Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner

It's easy to think that princesses in modern pop culture are always damsels in distress but not in Subway Princess Runner. This mobile game is subverting all expectations and giving us all a character that we can root for.

Rush through different terrains, collect coins, avoid obstacles and become the greatest player in this runner mobile game.


If you want to learn more about Subway Princess Runner, and how you can earn free lives to make playing even more fun, read on!

  • A Different Kind of Princess
  • Playing Subway Princess Runner
  • Take Advantage of Magnets
  • Upgrade Power-Ups
  • Getting Free Lives
Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
Image Source: WOW Gaming / YouTube

A Different Kind of Princess

Subway Princess Runner is an addictive endless runner mobile game where I not only get to play as a princess running from a cop but I also get to choose from a wide list of characters. 

Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
Image Source: AK Surfs / YouTube

Rush through different terrains such as the subway and the forest or the busy downtown streets and make sure that you don't crash into obstacles or get run over by running trains. Jump on top of platforms or slide underneath obstacles to collect coins from three separate lanes.


Unlock different levels as each time you do, the game gets progressively difficult. You will need all the help that you can get but don't worry though. Power-ups and hoverboards are here to help you get through each level easily.

Collect coins, gather power-ups, purchase your next character, spend coins on hoverboards, or play the endless mode to get the highest score. You might even challenge other players from all over the world in the leaderboards. 

Downloading Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner is available for download on all mobile devices. This includes Android and iOS devices. 


To download the game, search for the title either at the Google Play Store or the App Store and tap ‘Install’.

While waiting, you may also set up a payment method for the game's in-app purchases if you want to buy some premium items. After installing the game, the app will ask for permission from your phone.

Playing Subway Princess Runner

Much like many other endless runner games on mobile, Subway Princess Runner is often very easy to play however, the added features that make the game unique and interesting have made it a bit challenging for many players out there. 

Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
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There certainly are a lot of challenges for newbies in this game. For a seasoned player like me, playing the game comes very easy but that's because I've learned a lot from experience. 

The game starts with the main character controlled by the player as she runs through a railway track while being pursued by a policeman. The character will always run forward and players must avoid crashing the character into different obstacles by swiping left and right or up and down while also attempting to collect coins. 

Crashing into an obstacle will result in a game over. I'm going to share my tips and tricks on how you can play this game a lot better and even get the chance to get some free lives in this game. Check out my tips below.

Use Hoverboard

Every once in a while, I can collect different power-ups in this game. Power-ups and items are meant to help you either finish each level faster or collect coins much better. Sometimes, they multiply the coins you get after finishing each level.

Hoverboards are items in the game that will help you get through each level swiftly. With hundreds of levels in this game, each level progressively becomes very difficult so you will need all the help that you can get. This is where hoverboards come into play.

At the start of the game, you won't be able to choose your hoverboard, but if you collect enough coins in each round you can purchase new hoverboards, each of which has its own unique skill, style, and speed. Never forget to upgrade and use your hoverboard in each round so you can finish each level faster and collect even more coins.

Take Advantage of Magnets

Magnets are another item in the game that will help you get ahead. Magnets are used to collect coins even if they are not in your lane. The game often has three lanes filled with coins and normally, I would just be able to collect the coins in one lane.

Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
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However, using magnets attract the coins from a different lane so you get the most out of the item. This is great for those who want to collect as many coins as possible or especially for players who want to purchase the more expensive hoverboards in the game.

Aside from magnets, other power-ups will help you get more coins at the end of each level. Coin multipliers are a great alternative in case you miss the chance to use your magnet effectively.

Complete Missions

Apart from finishing each level, Subway Princess Runner also has different missions for players to complete. 

Each mission has a task that requires players to do something while playing the game. A good example of this is to collect a certain amount of coins, finish a level within a certain period, or bump into bushes several times.

Completing different missions in the game will reward you with even more gold coins and experience. Players who are in dire need of coins to get the latest hoverboards should try and finish as many missions as possible. Finishing a set of missions will also reward you with another set of bonuses.

Upgrade Power-Ups

Collecting coins in this game will not only allow me to buy hoverboards but also upgrade the different power-ups that I collect at each level. This is why players need to collect as many coins as possible because it allows you to purchase upgrades as well.

Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
Image Source: AK Surfs / YouTube

Upgrading power-ups will have many benefits for you in the game especially during the later stages of the game. Power-ups such as mega headstart and super sneakers are likely the most beneficial if you want to get to the end as soon as possible. 

Coin multipliers and score boosters are a great choice to upgrade for players who want to exponentially increase either the coins they collect or scores they make at the end of each level.

Upgrading power-ups will extend their duration or increase their power. Magnets collect more coins and hoverboards can be used for a longer duration. If there is one rule to follow in this game, it's always to collect coins so you can upgrade the power-ups.

Open Prize Boxes

Prize boxes are available for players who take the extra effort and go beyond their means. I've been able to collect a lot of prize boxes just by completing different missions, achieving a certain level in the game, and gaining as much experience as possible. 

These are just some of the meaningful ways that I did to receive prize boxes. Now, the content of these boxes is random however, they are all very useful to the game. 

Sometimes, it would reward me with even more experience so I get to level up much faster or there are times that I get multipliers or even new hoverboards. There is also a very slight chance that I get to receive free lives just by opening up these prize boxes.

Getting Free Lives

Speaking of free lives, every time you get captured by the police or you hit an obstacle, you have to restart the level from the very beginning. 

Learn How to Get Free Lives in Subway Princess Runner
Image Source: WOW Gameplay / YouTube

Lives allow you to continue the level without having to go back from the start. This is quite useful if you are planning on playing the endless mode and gain the highest score in the game.

I've already mentioned that players can have a small chance of getting free lives in Subway Princess Runner through the prize boxes but there is also another way to get them for free. Here is one that I have just recently discovered.

Follow Their Socials

Follow the main social media of Subway Princess Runner on Facebook and check out their updates. Oftentimes they give out codes and other rewards that contain free lives. 

Some of these codes might simply be new hoverboards or other power-ups in the game but they also give out codes that contain free lives so make sure to follow and get updated as much as possible.

Their social media pages are usually updated weekly and often provide information about the recent patch. They also contain some tips and a few rewards so keep an eye out for those. Grab those codes immediately or else another player might be able to pick them up before you do.


Become the best runner and save the princess and unlock even more characters in the game. 

Download and install the game now and enjoy the wonderful graphics and endless fun with Subway Princess Runner.