Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games

When it comes to video game companies, Nintendo is considered the most successful one worldwide. The Japanese consumer electronics and video game company has sold millions of its different consoles, one of which is the Wii. 

Released in 2006, the electronic game console, Wii, is Nintendo’s fifth major console and considered the best-selling machine with more than 26 million units sold worldwide. Wii’s video games are interesting and have thus fared well, making the console even more popular. Here we take a look at the best-selling Wii games so far.

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 13.30 Million

Considered the third part of the Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a 2008 Nintendo Wii fusion fighting game developed by Sora Ltd. and released by Nintendo. Brawl, like its counterparts, employs a combat structure that differs from that of traditional action games. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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Players choose from a wide range of characters, each of whom attempts to knock their enemies off the screen as they battle on different levels. Rather than using conventional health bars with a maximum value that decreases as damage is taken, Brawl characters start with 0% and increase to 999 percent as damage is taken. 

Despite problems with content loading times, Super Smash Bros. Brawl gained widespread recognition, with praise focused on its entertainment value. With over 13.30 million copies sold worldwide, it is the eighth best-selling Wii game of all time.


Wii Fit Plus - 21.13 Million

Published and developed by Nintendo EAD Group 5, Wii Fit Plus is an exercise-gaming video game released on October 1, 2009, and has since sold over 21.13 million units worldwide. The fitness game promotes physical activity with 15 aerobic and balance games, six yoga activities, as well as strength training. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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This game also features a calorie-burning counter helping the player to create personalized fitness regimens. It also allows users to choose from a wide selection of routines depending on certain goals and available time. These features are a big help for the users to navigate more between workouts easily.

Most activities in the Wii Fit Plus are made for a single user. Therefore, the game is sold bundled with a Wii Balance Board and can be bought separately if you already have one. Numerous multiplayer activities allow up to eight users to take turns by using the balance board. Wii Fit Plus’ games are indeed physically taxing, but they are entirely fun, especially if you are active.


Wii Fit - 22.67 Million

Wii Fit is an exercise-gaming video game developed by Nintendo described as “a way to help families exercise together.” As Wii Fit Plus’s predecessor, players can expect the same effectiveness level for workouts. Wii Fit comes with built-in activities encouraging users to be more physically active. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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Like Wii Fit Plus, this game uses the Wii Balance Board, a platform peripheral, where players can stand during the whole workout training. This board also tracks the player’s center of balance. It has achieved 22.67 million copies sold globally.

Wii Fit has been adopted by various health clubs worldwide. It also has been used for physiotherapy rehabilitation. In some nursing homes, they use Wii Fit to help the elderly improve posture. Despite criticisms that it gained due to lack of intensity, generally, the game received positive reviews.

Wii Play - 28.02 Million

Wii Play is a party-video game featuring nine different games, such as a Duck Hunt-Esque Shooting Range, Billiards, Fishing, Find Mii, Pose Mii, Charge!, Tanks!, Table Tennis, and Laser Hockey. Each game demonstrates Wii’s unique controller which can be wielded in different manners, creating a more immersive experience for the player. These games are played in single-player or two-player mode. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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Only one of the featured minigames is available when the game begins, but the remaining eight are gradually unlocked as they complete each one. The player can build personalized Mii avatars, which appear in some of the featured minigames, using the Mii Channel. When playing in single-player mode, top scores are saved. 

Despite critical reviews that panned the game for being too predictable, Wii Play was commercially successful, with strong sales due to the game's inclusion of a second Wii remote at the time of release. Released in Japan on December 2, 2006, the game has sold over 28.02 million copies worldwide. The game is also the 20th best-selling video game of all time. 

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 30.3 Million

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 3D side-scrolling video game. If you’re someone who loved playing the original Super Mario game in the Nintendo NES, you will definitely like this Wii game. Similar to other side-scrolling Super Mario games, the user controls the character, popularly known to be Mario, as he explores and fights his way to save Princess Peach. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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But what makes it stand out is that you can play a multiplayer mode with up to four players at different levels. The game also includes a feature known as "Super Guide," allowing players to display a computer-controlled character pass a level. The motion control capabilities of the Wii Remote are widely used in New Super Mario Bros. 

Wii Players can shake the controller to perform various actions, such as a fast spin jump that destroys opponents, a mid-air twirl that can be used to maintain air time, and the ability to pick up, hold, and throw certain items. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is considered both commercially and critically successful. The game received numerous honors and has more than 30.3 million copies sold worldwide.

Wii Sports Resort - 33.13 Million

If the Wii Play catches your attention, then you will love the Wii Sports Resort. It is a sports simulation game first released on June 25, 2009, in Japan. This game is one of the first to require the Wii MotionPlus accessory. At first, the game was only a stand-alone unit but later sold bundled with new Wii consoles. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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The game features 13 different sports types, including Swordplay, Frisbee, Disc Golf, Table Tennis, Cycling, Air Sports, Wakeboarding, and more. Most of these games are played by a single user, while some can be played by two users. However, the multiplayer feature of some games has a maximum number of four players depending on the sports. 

You can play with your family and friends, creating a great bonding opportunity alongside the competition. Wii Sports Resort received commendations from game critics, praising the game’s graphics and improved controls. It is also considered the third best-selling game on the Nintendo Wii’s console, with more than 33.13 million copies sold worldwide.

Mario Kart - 37.38 Million

Mario Kart is an extremely popular go-kart racing video game from Nintendo. This game features characters from the original Super Mario game series, competing while using different objects to gain advantages. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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The Mario Kart series includes fourteen entries: six were released on home consoles, four on arcade games, three on portable handheld units, and one for mobile phones. Many gamers loved Mario Kart because of its exceptional racing game mechanics. While playing the game, you will notice that you also have to face battles with your opponents rather than being the first to reach the finish line.

With Mario Kart already having a strong fan-base from its Nintendo 64 days, the Wii game allowed players to use its motion-activated steering wheel to enjoy the game in a whole new way. Among its series, Mario Kart sold more than 37.38 million copies worldwide, making it commercially successful.

Wii Sports - 82.9 Million

Wii Sports is a simulation game initially released on November 19, 2006, in North America. The game is a collection of five different sports simulations, demonstrating the sense of motion capabilities of the Wii remote. It features games, such as tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf. 

Discover Some of the Best Selling Wii Games
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To play the game, you have to use the Wii remote to copy movements done in actual sports, such as punching for boxing and swinging a racket for tennis. Wii Sports also has fitness and training modes monitoring users’ progress in each of the sports. Wii Sports is a game that even non-gamers will play and enjoy and brought gaming to a whole new demographic of consumers.

Wii Sports is considered the best-selling single-platform game of all time and the fourth-best in the overall ranking. It also received a number of awards from critics and sold more than 82.9 million copies worldwide. Because of its outstanding graphics and accessible technology, Wii Sports has become popular for social gatherings and competitions among users of different age brackets. 

The Bottom Line

The Nintendo Wii was a massively successful release for the company. With fun and family-friendly games such as these, this console is definitely great even today.