Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency

Blockchain games are all the rage today but there is one mobile game that I have found to be one of the best. Thetan Arena offers one of the most action-packed gameplay that I've ever seen on mobile.

Thetan Arena is a player-versus-player mobile game where I control a hero and battle together in a team-versus-team match-up. The main objective is to shoot down the enemies and collect points but there's more to it than that.


Learning Thetan Arena can be challenging for those who are new to the genre. But don't worry, I have a guide to help you learn about the game, how to earn cryptocurrency, and more below.

  • Play Thetan Arena with Your Friends
  • Learn About the Different Kinds of Heroes in Thetan Arena
  • Earn Cryptocurrency in Thetan Arena
  • Keep Your Distance from Your Teammates
  • Practice Your Aim
Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency
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Play Thetan Arena with Your Friends

Thetan Arena is a very simple game to play. At the start of the game, I'm immediately given a free character to play with. 

There are two ways to play the game. I can either play by myself or with other players. Players will be part of a team of four and will play against another team. 


Each player will do their part to earn points by shooting at the other team. The team with the most points and the most players standing will win the game. 

The objective is very simple but the strategy and mechanics involved in the game leave froom for a lot of strategies. In the end, the player who earns the highest points in the game will earn the MVP title.

Try Different Game Modes

There are four different game modes available for players. Battle Royale can be played solo or together with my team. There will be 12 players that will compete and whoever is the last man standing wins the game. 


In this game mode, the map becomes smaller as time passes so quick thinking and a good strategies are required. Superstar is another game mode wherein players will need to gather match points. The player who has the highest match points wins the game. 

Deathmatch involves defeating the enemy team within 3 minutes. Lastly, Tower Siege features two teams of four players as they try to destroy the enemy tower or defend theirs. The team that destroys the opposing tower or has the highest remaining health wins the game.

Learn About the Different Kinds of Heroes in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena features three different kinds of heroes. Assassins are heroes that eliminate their opponents using a single combo. It is one of the most difficult heroes to control as it requires proper timing, quick thinking, and good execution. 

Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency
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Marksmen are the main damage dealers in Thetan Arena. They are very vulnerable to assassins but when they are positioned correctly, they can eliminate enemies using their auto-attacks

Tank heroes are usually seen on the frontlines. They soak up a lot of damage or act to help other players on the battlefield. Most of the tank heroes are very slow but they have high health points to make up for the disadvantage. 

There is one other hero that is quite special in the game that allows me to earn cryptocurrency which I will discuss later in detail.

Get to Know the Skill Sets

Apart from learning the different game modes and the different kinds of heroes in Thetan Arena, it is also important to learn the skill sets. Skill sets include Effect, Damage, and Support Skill. Effect Skills are skills that usually affect the status of the player. 

Such skills can either disable the opponent or enable my ally. This skill set is often used by assassins to help eliminate enemies as fast as possible. Damage Skills are used to damage my enemies. This skill set can either be used by marksmen or assassins. 

Support Skills are usually used by Tank heroes to help me fend off enemies and their attacks. This skill set enables the tank to shield my team from damage or help defend vulnerable players on the team.

Earn Cryptocurrency in Thetan Arena

There are different ways to earn cryptocurrency in Thetan Arena. Earning cryptocurrency will typically require me to invest money. However, there is one method to earn without having to invest. 

Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency
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All I need to do is to play the game and earn rewards especially when I win battles. Though, it does take some time to earn and I will need to play a lot of battles to earn. 

These rewards include Thetan Coins, which is the game's own cryptocurrency. I can then use Thetan Coins to either sell in the market or purchase Premium Heroes

This process takes a lot of time and patience from the player so I suggest that you try the next step below.

Use Thetan Gems to Start Earning

Another way to earn in Thetan Arena is to use Thetan Gems to purchase Premium Heroes. Once I have chosen my Premium Hero, I will have to train and level up the hero to improve its viability in the market. 

I can then trade these Premium Heroes using Thetan Coins and start earning in the game. I often use these Premium Heroes to start climbing the leaderboards and become the best player in the game. Some special events will reward me with either Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems. 

Sometimes, these events reward both so always watch out for those. My best advice when playing Thetan Arena is to play the game and spend time improving your skill so you'll get rewards and reach the highest position on the leaderboard.

Keep Your Distance from Your Teammates

In many games that I've played, there are a lot of players that play together with their friends. I notice that they often go around the map together which is highly perilous for the team. 

Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency
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This is very dangerous as your opponents can throw damaging skills that will knock all of you out within a few seconds. Try to spread out as much as possible to cover your ground. 

Tell your teammates to keep their distance from each other to avoid getting damage from area-of-effect or crowd control skills. 

This takes a lot of time to practice so I suggest that you try to communicate with your teammates as much as possible. 

Use the Terrain Effectively

The maps on Thetan Arena are created strategically. Every area on the map will have some strategic purpose so make good use of it. The terrain can be used effectively to take cover from enemy fire. 

Whether there are walls, towers, or boxes, they are all great for taking cover or surprising the enemy. I also use bushes to hide from enemies or obscure their vision whenever they try to attack me. 

Players who know how to play with the terrain often excel at the game. I've learned how to manipulate the terrain to my advantage and have won a lot of battles using this strategy alone. Always utilize your terrain to your benefit.

Practice Your Aim

When I was just starting the game, I had a lot of difficulty with aiming and firing my weapons. This can be very frustrating but with practice, aiming and shooting down enemies can be very easy to do. 

Thetan Arena - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency
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This is because each hero has their own set of attack speed and power. Each of these factors will determine how a certain hero can deal damage to the opponent. 

For example, if my hero has a faster attack speed, the hero will most likely have the lower damage output to balance this. I often try to use this to my advantage by learning better positions so I can shoot enemies quickly and take cover once I need to reload. 

These matchups make each game different from the next so the best thing that you can practice in the game is your aim.

Learn When to Heal

Healing is another aspect in the game that players will need to learn fast. Players can heal their heroes by going idle or not attacking for a certain period. This includes not getting attacked for that same period. 

This is why proper positioning and learning the map are crucial for healing. I often find a suitable place to hide whenever my health bar is low so I can heal back up without any interruption. 

Proper positioning helps me avoid damage from the enemy. Especially if I play the healer role, I often get attacked first so once again, proper positioning is needed to avoid getting engaged.


Thetan Arena has some of the best and most action-packed gameplay on mobile. I always have a lot of fun when I play the game together with my friends and it's pure chaos and adrenaline-pumping action whenever we play with each other. 

Follow the tips above and I hope it will help you get better in the game. Check out Thetan Arena in the Google Play Store and the App Store.