Discover These Challenging Mobile Games

A lot of mobile games have the reputation of being easy to understand and easy to play. They often tend to lack the depth of console games and the intricacies of a PC game. 

Mobile games in general are developed with ease in mind since users have to play using small screens and buttons. However, some mobile games do offer challenging gameplay and mechanics. 


These games have a complex design and different interpretations of in-game mechanics. Up next we're going to tell you about some challenging mobile games you can check out.

Discover These Challenging Mobile Games
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Pixel Dungeon

Known as an open-source dungeon game, Pixel Dungeon is a popular Android game that is notorious for its fairly difficult gameplay. The game features retro-style animation and simple mechanics. 

What makes this game challenging for players are the enemies. Players will find defeating an enemy to be difficult as it will entail a lot of maneuvers and strategy to outwit them. 


Traversing through the dangerous dungeons that are filled with monsters will also be very challenging for most players. Even the game makers themselves have warned people that it is difficult to play. 

If that is not a sign of a challenging mobile game, you have been warned. Just make sure that you have read up about the game to get you started.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a first-person shooter game that requires tremendous amounts of skill to play. The game is set on an island where you and many other players get dropped from a plane. 


Once you land, you must gather different items and weapons to help you survive. While the premise of the game is very easy to understand, its execution varies from one game to another. 

The reason behind this is that you are playing against others that are equally as good as you. This means that you have to try to eliminate other skilled players until you are the last player standing to win. 

Daily challenges and events also ramp up the game's difficulty. The game also has different modes such as Deathmatch mode and a Zombie mode that make things fun and complex. This is known as one of the most complex Android games.  

Discover These Challenging Mobile Games
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The Impossible Game

The name itself is a dead giveaway and players have already been warned. The Impossible Game is probably one of the most difficult games to have ever been released for mobile devices. 

Using just one control, you will need to guide an orange square over different obstacles to reach the end of each level. 

Sure, you might say that this is an easy feat but the physics of the game requires a lot of attention and skill. You need to be skillful in both launching and landing the orange square is what makes this game difficult to beat. 

The good thing about the game is it also features a practice mode where you can hone your skills first before going for the real challenge.

The Room

The Room is a mystery puzzle game where you get to solve different puzzles by investigating and finding clues along the way. 

The game requires intense focus and attention to detail - a feat that is surely not for everyone especially when playing on mobile devices. With its unsettling visuals, the game makes it hard for you to solve puzzles if you are not keen on observation.

Beautiful, haunting, complex, and layered, The Room is a puzzle game that will take hours to finish a single puzzle. You might think that you have already solved the puzzle, chances are, you have overlooked something else.

Discover These Challenging Mobile Games
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Getting over it with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is a platform video game that was released in 2017. The game was initially released for PC but an Android and iOS version of the game became available a year later. 

This mobile game is rather quite simple on the surface. You get to use the Yosemite hammer to move your upper body across changing terrain. The catch is, that you've got to climb a very steep mountain, which is easier said than done. 

The game also becomes increasingly difficult as you progress and there are no checkpoints so you will have to start over again.


These challenging mobile games will surely test your limit. With their elaborate mechanics and varied gameplay, many of these mobile games will take a long to understand let alone master.