The Importance of a Good Video Game Story

We play video games not only for the amazing graphics or awesome new and cool features. Sometimes, those factors are the main draw to the entire game but other factors keep players coming back for more. One major factor that easily draws a lot of players into a certain video game is storytelling.

The narrative provides a backbone to the entire game. Many video games often have a sense of storyline in them that uses the protagonist's view as the player's perspective as well. Often we see these character-driven games as more successful than those video games that rely on gimmicks to get your attention.


But, what is the significance of a good video game story? And how does it affect the perception of the audience towards the game itself? Find out more about the importance of a good video game story below.

The Importance of a Good Video Game Story
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The Importance of Good Storytelling

Video games often come with some semblance of a story. Whether they are just a basic premise for the main characters of the game to have a goal that also alludes to the game's overall design and gameplay mechanics, they serve a purpose. Many other games have complex and multilayered plots that make the game more immersive albeit time-consuming yet very intriguing. 

In the past, video games were played just to spend time with friends or simply to kill the time. It wasn't until a few years ago that storytelling became the main selling point of an entire video game. Games like Galaga seem to have a very little story in the game.


Super Mario has some form of a storyline but it is simply depicted in Mario trying to rescue his princess from one castle to another until he meets his final adversary. In recent times, stories slowly became the forefront of video games and made them an integral part of the entire game.

Good storytelling takes the player into the role of the main character. From feeling every painful blow to the difficult and morally ambiguous decisions that he makes, the protagonist and in this case, the player becomes more attached to the character. This connection fully ensures that the player is involved in the game thus making the game more interactive for the player's part.

The Importance of a Good Video Game Story
Image Source: Game Informer

The Idea of Storytelling

Stories are told through the lens of the main character which is controlled by the player. The plot provides a certain depth to the character or the player's story. Certain events begin to unravel which takes the player into either an adventure or a revelation that would somehow change the course of the game.


This rollercoaster ride provides a more meaningful attachment to the game. This is the reason why many players get involved in many role-playing games or action-adventure games especially those that offer many choices for its characters. These story-driven games provide a function that enhances the overall experience of the player.

A good example of a great video game that perfectly uses storytelling as a springboard into the game's plot is Mass Effect 2. As Commander Shepard, you wake up in a facility at the start of the game after seemingly dying from an earlier incident. You get to take control of his decisions as the plot moves forward and discover the threat behind the Reapers and the Collectors.

Soon, you are tasked to assemble a ragtag group of mercenaries, scientists, and other characters to help in the fight that threatens all life in the galaxy. The large-scale and seemingly impossible challenge immediately throws the player right into the game as if he was tasked to save the entire galaxy from extinction. The idea of storytelling in video games is to grab hold of the player so he plays the game.


Video games are a great way to tell a story. There are a lot of character-centric and story-driven games that are currently in the market. The Last of Us is an outstanding example     of a great game with an amazing video game narrative.

Developers would truly want to utilize the power of good storytelling to draw players into the game. In the end, these stories and how they are told will always be an important factor in how the game succeeds.