Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems

If you're looking for a super fun game to pass the time, Kingdom Rush Origins is the best mobile game to play. It is an award-winning game with challenging levels and great mechanics. Explore magical forests, faery realms, and ancient kingdoms in this game. 

In Kingdom Rush Origins, I command an elven army and defend my land from enemies ranging from gnolls, sorcerers, sea serpents, and more. With new towers, spells, and heroes at my disposal, Kingdom Rush Origins packs better gameplay than its predecessors.


Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment of the Kingdom Rush series. In this guide, you'll learn about how to play the game, where to get gems, and more tips down below.

  • Attack Early On to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed
  • Study the Map Before Starting the Game
  • Understand How Enemies Work
  • Call for Reinforcements
  • Learn How to Use Choke Points to Your Advantage
  • Use Your Hero Near the End
Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: Ironhide Game Studio

Attack Early On to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Enemies come in droves once the game has started. They can either start as a few units or a whole pack of enemies that comes barreling down the lanes. 

The main objective in playing Kingdom Rush Origins is to prevent enemy units from getting to the end. However, this can prove to be very difficult since a pack of enemy units can withstand the attacks from my defenses. 


This is the reason why I attack early on and thin out the herd before I get overwhelmed by a lot of enemies near the end. The game can end even with just a single enemy unit getting to the end. 

Prevent this from happening by eliminating enemy units before they can become a nuisance.

Use Archer Towers to Your Advantage

One of the best towers to use early on to prevent hordes of enemies from getting to the end is to use archer towers. Archer towers have a very fast attack speed, so they can help eliminate enemy units faster. 


While they have low damage, the high attack speed makes up for it. I always try to build at least three archer towers near the enemy spawning point so they can be quickly disposed of whenever a new batch appears on the map. 

I can then upgrade the archer towers once I have the chance since I will need to update my defenses, especially in the later stages of the game.

Study the Map Before Starting the Game

Players can control when to start the game. I always take advantage of this by checking out the map before starting the game. Each level in the game will have its own map. 

Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: Steam

Each map features different spawning points and pathways for the enemy units to march towards the end. Before I start the game, I always study the map and check where the spawning points are. 

This will give me an idea of which towers to build first. If the spawning point is very close to the endpoint, I often build high damage towers near it so that enemy units can't get to the finish line. 

I also suggest checking for choke points and starting to build towers in the area to avoid getting overwhelmed by enemy units.

Learn from Your Mistakes

When I first started playing the game, I didn't know what to expect from each wave. There are enemy units with high defenses that are very difficult to take down, while there are also others that run fast towards the finish line. 

Things can get very dicey in a matter of seconds if you don't know how to deal with enemies. There will be mistakes, and I've made several of them while playing the game. 

The good thing about playing Kingdom Rush Origins is it allows me to replay the level again. This helps me learn from my mistakes so that I can avoid making them again and again.

Understand How Enemies Work

Enemies in Kingdom Rush Origins are varied and unique. Some of them are easily defeated, while others clump together to form a barricade which can be very difficult to destroy. 

Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: Pocket Gamer

Many other enemies also have unique abilities that are immune to certain types of towers. This is the reason why I always check out which enemies are barrelling down the path first before building towers. 

This way, I can establish a good amount of towers to eliminate all possible enemies. 

In the later stages of the game, I have access to several different towers and their upgrades, so I have a repertoire of different towers to choose from and use against different enemies.

Use Special Abilities to Break Enemies Apart

Special abilities are also available to use during the game. However, I advise that you only try to use them whenever you get overwhelmed with large groups. There are times when I get overwhelmed by a huge group of enemies, and they end up getting to the end. 

I suggest using special abilities to break up large groups of enemies so my towers can easily take them down. The Thunderbolt ability is great at destroying enemies that are clumped together. 

Once they are broken down, I can use Arrow Storms to eliminate all of them in a very large area. This combo is an effective way to avoid large groups of enemies from getting to the end.

Call for Reinforcements

There are a lot of times in this game that I get overwhelmed by enemies. It becomes a norm by the time I hit the later stages. 

Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: TouchArcade

Thankfully, the game provides a good amount of options for players to help them during these stages. Some players might use special abilities while others use reinforcements. 

I suggest that you use both, especially when going against tough opponents. Reinforcements can be called down the lanes to try and help me defend that lane against enemies. Check your inventory to see which reinforcements are available before you start the level. 

You can call them if you feel you're about to be overwhelmed by the enemy. These reinforcements can attack both enemies from both land and air.

Complete Achievements to Earn Prizes

Kingdom Rush Origins also features Achievements that help players garner more power in the game through rewards. These rewards can be unlocked once I have completed certain Achievements. 

These Achievements have prerequisites before they are unlocked, so I suggest that you read each requirement before playing the game. Some Achievements require me to avoid dying on a certain stage or earn stars for each stage. 

There are a lot of requirements, and each of them is unique. Check them out first before you play the game so you can accomplish them without having to replay the certain stage.

Learn How to Use Choke Points to Your Advantage

Every level has one or more choke points. Chokepoints are areas within the map where enemies funnel through and are most vulnerable to your attacks. 

Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: Nintendo Life

This is because the area around them forces them to go down a certain lane. I always use these choke points to my advantage. 

Whenever enemies are present at the choke point, I often build a block of archer towers followed by melee towers. Archer towers are great at attacking from a certain range, while the melee tower can take out the stragglers. 

Use the ground troops to block more enemies from going through.

Where to Earn Gems

Gems are the in-game currency used to get new equipment or improve them. Gems can be acquired by simply playing the game and playing it efficiently. The better you play the game, the more gems you can earn. 

Join events and complete Achievements to get gems for free. Look out for possible promotions that can also help you get more gems in the game. 

I notice that they often blast notifications for events and other promos when I first log in to the game.

Use Your Hero Near the End

Heroes are exclusive units that I can summon in each stage to help defeat enemies. I often summon them near the end of the stage to take out any enemies that have gotten through the towers. 

Kingdom Rush Origins - Learn How to Get Gems
Image Source: Ironhide game Studio

Heroes are great at eliminating stragglers, but you'll find them a little bit useless early on as the towers do much of the work. 

However, they are great at interaction so make sure to move them around the map if you want them to help in battle. A good strategy is to place them near the end to prevent enemies from getting to the end.

Earn More Gold Early On

Gold is another precious resource used in Kingdom Rush Origins. It is commonly used for many in-game transactions, such as purchasing new towers. Earn extra gold by calling in the waves early. 

As previously mentioned, players can control when they want to call the wave, and by calling it early, you get to earn extra gold

I find this advantageous since I can use my spells early, so they will finish "cooling down" once I need them in the later stages.


Kingdom Rush Origins is an upgrade to its previous versions. While the main gameplay is still the same, the added features make the game more challenging and fun at the same time. 

Check out Kingdom Rush Origins on the Google Play Store and the App Store.