you’re playing the base version or just normal poker, your bet is 5 coins.

When the Ultimate X feature is switched, you’ll have to place a bet on 10 coins than the normal 5. This also gives you a shot for a bigger payout when you win. With a player being able to bet up to 3 lines, you have to wager at least 30 coins per hand.

The volatility is actually higher than you would expect, so, if the first few hands don’t go your way, you had better fold. This is when your first win isn’t followed by another one. When you’re in such a role, you may need a bigger bankroll. 

Tips for Better Gameplay

When you are playing this game, you’ll be paying more on the current hand with hopes at the back of your mind. The hope is that you get to the multiplier on the next hand you bet on. 

So, on your last hand, that’s before you fold, you should look to bet only 5 coins per line.

This will not activate the Ultimate X feature and will save you a lot more than when you keep on keeping on. After all, the last hand has little or no value and you won’t be placing another bet.


When playing Video Poker, one of the best games you can take part in is Ultimate X Poker. 

But when you play with this hand, there’s a high risk of loss too as much as the win potential. Here’s the main objective of the game and how you can play better going forward.