Discover Some of the Best Anime iOS Games Ever

Anime has become a worldwide viral sensation with its fantastic attention to details, unique characters, and storylines. With over thousands of anime titles in the market, some have jumped from the TV screen and into the mobile gaming market. 

Anime games have been increasingly popular in the past few years and finding the best one can be quite daunting. While most are free to play games, others have an optional monthly subscription fee. 


With over hundreds and even thousands to choose from, there's always an anime game waiting for you to discover. These are some of the best anime mobile games for iOS. Read on to learn more about them.

Discover Some of the Best Anime iOS Games Ever
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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is a hero collector turn-based strategy game developed and published by Netmarble Corporation. The game boasts full cinematic immersion with its cutscenes and action-packed strategy. 

It stays true to the mythos of the anime and includes all characters from the original anime. Players can quickly jump into the action with its easy-to-use controls and collect different characters to ramp up your team. 


With each turn, players will find themselves fully plunged into the experience. Players can team up with friends in Death Match mode and a slew of other modes to choose from.

Dress up your characters with skins and hairstyles as well as accessories. The Seven Deadly Sins is a full recreation of the well-beloved anime, making it one of the best anime iOS games

One Punch Man The Strongest

Dive into the world of One Punch Man with this mobile game adaptation of the popular anime. This turn-based strategy game uses characters from the anime such as Saitama and Genos that players can recruit and team up to defend humanity from monsters and disasters. 


With the use of strategy, players can use a wide variety of characters each with unique abilities and costumes. Players can also take part in the 10-Nation Brawl where teams from different countries in Southeast Asia can participate and determine which team stands victorious.

Voice by the original voice actor from the anime, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest boasts a promising adaptation of the popular anime series. The game can be downloaded from the App Store.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor

Sword Art Online Integral Factor is the latest game from Bandai Namco Entertainment. This MMORPG boasts an open world where players can roam around and fight monsters together with friends. Meet other players and take on quests that will lead you to discover uncharted territories.

Players can download the game through the App Store and subscribe to a monthly plan called Boost Mode where players can speed up the progress of their character. 

Sword Art Online Integral Factor has a full character creation process where players can customize the look of their chosen character.

With optimized gameplay and in-game effects, the game provides an action-packed feel to an already sprawling open world littered with players ready to take on the adventure. 

Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is a hack and slash action combat anime mobile game developed and published by miHoYo Limited. Throughout the entire game, players can unlock different characters known as Valkyries each having their unique abilities, progression system, and weapons. 

Players can use up to three Valkyries and can switch between the three to adapt to different enemies. The game boasts excellent anime visuals and players can expect to get straight into the action in the first few minutes of the game. 

The easy to use controls make the combat fluid and easy to follow. Players can use different attack combos to finish off enemy mobs.

Players can also dive deep into the storylines with anime cutscenes. The game features different events and storylines that players can follow. Each update brings new equipment, battle suits, stories, and events, making it one of the best anime mobile games on the market.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Discover Some of the Best Anime iOS Games Ever
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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a tactical game that uses characters from the popular anime. Players can create and manage their ninja team with over 100 different characters from the anime. 

Use special moves and discover interesting fighting strategies to defeat enemies and become the next Hokage. Players will need to master offensive attacks and discover secret techniques to get an advantage and take over the battlefield. 

Battle it out with other teams from all over the world or team up with other players to take on different missions. The game also features an online leaderboard. 

Published by Bandai Namco, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja Blazing is available to download in the App Store. With smooth and easy gameplay, fans of anime games should not miss out on this iteration from the popular anime.


Mobile anime games have always been a popular genre for most mobile gamers. Not only are players able to connect with familiar characters, but the storylines and gameplay are similar to the ones that the players have come to know. 

The fast-paced action and cute animation make these anime games more appealing. Download these iOS games to start playing these action-packed games now!