Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5

I've been a big fan of first-person shooter games since I was eight years old, and have loved playing the Far Cry series since its launch in 2004. With numerous releases since I have been able to enjoy the gameplay and awesomely realistic environment in a multitude of versions.

Ubisoft Entertainment, the French giant who created the series, has us playing the most recently released game Far Cry 5, and today I am going to share with you details about Far Cry 5 that has left a lasting impression in my mind. 


In this article, I will also give you tips and tell you how you can get free items in the game. Let's go!

  • About Far Cry 5
  • How to Download Far Cry 5 
  • Getting Free Items in Far Cry 5
  • Upsides and Accolades
Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5
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About Far Cry 5 

The game is the fifth installment in the series of the award-winning Far Cry. The plot of the game is cinematic and allows you to navigate through the mafia world. 

Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5
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It starts in the fictitious Hope County, Montana, where you are pitted against the dangerous cult called Eden’s Gate, led by Joseph Seed and his siblings called the Herald.


Fry Cry 5 was first released on 27 March 2018 and has since received many positive reviews from gamers around the world. 

This is shown by the $310 million this game earned in revenue in the first week of its release, with 50% of this revenue coming from digital downloads.

Intuitive and Simple Gameplay

The gameplay and the controls of Far Cry 5 are intuitive and it is fairly simple to play the game. 


So, I would say when you start the game, learn the basics of what your guy or specialist can do immediately. This helps especially if you are a beginner or newbie in this game. Next, practice all your skill sets.

Go to the menu tab and switch between the specialists often so that not only you get comfortable with all assets made available to you but also learn to use the best guy for the best situation. Also, make sure to level up all your characters and not just one or two.

How to Download Far Cry 5 

Far Cry 5 is available across all platforms. One of the simplest ways to download the game is via the Steam Store. You will see the various packages available to you on the bottom left menu. You can then click “Add to cart” and checkout. 

Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5
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First of all, let me tell you that the pricing of the game across the platform is not the same. I will share with you the costs here in the article but do not expect to pay the same amount everywhere. You can check out the purchase options for the Xbox console from the Xbox website.

For the PlayStation console, go to the online store and buy the game first. Next, you will be able to add the game via your console main menu. Make sure that you are logged in across devices with the same ID. The digital download is quick with a good internet connection.


As mentioned previously, the cost of the game varies depending on what platform you are using and which country you are from. For instance, if you are downloading the game via the Stream link shared, it will set you back by $40 for the standard edition and the gold edition costs $68.

Microsoft’s Xbox store has premium pricing for its platform for this game. The standard edition will cost you $55, while the “New Dawn Deluxe Edition Bundle” will set you back by $89. If you wish to throw in the gold edition to this bundle, be willing to pay as much as $116. I suggest that you start with the basics.

With a minimum of the PlayStation Plus console, you can buy the standard version of the game for a price of $54. The gold edition costs you around $78 and if you are wondering what about the dawn deluxe bundle, then it is not available in the store at the moment. 

Getting Free Items in Far Cry 5

There are three ways in which you can get free items like clothes, weapons, cars, and points as rewards.  

Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5
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The first way is when you log into the game from either of the platforms, go to the last tab in the main menu that says “UbiClub” Join the club and you will be able to redeem any of these items from time to time. 

The second way to redeem the free items is to complete the mini-missions that you are given. Depending on the mission, you will get rewards like the ‘deadly weapons pack” or an aesthetic pack to put things in perspective. 

The third way is that you can get reward points after each goal completion.


Far Cry is about finding your next goal or to-do and accomplishing that mission (of course, apart from the big picture of defeating Joseph and his gang). Talking to people in the game is very important to accomplishing many of your missions. I urge you to talk to the people in the game, they give vital cues.

A very smart way of knowing your surroundings is to check out the signposts that you see time and again. You may tend to ignore them thinking they are just there to add to the aesthetic of the game. However, there is more to them: signposts provide vital information about what is around you and how you can be resourceful.

Get the fangs to join you asap! There are three of them in Far Cry 5 and to get each one to your side, you will have to win mini-quests or campaigns. Prove your worth and earn the reward of having them fight by your side. I suggest starting with the Dutch region and liberate them to get started.

Upsides and Accolades

I may have influenced your decision to buy the game or not based on the information shared thus far. But let's review what other customers or gamers have to say before you make up your mind to try it out. 

Find Out How to Get Free Items in Far Cry 5
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It is said that half the game is won if you can look the part and oh boy, does Far Cry 5 excel in this department! Almost everyone who has played the game will agree that Ubisoft has done a great job in replicating the picturesque setting of the mountainous Montana environment. Realistic gameplay is another brownie point of Fay Cry 5. 

Since you are set in an environment where you help the locals get rid of the mafia and the goons, you will often hear gunshots, bombs, shouting, among other things in the background as ambiance. This makes the game very realistic, relatable, and engaging. 

Your allies in the game, whether humans or animals, stick by you no matter what. They not only give you intel to make a decision but also let you do that without interference of any kind. This helps in the gameplay and the overall objective of creating a mass resistance team.


Some players have complained that all the weaponry and the tools needed to succeed are made available from the beginning of the game. You have access to the grenades, pipe bombs, knives, among other things right from the word go, meaning that there is a little challenge left for you to overcome. This has not been rewarding for some.

I said earlier that you must make conversation with people to get clues. But did you know that even though you are the protagonist, you do not get to say a word throughout the game? Yes, the responses from others are engaging and informative but it’s all about listening and reading, nothing to do with speaking!

Hunting the goons is fun and wrecking the cult’s party is exhilarating but I am sure you will not like to see the words “you are being hunted” on the screen at all times! Well, this is what happens in the game and so, good luck with surviving the multitude of attempts on your life by Joseph’s men.  


The Far Cry series is your penultimate Ubisoft saga that takes you through the journey of ups and downs while fighting the baddies and liberating cities. It has all of the drama of a cinematic experience that one can hope for. Besides, the graphics and the gameplay are beyond comparison to any game recently released.

On the other hand, some elements will make you feel that there is nothing new in the series (if you have already been playing those in the first place). With that being said, I do think everyone should give this game a try and enjoy the mini-quests, the shootouts, and free Hope County, Montana, because they need heroes like you!