Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems

Carrom Pool: Disc Game is a board game with simple game mechanics. Based on my experience, the game has some of the most realistic and smoothest controls and physics. This game offers one of the most authentic disc games that I have ever played.

Players can challenge their friends or play against many others from all over the world in different game modes. Compete with some of the best or simply practice your accuracy. 


If you want to learn more about Carrom Pool: Disc Game, read on and find out how you can get gems to make your gameplay even better.

  • Features and More
  • Playing Carrom Pool: Disc Game
  • Perfecting Your Skills
  • Avoid Fouls as Much as Possible
  • Use Your Pieces to Block
  • Open Victory Chests for Gems and More Rewards
Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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Features and More

Carrom Pool: Disc Game has two multiplayer modes where you get to play with friends or compete for the top spot against many competitive players from around the globe. 

Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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Win more games and collect coins along the way. The more coins you have, the more chances you get to unlock different features in the game. Use your coins to unlock strikers and pucks. 


Every victory means more chests to open and more rewards await. Challenge your friends for a one-on-one match to see who is the best in this game.

Downloading Carrom Pool: Disc Game

Carrom Pool: Disc Game is available for download on all mobile devices including iOS and Android devices. For Android users, download the game at the Google Play Store. iOS users can download the game at the App Store

Tap ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ to begin downloading. While waiting, you may also want to set up your payment option if you plan on purchasing in-game items for your account. 


Once the game is fully installed on your mobile device, launch the game by tapping ‘Open’.

Playing Carrom Pool: Disc Game

Many might think that Carrom Pool is an easy game to play but things can get challenging especially when you begin to challenge other players. 

Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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I gathered a few tips to prepare you for playing the game and make sure that you get all the rewards that you want such as coins and gems. 

The first thing that you need to know is that you can earn a lot of items in the game. Unlockable items like strikers and powers can help increase your chances of winning the game. 

I can increase my power, aim accurately, and even extend the time whenever I have these boosts. 

Play the Beginner's Lobby for More Coins

New players tend to miss a lot in this game. It is normal as you begin to learn the game more and more. At the start, you should strive to learn how to aim first and then get to know how the game works. 

I would advise that you try the Paris Beginners Lobby so you get to experience what the game is all about. Joining a lobby would mean you have to pay coins and since you are still new to the game, you won't have enough coins to join one. 

The Paris Beginner's Lobby requires a low fee which you should take advantage of. You will encounter many other new players that have the same skill level as you. This makes playing the game more fun since there aren't a lot of advanced players in this lobby.

Perfecting Your Skills

After learning the basic maneuvers, it is time that you learn some advanced skills. Take this time to find your playstyle before you jump to play against an experienced player. The best way to do this is to play Freestyle. 

Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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There are a lot of game modes in this game and Freestyle is just one of them. Freestyle enables you to play without having to follow certain rules. This gives you the freedom to experiment more with your style of playing. 

This is the right game mode to harness your skill, learn the basics of the game and get more coins. Once you have enough experience, you can move on and learn more about trick shots. 

Trick shots are fancy moves that you make that will help you gain an upper hand against your opponent.

Focus on the Queen

The Queen is one of the most important pieces in the game. Your target should always be to pocket the Queen at all costs. This will help you win the game and get rewarded with coins in the end. 

It is always wise to strategize against a Queen. Whenever it is exposed, always take a shot at pocketing the Queen, or else you might not have a chance to do so. 

It is important that you design your strategy in exposing the Queen and then make sure to accurately aim to pocket her at the soonest possible time.

Avoid Fouls as Much as Possible

There are different pieces in the game. The piece that I usually control is called the striker. The striker tends to hit other pieces in the game to pocket them. If there is an instance where I pocket my striker, it is called foul. 

This means that I get to lose all of the pieces that I have pocketed during my turn when I make a foul as part of the penalty. This can be disastrous for players who are trying to win more games. 

With that in mind, it is always necessary to avoid fouls as much as possible. There will be times when you accidentally make one but to do it over and over is quite detrimental to your game. Learn how to maneuver your striker accurately to avoid making any foul.

Watch Other Players and Learn From Them

If there is one thing that you should be doing especially when it is not yet your turn, it's to watch your opponent or other players. Look at how they try to aim their pieces to pocket them. 

Understand why they choose that piece instead of the other. Learn their playstyle and discover the strategy behind their every move. Once you have an idea, incorporate them into your game and see if it is effective

You can use all the things that you have learned from watching other players into the Freestyle mode to practice and earn coins.

Use Your Pieces to Block

The goal of the game is to pocket all your pieces as soon as possible. However, there are times when it is difficult to do so. You just can't spend your turn without doing anything. 

Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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If this happens, make sure to use your turn effectively by positioning your pieces to block your opponent. This should give them a hard time figuring out their next move. 

You might even want to try and position your piece near the pocket so that they might accidentally pocket your piece instead. 

This is also the best time to utilize trick shots that you have learned from your practice and by watching other players.

Win More Games

Once you have formed a good strategy, make sure to utilize it to great advantage and try to win more games

Use the tips mentioned above to gain the upper hand on your opponent. 

You might also want to try other game modes so you can maximize your earnings. Win more games and you should be able to collect a lot of rewards including gems and more coins.

Open Victory Chests for Gems and More Rewards

At the end of each game, your scores will be calculated based on your performance. The overall score will affect the number of bonus rewards you will get. 

Carrom Pool: Disc Game - How to Get Gems
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If you were able to score better in a certain game, chances are, you will receive victory chests. Remember when I told you to win more games? Victory chests are given to those who win a lot of games. 

Victory chests contain exciting rewards. It is also a good source of gems in the game where you can then purchase cosmetic items including exclusive pucks and strikers.

Push Your Luck

If you are in dire need of some gems and more coins in this game, try to push your luck by trying the free daily golden shot

This gives you a chance to win a lot of prizes including gems and coins. All you need is a lot of skill and accuracy in making a good shot. 

Those who are confident with their skills should try this every day and get rewarded with a lot of prizes.


Playing Carrom Pool: Disc Game has always been fun for me especially when I play with a friend or against a skilled player. 

I hope all the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you get more wins and collect more rewards in this game. Make sure to incorporate the tips given as much as possible and good luck with your games!