Learn How to Play the Crystal Maze Game Online

The Crystal Maze was a fun TV game show that involved teams competing in challenges. The challenges earned them more time to complete the final challenge so the winning team could walk away with the prize. 

The show had such an amazing run that it was soon revived after the original TV show went off the air. The show's influence carried on to many other forms of media. There were quiz games made out of it and even a live experience. 


Then, there were the geniuses who computerized a game. Now, we can play Crystal Maze online whenever we want. Those who want to know more about how the Crystal Maze game online is played should read below.

Learn How to Play the Crystal Maze Game Online
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What Is the Crystal Maze?

The Crystal Maze is an online maze game made for fans of the original TV game show. You can select a team of players that will undertake a set of challenges that are divided into zones. 

In the game, the zones have different themes including Aztec, Ocean, Futuristic, and Medieval. These themed zones will have rooms that contain challenges that each player from the team will have to finish. 


Those who can win the challenges will earn a crystal. That gives them extra time for the final challenge that is located at the center of the maze. The player will have to use different strategies through different types of challenges. 

Mental Challenges

Mental challenges often require the player to remember things that will be part of a puzzle later on. There are also simple brainteasers that will become a clue to another puzzle in the later part of the challenge.

Physical Challenges 

Physical challenges will have your running over things and target-shooting. This requires hand-eye coordination of course, but it is not as challenging as it is for the people that play the game live. 


What Happens If You Lose a Challenge?

Those who are unable to finish a certain challenge will be locked inside a room. Only the team captain will be able to decide to release the trapped player by giving up a time crystal. 

However, using a crystal to help a teammate get out can cost the team precious resources. These resources are needed for the team's final challenge if they ever get to the end.

Tips for Playing

Learn How to Play the Crystal Maze Game Online
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Much like the original show that the game is based on Crystal Maze is filled with different puzzles that will test you both mentally and physically. 

The puzzles in the game are rather stagnant so if you fail to finish them, just call it a learning experience. When you go back to the room, you'll be able to pinpoint where you went wrong. 

Additionally, do not be worried if your teammate is locked in. You can always get them out to help you gain more resources for the final challenge in the Crystal Dome. Just make sure not to waste your crystals too soon.

Ultimately, the best tip for playing the game is to have fun. You'll quickly learn how to solve puzzles or find clues that will help you and your team finish before the clock runs out.


The Crystal Maze is just one of the many online games that are both fun and challenging at the same time. 

The game might have dated graphics but it is still capable of bringing a lot of outstanding puzzles and challenges. If you want to learn more about arcade games, then check out our other articles.