Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems

What I like about Merge Mansion is that it teaches good space management skills. 

In this game, I get to play Maddie who must uncover the secrets to her ancestry by restoring an old mansion. Doing so means merging different items within the game and crafting tools to help renovate the mansion.


Seems easy, right? If that's what you think you must not have played a single round in the game! In this article, I'm going to share with you how to play Merge Mansion and how you can get free gems to enhance your gameplay.

  • Merge Items and Get Free Gems
  • Craft Special Items
  • Spend Gems Only When Necessary
  • Sell Items for Coins
  • Look for Events
  • Complete the Tasks
Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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Merge Items and Get Free Gems

I highly recommend that you try to merge all the daily free Piggy Banks that you receive from the game. Merge them until you reach level 3. 

Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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Once done, leave it at that point until the fourth day. Every four days, you will receive more coins and diamonds from those level 3 Piggy Banks. 


While you do have the option to open Piggy Banks every day, this has a much higher chance of providing you with more rewards than the usual one. 

One of the best rewards from opening these chests are gems.

Don't Forget the Chests

The same with Piggy Banks, merge Blue and Brown Chests to enhance them to Level 2. You will receive more bonus rewards once you open these Level 2 Chests instead of the low-tiered ones.


The same concept should also be followed when it comes to coins. Merge coins and blue stars if you aim for better rewards. If there is one thing that you constantly do in this game, it's merging items

Merge them until they reach the highest level in the game. You can do so at least one to three times a day and then keep them within your inventory.

Craft Special Items

There are a lot of items in the game that can only be obtained through merging certain items. Peony Flowers often produce an item that results in a bottle. 

Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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A maxed-out bottle can be combined to form a ship in a bottle. Tapping the bottle will destroy the item and release the ship. The broken glass can also be used to form a mosaic.

Speaking of broken glasses, leave a level 1 vase alone until it shows a sign that it is about to break, and then tap on it. It will release broken shards that can be used to make a mosaic.

Make Good Use of Your Coins

Coins are used to purchase many things when playing Merge Mansion. Many of them are quite important in the game. However, they are also very expensive. 

But there is one option that you should always choose to buy when it comes to spending your coins. Always choose to use your coins when buying extra slots for your inventory. 

Make good use of your coins by doing so as it will give more space for items later on in the game. You don't have to worry about saving space for essential items during the late stages.

Spend Gems Only When Necessary

Much like your coins, gems or diamonds are harder to come by in this game. You start with 100 diamonds in the game but most newbies make the mistake of spending them immediately. 

I do understand that it is quite tempting to use these gems early on. I would rather suggest that you save them first and use them only when it is very necessary to do so. 

The best way to spend your diamonds is to speed up the regeneration of certain items. This way, you will speed up the game and finish more tasks. You may also spend them in the shop for more items.

Inventory Space Is Precious

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having enough space within your inventory. At the early stages, you might not feel the need to save up on space since you don't have that many items. 

At higher levels, things are different and more complex. You will soon discover that more and more items take up a lot of space within your inventory. It is important that you keep your inventory tidy. 

Make room for important items and merge others. You can organize your inventory from top to bottom and see if it opens up some space for more essential items.

Sell Items for Coins

You can always sell some items to make room for your inventory. However, choosing which items to sell is quite tricky as almost all items in this game ca n be merged to form a new one. 

Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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My advice is to sell cheap or easily obtained common items that are easily replaced within your inventory. These are items that usually take up a lot of space in your inventory. 

These items may not give you the best value for your coins but they are still worth it. 

Just make sure that you are not selling any item that may be important later on in the game. If you do, you can always tap the Undo button to get it back.

Always Check the Shop

Even if you do not have any plans to spend real money on this game, I always advise players to regularly check the shop for freebies. There are a lot of daily deals found within the shop. 

Some of them are given out for free while others are offered at a very discounted price. This can be quite tempting for players so I highly urge that you check the shop almost every day to see these daily deals

You might even get some free diamonds/gems along the way.

Look for Events

Another thing to look out for within the game is events. Events are usually held randomly depending on the developer. Most of the time, these events are aligned with a holiday. 

Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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You can expect some great deals and even freebies when you participate in these items. 

Join these events and you'll have some special items that are only given during the event period. 

You won't be able to get these rare items ever again so I highly suggest that you look for events and participate in them whenever possible.

Get a Few Energy Bubbles

Energy is needed to play the game. There are countless times that I was fully immersed in the game that I forgot that the game is played based on energy. If you run out of energy, you will have to wait until the game replenishes your supply. 

There is one way of getting some energy back: Energy Bubbles. Energy Bubbles are quite common in the game. You should only take a few Energy Bubbles just in case of emergency. 

Since they are common, you will always have some whenever you run out of Energy in the game. This should help leave some space in your inventory.

Complete the Tasks

Tasks are common in mobile games and Merge Mansion is no exception. There are a lot of tasks that players can complete to receive rewards. 

Merge Mansion - How to Get Free Gems
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When it comes to completing tasks, make sure that you always prioritize crafting the items that are required by the task. 

Do this when you first start the game to receive free gems. This way, you will immediately complete all the requirements of the tasks and leave more space in your inventory. 

Try to finish all of the tasks before moving on to the next one. Choose the items that are necessary for the tasks and leave the others so they won't clutter the inventory.

Level Up Faster

Completing tasks not only provides you with great rewards but also helps you level up faster. Each task provides experience points depending on the complexity of the task. Simple tasks such as planting flowers provide a small amount of experience. 

Complex tasks that involve different mechanics are more likely to give you more experience. That is not to say easy tasks should be neglected. There are a lot of simple tasks that need to be completed in the game and only a few complex ones. 

Finish those simple tasks and then tackle the more complex ones afterward. You won't notice it at first but you'll soon discover that you have leveled up faster than your peers.


And there you have it, those are all the necessary tips and tricks that you need to know when playing Merge Mansion. Those who have been playing the game and found themselves stuck should check out the tips above and see which ones can be applied to help you level up.

Merge Mansion is available for download on all mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store.