Best Selling PS1 Games - See Them Here

Do you know that the original PlayStation wasn’t a success? In 1994, PlayStation launched in Japan allowing its players to enjoy 3D games on disc compared to cartridges that were expensive at the time. 

In 1995, PlayStation was released worldwide and took gamers by storm. It was home to the most impressive games and also was a convenient way to play music on CD which was the norm in the mid-90s. Also, it featured a full library of games for your choosing.


Its library had novel-length, mind-bending puzzles, action-packed games, narrative driven RPGs and furious races among other genres. Do you want to know more about the best selling PlayStation games? Keep reading.

Best Selling PS1 Games - See Them Here

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night was another installment in the Castlevania series and was the franchise’s defining moment. It expanded the series platform with progression, RPG loot and non-linear exploration. 

In contrast to the previous series where a player controlled vampire-hunting Belmont family, Symphony of the Night spins around Dracula’s lazily named son, Alucard.


Alucard sets out to protect humanity from his father by killing the castle’s monstrous inhabitants. It stood out immediately for better choices like hiding a bigger part of the game behind a false ending. 

It has been ranked among the most influential action-RPGs and is still nourishing to play as it was 20 years ago.

Metal Gear Solid

Some modern stealth video games that were born in 1998 include Thief: The Dark Project which is played on PC and Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation. In this game, you play as a special ops soldier snake that infiltrates a rogue’s hideout. 


This rogue is planning to strike the United States with nuclear weapons. Snake has got a number of tools to use to evade and take out guards which offers the best gaming experience and hence qualifies for this list.

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal was one of David Jaffe’s prestigious works before he moved on to God of War. Twisted Metal 2 is the second installment in the Twisted Metal Series. 

Players get behind the wheels of over-the-top armed vehicles in a demolition contest of a post-apocalyptic extreme. Vehicles like ice-cream trucks, Axel and Sweet Tooth all exude personality. 

The drivers like the muscle-bound man straddling two truck tires are great too. Power-ups and projectile weapons are scattered throughout arenas. The arenas are established in the ruins of big cities around the world. 

Unlike the first game which had a co-op mode and  single-player campaign, Twisted Metal 2 expanded everything by bringing in more arenas, more vehicles and multiplayer mode. You just have to drop in and enjoy the vast mayhem menu.

Bushido Blade

It is a fighting game famous for Japanese Studio Lightweight. It avoids convention of health bars by having the character blow either particular body parts or going for an outright kill. 

This makes the game a degree of realism, tactics and a punctuated tempo. The game comes with eight realistically simulated weapons, six characters with different abilities, stats and proficiencies with each weapon.

Bushido Blade is loved because of the stance-based fighting system which gives players various gameplay options.  

Unlike discrete levels of conventional fighters, Bushido Blade’s game arenas are interconnected which allows players to climb and run between them.

Best Selling PS1 Games - See Them Here
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Tomb Raider 2

The genre of 3D adventure/action game was essentially founded by the original Tomb Raider but it’s the sequel that made Lara Croft sing. 

Lara Croft fights against time to locate the Pandora box before it lands in the wicked Jonathan Reiss’s hands. Jonathan intends to use the Pandora box to produce weapons of mass destruction. 

Tomb Raider 2 is an action-adventure platform game that became famous in 2003 selling over 8 million copies.

Last Word

PlayStation 1 has got a number of games for your choosing. You will get genres like sci-fi, adventure, shooting, fighting, racing and sports among others. You just have to fill up your library with the games of your choice.