Check Out This Xbox 360 RPG Games List

So you've got some free time and have exhausted all the options of TV, movies, cooking, eating, taking a course, playing with the dog and reading and are wondering what's next. How about role-playing games (RPG)? Xbox 360 has some of the best of them.

You can be a whole other person in a whole other place in an RPG game. You will be the character in the game either by literal acting or using a structured decision-making process that leads to character development. 


Some of these games are played through discussion. The others are live action, where players have to perform. Both these games have a game master who is an equivalent of a referee. We're going to tell you more next. 

Check Out This Xbox 360 RPG Games List
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Mass Effect

It is one of the most loved Xbox 360 RPG games. It is a sci-fi game in which you assume the role of commander shepherd that has to prevent a rogue alien agent from invading the galaxy. 

The rogue alien agent is Saren and wants to lead a robot army to attack the galaxy. This game has a high resolution, details the character’s faces and ammunition and makes the game feel more real than virtual. 


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls-Ultimate Evil Edition

It is no doubt the best version of Diablo 3 and follows the death of Diablo.  The Archangel of wisdom, Malthael, now returns as the angel of death. He steals the black soulstone which he takes to westmarch in a bid to use its powers to destroy all humans out of the sanctuary. 

The players have to fight and prevent Malthael together with his demons from wiping out humans. 

Child of Light

This game centers on the Duke’s daughter in 1895 Austria. Aurora, the Duke’s daughter contracts a disease and passes away.  Somehow, she awakens to find herself in the fictional land of Lemuria. 


She learns that Lemuria had its moon, sun and stars stolen by the black queen. In order for Aurora to be set free and return to her people, she has to conquer the black queen and recover whatever she stole. 

Check Out This Xbox 360 RPG Games List
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is yet another  loved Xbox 360 RPG game that qualifies to be on this list and  revolves around Dragonborn as the main character. Alduin the word eater is a dragon that has been prophesied to abolish the world. 

The game happens in Skyrim and Dragonborn must defeat Alduin by completing quests and developing character. Skyrim follows a series of other elder scroll games and hence is a continuation of events.

Crimson Alliance

It is a fantasy RPG game developed by Crimson Alliance. The Byzan Empire which was once thriving is now faced with dark times with its survivors living under harsh conditions. They are under the rulership of a cruel goddess, the soul siren.

The protagonist rules with an iron fist and is not afraid to have her sycophants do her dirty work. Gnox, Direwolf and Moonshade who are the mercenary, wizard and assassin respectively plunge into the primitive world to stop the Soul siren from succeeding.


The storyline follows a kid who gathers special remains of rock to power the Bastion structure. The player controls the kid as he goes through fantasy-themed floating environments. The game features a dynamic narrator’s voiceover presented in two-dimensions

It has an isometric camera, colorful and hand-painted art style. In the wake of apocalyptic calamity, the Bastion structure needs to be powered by the rock remains which this kid gathers.

Fallout: New Vegas

This is no doubt better than its predecessor in the Fallout series. This story takes place in the year 2281. A courier transporting a package is ambushed while on transit to New Vegas (former Las Vegas) across Mojave Desert. 

The package is robbed and courier shot and left for dead. However, he survives and is on a search for the robbers that took the package and wanted him dead.

Check Out This Xbox 360 RPG Games List
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Last Remark

Xbox 360 RPG games have all the spices you want in different amounts in each game. Whether you want to chill or beat down villains, you've got it all at your fingertips. And this isn't a boys only club either, the games are for everyone.