Check Out These Fun Escape Games Online

Escape rooms are challenging, but also provide an unforgettable experience. People must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Unfortunately, these days real-life escape rooms are no longer open.

However, we can still have the experience of playing escape rooms through fun escape games online. These online escape games help improve our memory and increase our mental capacity because of our exposure to different puzzles and riddles. 


The different sorts of puzzles used in the games require a lot of memory retention as well as spatial intelligence. They also positively affect our mood especially in times like these. Here are some of the best escape games online.

Check Out These Fun Escape Games Online
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Secret Crypt Castle Escape

Secret Crypt Castle Escape is an online point-and-click escape game that takes you to a secret castle. The castle itself is filled with puzzles and challenges for you to go through. 

The main objective is to escape the castle as fast as you can by finishing puzzles and taking on different challenges until you reach the end. 


This online game is not for the faint of heart as it will take hours to escape. And it will especially take a long time if you are still new to the world of escape games. 

Secret Crypt Castle Escape features amazing graphics and easy to understand puzzles but is equally challenging to solve. Find hidden keys and unlock doors toward your escape in this fun and challenging online escape game.

Where to Play

Secret Crypt Castle Escape is developed by Funescapegames and can be played through any internet browser online. Just make sure that you have Adobe Flash enabled and you should be able to play the game.


Scary House Fun Escape

Scary House Fun Escape is another escape game from Funescapegames. The main difference is that the game takes place inside a creepy house filled with puzzles and hidden clues. 

This point-and-click escape game takes a more horror-approach to the usual escape rooms within the website.

Give your brain the exercise it needs as you try to solve puzzles and find hidden clues along the way. 

In the end, you will need to find a way to escape and get out of the scary house. You will be challenged to your wit's end with its exciting puzzles.

Where to Play

Players can simply log in to the website and choose the game to play. It is available to play online and can even be played on your browser.

Fun Escape House Garden

Some escape games take place in dungeons or creepy castles but not this one. Fun Escape House Garden, you get to experience playing the game through a very normal-looking house with a garden. 

However, do not let the setting fool you as it will still prove to be very formidable even for veterans of the genre.

In Fun Escape House Garden, you get to solve puzzles within a nice beautiful home. But it can also be quite difficult for the player as the hidden items and clues can be rather deceptive at times. 

Make sure to keep an eye on things that stick out while searching for lost keys and finding clues along the way.

Where to Play

Check Out These Fun Escape Games Online

Fun Escape House Garden is a fun and simple escape game that is played online on the company's website. All you need is an internet connection and a lot of perseverance and wit to succeed in this game.


Studies have already shown that playing with puzzles helps exercise your brain. It benefits the entire body by boosting your mood, sharpening your concentration, and helping improve your memory. 

Playing these online games should also help develop your problem-solving skills and enhance your time-management skills. If you want to learn about other online games, then check out our other articles.