A Guide to the Best Xbox One Arcade Games

There's nothing that makes you feel more like a kid again than those ping-ping and boing-boing sounds of an arcade. Arcades seem to be a dying breed, but digital gaming companies are now bringing them to you at home.

The Xbox One console has got a number of arcade games, so many that choosing one is a major task. If you are looking for the lowdown about the best Xbox One games of all time,look no further than here.


Whether you have an upgraded Xbox One S, the beefy Xbox One X or the discless Xbox One  You can choose from action, shooter, adventure, racing, indie and other genres to fill your library. The wider your collection, the more interesting it becomes. Find out more in the list below.

A Guide to the Best Xbox One Arcade Games
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Super Meat Boy

If you are in for a classic and intense retro performer, this is the game for you. You will relish clear-cut twitch reflexes and live your ambitions in this game. You will be playing as an animated meat cube that is trying to save his bandaged girlfriend from a wicked fetus that lives in a jar and wears a tuxedo.

Get to enjoy the thrill of jumping over numerous buzz saws, leaping from walls and passing through old needles and collapsing caves.


This story mode has more than 300 levels and spans through over 5 chapters. This makes it easy for you to jump into warp zones and shift to other games easily. As the game progresses, you are able to gather medals, bandage and playable characters from games like Braid, Trip and Bit, among others.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Do you remember the Pac-Man game? This edition is to celebrate Pac- Man’s 30th anniversary and adds a new edge to the old game with more complex modes and mazes. You will have to collect dots by controlling the rotund hero, like in the old game.

This rotund hero control also makes you avoid ghosts and collect power pellets. Get lost in over 100 torturous mazes to navigate new modes as you test your ability to munch pellets.


Also, it has visual variations, shape-changing mazes and music plus other cool features that will make your time worthwhile. Enjoy the time attack, mission and ghost modes each with a different purpose it serves.

For example, time attack mode lets you vie for the fastest clear time while mission mode makes you fulfill a number of objectives. Ghost mode tests you on the number of ghosts you can guzzle up.

Perfect Dark

It is a perfect blend of mystery and danger coming together in one game hence qualifying for this list. You will play as Joanna Dark, the spy thriller who is employed as a secret agent by the secret Carrington Institute.

Your main role is to rescue a kidnapped scientist and reveal the truth about DataDyne Corporation. As the game progresses, you will participate in alien conspiracies and government cover-ups which will put your life at risk.

A Guide to the Best Xbox One Arcade Games
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This is an action-puzzle platform that has over 300 levels. It also has an in-built level editor. You will play as an acrobatic skilled brave ninja who must live in a world of murderous robots.  N+ offers satisfying action, unlimited lives and a lot of gold.

Get ready to run, jump and die in a funny, yet cold way if you fail.  The gameplay features a ragdoll physics that is highly addictive. You can also replay a level to see the time it takes you to complete it. Find extra ninja costumes too.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

You will need to gather your wits and guts because this game requires it. You will have to play as a blood-thirsty notorious pirate in the Caribbean. It has the original Monkey Island Franchise voice that animates the characters well.

You will have to fight the ghost pirate LeChuck to impress the gorgeous governor Elaine Marley.

Last Remark

If you are looking to fill your Xbox One library but don’t know which games to buy, we hope this bunch has helped you out. It doesn't matter what you choose, they're all nostalgic and full of adventure. They will take you back to the times of no worries and fun.