Unruly Heroes - See How to Play

Playing Unruly Heroes can be very demanding, however, it is also one of the most entertaining, challenging, and fun games that I've played in recent months. 

In this game, I play four different heroes on a mission to restore balance by collecting different scroll fragments across the land. These heroes go on a journey filled with danger but they heavily rely on their martial arts skills to take down the enemy.


Unruly Heroes sounds like an easy platformer action-adventure game but when I finally got my hands on the game, there was a steep learning curve to the entire experience especially with the mechanics of the game. By following this guide I've set up, you can learn more about Unruly Heroes and how to play.

  • Chain Your Attacks to Build More Mana
  • Learn More Combos to be Effective in Battle
  • Grab Opponents and Keep Them Away
  • Use Dashes Creatively
  • Enemies Can Deal High Damage
Unruly Heroes - See How to Play
Image Source: Magic Design Studios / YouTube

Chain Your Attacks to Build More Mana

Playing an action-packed game like Unruly Heroes is all about taking out your opponent. The best way to take out an opponent is through mastering different attacks

The game offers different attacks for different characters however, chaining attacks is what I consider the best way to defeat an enemy. Many players, especially new ones, might not be aware of chaining attacks


The first time I tried to do it was unsuccessful but through practice, chaining attacks to perform combos can be easily done. All I needed to do was study the character's basic attacks and make sure to use another basic attack to perform a combo. 

Chaining attacks also builds up my combo meter which will grant mana and activate Special Attacks.

Unleash Your Power-Up!

Sometimes, chaining my attacks might not be enough. There are certainly times when I get overwhelmed by dealing with two or more enemies coming from all directions. In these situations, I usually make a run for it by using dashes or try to avoid as many attacks as possible by using the dodge mechanic.


However, using power-ups is a great way to try and change the tide of battle. What I do while using combos is to check whether a power-up is available. Power-ups are special combos that deal a good amount of damage in an area. 

Each character has their special moves when they use power-ups and some are more effective at disrupting the battlefield while others outright deal tremendous amounts of damage.

Learn More Combos to be Effective in Battle

Each character has a separate style of martial arts. Some offer more devastating blows while others tend to provide more utility. 

Unruly Heroes - See How to Play
Image Source: Noobfeed

Learning their combos can take a lot of time but I suggest picking a character that you can identify well and start from there. You'll soon be able to learn more about the character and later on, learn more about the different combos that your hero can make. 

Take the time to explore and experiment with what your hero can do and master it. Some of the combos can be difficult to pull off but they are also quite devastating. 

Combos such as the Standing Combos take down an enemy and send them flying away while Moving Combos are great for shoving enemies off a cliff or ledge.

Use Special Attacks

Apart from the combos that I use in battle, each of these heroes also have specific special attacks. Most of the time, I use these special attacks in certain situations like Distance Attacks for enemies that are far away or anti-air attacks that cripple flying enemies before they can even start attacking. 

I often use Float Attacks for flying enemies that were not crippled by the former special attack and would want to push enemies away. And lastly, I do Heavy Attacks to disable enemies and knock them down thus giving me time to either get away from them. 

Start with a Launcher Attack then chain your combos together and end with a massive Special Attack to finish off a tough opponent.

Grab Opponents and Keep Them Away

There are times when I get surrounded by enemies and want to find a spot where I won't get pinned or cornered. The best way to do this is to perform a Grab and send one of them away. 

Unruly Heroes - See How to Play
Image Source: ZephyrMantis / YouTube

This gives me the time to either do another combo against an opponent or to get away from the group to recuperate. Grabs can also be done by enemies so watch out for them. 

If I do get grabbed by the enemy and get thrown away, I just push the dash button a couple of times to get off the grip and dash away to safety.

Dodge Critical Damage

If there is one thing that players need to avoid in this game, it's critical damage. Critical damage instantly lowers my health by up to 25%. This can hinder the way I perform in the game as I have to be very careful with upcoming critical damage. 

However, there is still a way for players to avoid critical damage and that is to dodge them. Dodging is not as simple as it seems. You'll have to time yourself perfectly to avoid the damage. One thing to note is to use air dodge. 

It is an effective method of dodging and can be used quite often against groups of enemies.

Use Dashes Creatively

Speaking of dashes, it is one of the most versatile moves in the game. There are certainly unique ways to use dashes to your advantage. 

Unruly Heroes - See How to Play
Image Source: PC Gamer

One thing that I always do with dashes is to mimic attacks and use them to trick the enemy. Most of the time, they react by moving away or shielding themselves thus allowing me to dash through and get behind them for a surprise attack. 

Another way of using dashes creatively is to use them to get to the enemy faster especially when they least expect it. Crossing through the platforms requires the element of surprise but if you try to dash as fast as possible, the enemy won't know what will hit them.

Outflank Enemies with Dashes

If there is something that I want to avoid in the game, it's getting flanked. Getting flanked means you are cornered and surrounded by enemies from all directions. 

This is a very difficult situation that many players often experience. To avoid this from happening, I always use dashes to get myself out of sticky situations. Dashes are not only for offensive purposes, the move is mostly about defending yourself from attacks. 

Outflank enemies by dashing through them and avoiding critical damage. Practice the use of dashes and you'll find yourself evading a lot of damage.

Enemies Can Deal High Damage

Most players won't be anticipating this to happen in the game nor would they be expecting it at all but the enemies in Unruly Heroes are some of the most intelligent and unforgiving ones. 

Unruly Heroes - See How to Play
Image Source: DarkStation

Enemies can deal tremendous amounts of damage and can surround you at any moment. What many players don't know is that they can even do special combos that are equally devastating as the ones that I do to them. 

This is one of the many reasons why Unruly Heroes is such an awesome and challenging game to play. Learning combos is always going to be a priority in the game as you will notice that enemies can use them against you.

Don't doubt the power of the enemies you face and roll-out your best moves and combos to defeat them.

Experiment Using Kung Fu Moves

Unruly Heroes is all about learning different kung fu moves. The game allows me to learn the basic attacks and other combos and that there is more to the game than just pressing buttons in succession. 

There is an art behind performing different combos. Each character in the game has its special moves and combos. It is up to you as a player to experiment and discover amazing feats from these characters. 

This is what makes the game fun and exciting for me as a player knowing that there are so many hidden combos to discover and use. Go ahead and explore more about your chosen character and see what combos you discover.


Playing the game doesn't always have to be difficult. Pulling off combos and learning new techniques to outwit and damage the enemy can be easy if you learn the secrets to the game. Hopefully, I was able to give you all the information that you need to help you survive each stage of the game.

You can find the game to play by downloading it on PC at Steam, the Google Play Store for Android devices, the App Store for iOS devices, and more platforms like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.