Check Out the Best Drift Car in Forza Horizon 4

If you are stuck in quarantine and don’t know how to kill idle time, why not try out racing? Stay on the edge of your seat as you race through rugged or wet roads, negotiate sharp corners and take on cross country racing. 

Forza Horizon 4 is the game for you if you want to try racing. Forza Horizon 4 has over 600 cars that serve different purposes. The beauty of this game is you can pick the car you like depending on its functions.


You can choose their physical appearance and turn them into your dream car. Racers love their own type of car so choosing the best car for you is a daunting task. Up next we're going to give you some help with the best drift cars.

Check Out the Best Drift Car in Forza Horizon 4
Image Source: Motor Authority

Hoonigan Ford Escort RS 1800 1978 

It is a good car that you can easily find in either the auction house or showroom. Moreover, it’s quite affordable and hence you won’t break the bank to acquire it. 

Hoonigan cars are good for doing Gymkhana stuff and drifting around the dirt mountain pass. It started as one of Ford’s best cars that later turned into Ken Block’s tarmac focused stage rally car.


Even that was short-lived as Hoonigan transformed it again after two years into a Gymkhana-destined Escort. It has got the ultimate Escort engine. This car has a Millington Diamond Series II engine and is equipped with a TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny kit.


The Hoonigan Ford Escort weighs 1846lb (837kg) and has a 54% front weight distribution. It is an Escort RS 1800 with a Millington Diamond Series II engine and a TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny kit. 

The 1978 Hoonigan is abbreviated as Hoonigan Escort. It is a modified version of the Ford Escort RS1800. It is featured as a standard in Forza Horizon 4, motorsport7, and Forza Horizon 3’s Hoonigan Car park add-ons.


Speed, Acceleration, and Braking

It has a top speed of 168.3mph (270.8 km/h). Its acceleration is 0-97km/h (0-60 mph):4.300 seconds and 0-161 km/h (0-100 mph):10.100 seconds.

In terms of brakes, you get 97-0 km/h (60-0mph): 128.1.8ft (39m) and 161-0km/h (100-0mph): 308.4ft (94m).

Division and Tier

Its division is Hoonigan. The collection tier for the Hoonigan Ford Escort is Tier3-Rare (+40).

Lateral Gs

These specifications include 97km/h (60mph):1.07g and 193km/h (120mph):1.16g.


This vehicle will need the Hooligan Car Park.

Unlock Requirements

You will need to purchase it in the Autoshow. It goes for 300,000 credits.

Performance, Car Type, and Rarity

It’s under the Rally Monster section of cars. This vehicle's rarity is Epic.


It uses different engine capacities when doing different types of racing. For instance, it uses a 1.6L 14 engine when doing turbo rally and uses a 3.0L V8 engine when racing. It is an anterior wheel drive (AWD) in both the Forza series of H3 and H4.

General Description

Check Out the Best Drift Car in Forza Horizon 4
Image Source: Forza Wiki - Fandom

The alloy block and head have a weight of fewer than 200 pounds, which contributes to the naturally aspirated 333 horsepower. This horsepower is the pushing force when the car is going a sky-high 9000 rpm redline. 

Much as it has a number of grips available, it’s easy to kick out with a simple tug on the handbrake or spurt of the gas pedal.

Generally, when you look at the Hoonigan Escort, it is a quality over quantity vehicle. It is so exquisitely built that you mistake it for art. Question is, will you be able to see it through the smoke that spurts from its wheels.

When you bank a Skill Chain equivalent to 300, 000 points in the Hoonigan RS 1800, you unlock the Got that Swagger Achievement.


The beauty of the collection of Horizon 4 cars is you can tune any it into the type of machine you want. It’s not fair to choose for our readers the best drift cars, because different people love different cars. 

However, Hoonigan Escort takes the day as our best drift car because of its availability in the auto show. Also, it is affordable and has great features with a powerful engine.