Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5

Ever since it was announced, people have asked if the PlayStation 5 has backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. It is always a game-changer that gaming consoles allow their newest tech to play the games that they have released in the past. 

Sometimes, companies only allow exclusive games but will Sony enable the PS5 to be backward compatible with most PS4 games?


Backward compatibility means that PS4 console games can be on the PS5 console without any glitches. In this article, we discuss the following:

  • Is The PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatible?
  • Playing Through A Disc
  • Transferring Files
  • Digital Upgrades
  • How About PS2, PS3, And Original PlayStation Games?
  • Games With Other Compatibility Issues
Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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Is The PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatible?

One of the main concerns of players when the PlayStation 5 was announced, apart from dealing with scalpers, is if the console was backward compatible with most if not all PS4 games. Many would wonder if upgrading to the latest console would mean that their PS4 games would not play on the PS5

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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In the past, players could only get to play older generation games through a subscription to PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus. To define backward compatibility, it allows the system to interact with the previous iteration of the game, which grants the system the ability to play the game. 


This ultimately means that players won't have to purchase a new version of the game they like but instead purchase new games designed for the console itself.

Fortunately, Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 is indeed backward compatible with the PlayStation 4 games. However, it could be that not all games will be compatible, barring some technical issues with the game.

Playing Backwards Compatible PS4 Games

Apart from being backward compatible with most PlayStation 4 games, Sony has also claimed that both PS4 discs and digital games can be played. Apart from playing exclusive PS5 games, you also get to play up to more than 4,000 PS4 games, including those exclusive to the console. 


Note that all the games you have downloaded through the PlayStation Store for your PS4 console will also be available on the PS5. There is an advantage to playing your PS4 games on a PS5 console. 

Games are far smoother and can render better graphics and frame rates than the previous version, thanks to the new console's hardware and software system. This should convince you now that PlayStation 5 is the better choice if you want to continue playing the games you love.

Playing Through A Disc

Now that we have cleared everything up, it is time for you to learn how to play your PS4 games off a disc through a PlayStation 5 console. The simplest method to do so is to put the disc on the PS5 console and play it. 

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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There might be some prompts that will tell you to update some of the games, but apart from that, everything should be okay.

This should only be done when you have a PS5 console with a disc drive and you have a hard copy of the game. You won't have any technical issues when running the game apart from the game's compatibility issues with the console. 

Nevertheless, it should be smooth sailing once you insert the disc and play.

Playing Through Digital Purchased PS4 Games

Playing through a disc is highly recommended, especially with the PS5 still generally new and is still working out a few kinks. Digitally purchased PS4 games might run into some trouble working on the PS5, but typically, they won't encounter any mishaps.

To play the digital version of any PS4 games you own, you must have the game in your game library. This is one of the requirements for the game to be played on the newer console, as it will ask for you to download the game. 

If you are having trouble downloading the game, you can always transfer files using an external drive and install the game through it.

Transferring Files

Speaking of transferring files, there are two ways to transfer files from one console to another. This should help you save time, especially if you have a digital version of the PS4 game you would like to play on the PS5. 

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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Players can transfer their game, including their saves, from a USB device through a PS4 and into the PS5.

Alongside that, PS Plus users can also sync their PS4 games, including their saves, through the cloud storage available to them. 

This way, you can always continue your progress in the game once you have installed your PS4 games to the PlayStation 5.

Upgrading PS4 Games

Sony has also announced that there will be some PS4 games that will upgrade to be more fully realized when played on the PS5 console. Some of these games will offer the user an upgrade to incorporate the PS5 version of the game. 

However,  it will be up to the game's developer to decide if they want to offer this update for free.

One of the popular games that are most likely to get a free online upgrade is Cyberpunk 2077. Many other titles should be following the same route to please their massive market. 

Digital Upgrades

If you are one of those who purchased digital PS4 games and would want to upgrade, you can do so by simply logging in to the account with all the games. 

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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Search for the corresponding PS5 version of the game through the PlayStation Store to see if they offer the digital upgrade from the PS4 version. This is the time that you can check if they offer the upgrade for free or with payment. 

Once you have selected the game, download the new version and wait until it finishes. It's a straightforward process that you can do, and you can immediately feel the difference between both versions of the game.

Upgrading Through PS4 Discs

If you have a hard copy of the PS4 game and you want to play the updated version of it through the PS5, you can upgrade it by placing the disc into the console. 

You will encounter an option to upgrade to the newest version of the game. This will still be optional for the developer if it comes for free or with payment.

You can begin downloading the new version, but you will need to put the disc into the PS5 at all times for you to continue playing the game. 

How About PS2, PS3, And Original PlayStation Games?

There is still no word whether Sony would want to revisit older titles on older consoles to be played on the PS5. It is still possible, but there will be many complex processes involved, especially with the older tech.

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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However, you can always look forward to PS Now's cloud gaming service platform planned for the PS5. This could be the gateway for older games such as PS3 and PS2, even with the original PlayStation to be played on the console.

Games That Are Not Compatible With PS5

With over 4,000 PlayStation games available, it will be hard to list all the games compatible with the new PlayStation console. Instead, we will list down a few PS4 games that are seemingly not compatible with the PS5 console. 

The list includes Afro Samurai 2, Just Deal With It!, Shadow Complex Remastered, We Sing, Robinson: The Journey, Shadwen, Jone's Diner, and more.

Games With Other Compatibility Issues

Sony has also marked a few more games that might experience some errors and untoward behaviors when playing on the new console. These errors might also include features on the PS4 version that might not be present on the PS5 version. 

Discover If PS4 Games Can Be Played On A PS5
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Some of the games include American Ninja Warrior: Challenge, APB Reloaded, Assassins' Creed Chronicles: India, Russia, and Trilogy Pack, Battlezone, both Call of Duty: Black Ops4 and Infinite Warfare, NBA 2K19, NBA 2K20, and many more. 

What Is The VR Outlook?

With some games noted to be incompatible with the PS5, many gamers are also worried that VR games would also be incompatible with the new console. 

Sony has also announced that most VR games are compatible with the PS5 and may benefit from their latest console system.

That should put all VR gamer's minds at ease; according to Sony, you will be able to play your VR games on this new console. 


With so much hype surrounding the backward compatibility of games, this made purchasing the PS5 even more worth it than ever before. Playing your favorite PS4 game on the PS5 can now be done in a much more straightforward and more convenient manner. 

Upgrading your games is so much easier. You get to play the games that you like in their highest capacity, which leads to an overall better gaming experience - something that Sony has always excelled at.