See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2

Have you ever played a fun and whimsical mobile game and noticed that you have become addicted to playing it for hours? Hill Climb Racing 2 is just one of the few mobile games that have done that to me. 

Players control a wobbly vehicle as you drive down slopes and hilltops and many other obstacles in the game. Part of the fun is that it has some of the most preposterous physics, making it very fun to play. 


Looking back, I've never seen myself having this much fun when playing a mobile game with such a simple premise. To learn more about Hill Climb Racing 2, check out my experience with the game below:

  • Use Both Accelerator And Brake
  • Upgrade Later On
  • Spend Most Of Your Coins Wisely
  • Open Chests For Free Diamonds And More Surprises
  • Perform Tricks For More Points
  • Repeat Each Level To Farm Coins
See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
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Use Both Accelerator And Brake

When it comes to controls, Hill Climb Racing 2 features two. The left pedal is the brake, while the right pedal is the accelerator. 

The brake slows down the car or helps it maneuver backward while the accelerator keeps it moving forward. Speaking of which, there will be a lot of time when you would want to move forward. 


Of course, to complete the level, you will need to cross the finish line. Building momentum is the key to the stability of your vehicle. You will soon notice that the vehicle is wobbly, and it will react to any form of stimuli, such as a bump in the road or a simple upward movement. 

Even just holding the accelerator will cause your vehicle to lift itself. Master the controls by practicing both the accelerator and the brake. You can even use it both at the same time to gain complete control.

Save Fuel

Fuel is a resource that every player should keep an eye on. This isn't some environmental ad, but it does help that you try to save fuel when playing. 


There were many times, especially in the early stages of the game where I quickly ran out of fuel. The best way to save fuel is when you are running downhill. There is no need for you to use the accelerator at this point. 

Let gravity do the job and have your vehicle tumble down. You can even take this opportunity to perform some stunts and help you earn more coins in the end.

Upgrade Later On

Many players make the same mistake as I did when I first had the opportunity to upgrade my vehicle. I highly suggest that you hold off on upgrading your vehicle during the early stages of the game. 

See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
Image Source: Wwjoshdew / YouTube

Gather as many coins as you can at this stage. You will know it is time to upgrade when the levels begin to feel difficult. The starter Jeep is already great in the early stages, but you will soon find the need for speed. 

This is the right time to upgrade into more durable and faster vehicles. Save up to buy a motor later on. Other relevant upgrades should also be considered later in the game.

Prioritize Upgrading The Suspension

I know that you would always want to upgrade everything for your Jeep. Chances are, you might want to focus on some parts first before anything else. 

I wouldn't suggest that you only focus a single part for your Jeep but if you have to, go for the suspension. The suspension is quite fickle and would be one of the common causes why your Jeep topples a lot. 

Make sure to prioritize the suspension if you have to upgrade a part of your Jeep.

Spend Most Of Your Coins Wisely

Speaking of spending coins for upgrades, there are many parts within your vehicle that will need to be upgraded. Most players would want to upgrade all of the parts, but I would rather suggest that you focus more on your engine. 

See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
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A better engine is always the best choice. Also, keep on the lookout for free upgrades. There will be a yellow sign that says free. 

Tap to accept the offer, and you will be able to watch a video. Afterward, you should earn an upgrade level for that part, so you don't need to use your coins.

Have Fun

Probably the best advice that I can give you is to have fun. Never forget that this is a very comical and hilarious game to play. 

Don't be too serious about winning every match or completing each level perfectly. The game is all about having fun, and players should understand that. 

Where else can you find a car that stumbles downhill, does a backflip, and still runs perfectly fine?

Open Chests For Free Diamonds And More Surprises

The game does offer a lot of freebies, but they are often gated behind a time lock. Also, you will only be able to store at least three chests at one time. 

See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
Image Source: APK Pure

The best way to handle this is to open at least one chest, so you leave room for another one after a few hours. To open the chest, tap it. 

Chests often provide a good amount of diamonds or gems in the game. Rare chests often give more gems, so you need to look out for them. 

Some might even reward you with parts to augment your vehicle. However, the most common reward that I would usually get when I open these chests is coins.

Watch Videos

I get it; you hate watching ads on mobile games. However, you get a lot of advantages by just watching a short video in the game. 

This means you get to open more chests for more rewards if you watch an ad. Sometimes, it can even unlock more chests so you can get more free diamonds in the game. Players who do not want to watch ads can open chests by paying for them. 

If you do not want to shell out some real money to support the game, be prepared to watch many videos. It doesn't hurt to let these videos play while you do something else.

Perform Tricks For More Points

As you may have already noticed, the game has its own rules in physics. Take advantage of this by performing as many tricks as possible. 

See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
Image Source: Pocket Gamer

The easiest way for you to earn a higher score and more coins in this game is to perform tricks. Whether you are flying off a cliff or nose-diving down from a hill, the number of tricks that you do will be calculated within the game. 

After each game, the system will provide you with a bonus for each trick that you do. Make sure to combine all of your tricks for even more rewards. 

Practice doing some front flips with your Jeep during the early stages and take on more stunts as you level up.

Land Parallel To The Ground

No matter what type of tricks and stunts that you do, there is still one rule that you should follow - land parallel to the ground. It is such a simple rule, yet many players still have a hard time doing this, especially early on. 

Landing on the ground on all four wheels will help you recover more quickly and be able to gain control of the Jeep again. 

Landing perfectly on the ground also gives you a better score.

Repeat Each Level To Farm Coins

One of the main challenges for many players, aside from performing tricky stunts, is how to get enough coins to upgrade their Jeep.

See How To Get Diamonds On Hill Climb Racing 2
Image Source: Androidtrickers

I have recently discovered an excellent way to farm for coins. The game does not have any restrictions when it comes to playing each level. You can always replay each level to farm for coins. 

You may also take advantage of this by perfecting your tricks or learning new ones. Repeat each level even if you already received a good score. This will help you accumulate a lot of coins for your upgrades.

Play Adventure Mode

Another great way to farm for coins is to play Adventure Mode. Unlock the City Stage in Adventure Mode and play this stage over and over. 

Take the time to learn this tricky stage, as there will be times when you need to go slow or go faster. Make sure to understand and learn the curves. 

Remember to focus on the obstacles in this game mode instead of your speed. All you need to do is to go through each obstacle and avoid breaking your driver's neck.


While the game mechanics are still similar to the original game, Hill Climb Racing 2 amps up the fun by bringing in more features and game modes. In this game, you also get to race against other players making it even more fun and competitive. 

Hill Climb Racing 2 is currently available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store to download.