Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire

When I first heard of the game called Spider Solitaire, I was both confused and deterred at the thought that such a complex card game could be played by just having a deck of cards and sometimes two. 

I don't have that much experience playing a lot of card games, especially on mobile devices. However, Spider Solitaire has thoroughly intrigued me with its overly complex gameplay and the strategies behind playing it.


Spider Solitaire is a lot of fun once you know the basics. Just like any other game, I suggest that you try it out and see for yourself. In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • A Challenging Card Game
  • Spider Solitaire Variations
  • Don't Rush
  • Be Careful Of Aces
  • Build Using A Higher Card
Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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A Challenging Card Game

Many are immediately deterred by the overly complicated game rules and mechanics of Spider Solitaire. Imagine playing with two decks of cards and fishing out a sequence. It is a very time-consuming game and sometimes can be very perplexing.

Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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However, I've come to love playing Spider Solitaire now that I have understood the basics of the game. The game needs a lot of careful planning and strategizing as a player, which is how I got to love the game. 


The game's main goal is to build a set of cards in descending manner within the table, starting from King down to Ace of Spades. The game is played by having two sets of cards that are thoroughly shuffled together. 

I would then place four rows of 10 with the cards face down to form the tableau while four more cards are dealt down, and the rest is faced up. The rest of the card will be placed face down on a separate area to become the stock for you to draw.

Downloading The Mobile Version

Spider Solitaire is available for download at the Google Play Store for most mobile devices. To download, launch the Google Play Store app on your mobile device and search for Spider Solitaire using the search function. Tap Install to begin downloading the app.


Once the app is fully downloaded, launch the game by tapping Open. I want to note that the mobile game has some ads and offers an in-app purchase to unlock more game features. 

You might want to set up your payment method beforehand if you would like to do so.

Spider Solitaire Variations

There are three different variations of Spider Solitaire to choose from. Each of these variations has its own set of rules that players need to follow, but I will discuss each according to their level of difficulty. 

Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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The first variation requires one suit, which is the easiest since you will only be playing for Spades.

The second variation is two suits which will require Spades and Hearts. This makes the game even more challenging now that you will need to have two sequences of two different types of cards. 

Lastly, I highly suggest that experienced players of Spider Solitaire play four suits which is the most difficult as it uses all four suits from two decks of cards.

Winning The Game

Many players often ask me how to win games and what are the chances of a player winning a game of Spider Solitaire. It all boils down to your definition of winning and the level of difficulty that you are playing. I have already defined the variations of Spider Solitaire depending on the suits that you want to use but winning the game differs heavily from one strategy to the next.

Experienced players will always win a one-suit game, while beginners will find it difficult at first. Professional players would easily beat the game with a two-suit level, but it is with a full suite of cards that will make the game very challenging, even for experienced players.

For beginners like me that need to understand the complex strategy of the game, including how to win more games, I have come up with some tips to make sure that all of us get to beat the game at its most accessible level and be able to learn a few key moves when dealing with a more challenging variation of the game.

Don't Rush

One of the many mistakes that a beginner usually makes when playing Spider Solitaire is rushing the game. This is one of the common mistakes that will ultimately land you a losing streak. 

Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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Please pay close attention to your moves and never play the first move when you feel like it is a good one.

Always think outside the box and see if there are better moves to do than the easy ones. Study different possibilities and decide which one is more advantageous for you. 

Remember, the easiest route isn't always the best, especially when you play a complex card game like Spider Solitaire.

Empty A Column

The best strategy that I heavily imply that you use during the game's early stages is to empty a column. During the first few rounds of the game, make sure that you clear out a column so you can make room for more cards. 

Ensure that you also understand the implications of making such a move during the early phase of the game. This might earn you a win, but there are also consequences for making this move early on. 

You will have to weigh whether you want to do this step at all costs or if you want to hold back some moves. The best way to know if the situation calls for it is to go for it always and learn from the experience.

Be Careful Of Aces

Aces are the bane of existence when playing Spider Solitaire. Not only are they irreplaceable by the player, but only a deal can also place a card for an Ace. 

Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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This can increase your chances of losing the game as it takes too many spots where your cards are supposed to move.

I always keep tabs on where Aces are found within the game and avoid making a move to expose an Ace. If I do, it would be one of those games where I had to strategize completely differently as Aces tend to be quite pesky. 

Knowing where an Ace is a key to your victory, so make sure to track down where it is as it is still part of the entire ensemble to finish the game.

Make Good Use Of The King

Many beginners would often think that the King is another card that operates the same way as an Ace card. I also believed that to be true when I first started to play the game; I find it very difficult to move through my pile when I am first given a King. However, as I learn more about the game, I have come to believe that the King opens up a good number of advantages for players.

Beginners often overlook the advantages of playing with the King early on. When you think about it, you can pile up to 12 cards onto a King and many more, thus making it one of the ideal ways of moving cards to form your ensemble. The King is the only card that can be removed without having the player move it around.

With this move, the King becomes one of the most important cards in the game and the best strategy that you can use to win early. However, I would still suggest that you need to be careful with playing the King as there are a few exceptions to the rule. Experiment with your moves, especially when you are dealt with early in the game, to know more about how you can win through using this approach.

Build Using A Higher Card

Using the same approach as taking advantage of the King, building through the use of a higher rank is rather advantageous for many beginners. If I start with a low card, the build will be completed with an ace, and it won't be easy to move past that line.

Learn How to Download and Play Spider Solitaire
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Building using higher cards first will allow us to move slowly but surely into completing your set so take advantage of this strategy.

Expose As Many Cards As Possible

Make sure to expose as many cards as possible and arrange them according to their suit before dealing with your following ten cards from the stock. 

Placing them correctly before making a move will help you strategize on your next move as it will set a clear path on what you can do when dealt with the new set of cards.

Do this as early as possible to increase your chances of winning.


As one of the most popular solitaire card games, Spider Solitaire can be a lot of fun. I highly recommend that you download the game and learn how to play and strategize to get more wins. 

At first, it can be pretty overwhelming to learn, but as soon as you get to know the basics, it will be a straightforward and enjoyable mobile game to play.