Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins

Puzzle games are meant to tickle our brains and keep us entertained for several hours. There are a lot of unique puzzle games that are available for mobile platforms but none is more entertaining and quirky than Stretch Guy. 

Stretch Guy is a mobile puzzle game from Yso Corp that lets you control a character that can stretch both his arms and legs to reach a certain spot in each level.


I've played the game and I found it very entertaining. Most new players might have difficulty with the game but fret not, I've gathered some of the best tips to help you learn about the game, help you unlock skins, and more in my guide below.

  • Stretch Out as Much as Possible
  • Complete Each Level and Unlock New Skins
  • Don't Ignore the Hints
  • Use Your Surroundings
  • Look Out for the Saw and Other Obstacles
Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins
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Stretch Out as Much as Possible

If there is one thing that players should learn about playing Stretch Guy it's all about stretching to the limit. The game is played by stretching the four limbs as you make your way towards the finish spot. 

However, the challenge here is to avoid stretching too much that it would snap the head and abruptly end the level. 


One piece of advice that I give to new players is to try and stretch out as much as possible and see how far each extremity can go before it snaps. 

The only way to know this is to experiment.

Look at the Face

While the experiment is a good way to learn how to play the game effectively, there is still an indicator if you've already stretched too far. Take a good look at the face whenever you play the game. If the color of the face is green, you're safe. 


When it turns yellow, you've stretched halfway. Orange would tell you that it is about to hit the limit while red is where you should be very careful and avoid extending further or else you'll snap the head off. 

Don't worry too much if you've reached orange as it is mostly the ideal length that you can stretch but be careful when you reach red. Avoid stretching two or more limbs to the limit as it would immediately snap Stretch Guy out.

Complete Each Level and Unlock New Skins

The ultimate goal of playing Stretch Guy is to get to the end and finish each level. There are hundreds of levels in the game and while there is a sense of fulfillment in completing each level, the game also offers rewards for getting through certain points through skins. 

Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins
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Skins are available only for cosmetic purposes. They don't provide any advantage or serve any strategic purpose to get you to the end. However, skins are also a fancy way to show off how far you've come in the game. 

Skins can be unlocked once you reach 100 percent. To get points, you will need to finish each level in the game until you get to 100 percent. 

You can then choose to unlock a new skin and use it the next time you play. There are more skins waiting to be unlocked so you should keep on playing until you can unlock all skins.

Maximize All Limbs

Playing Stretch Guy is all about maximizing your limit and your options. With four limbs to work with, players should know how to traverse each level using all limbs in full effect. 

Never leave an extremity dangling as it is not a very effective method to get to the end. Stretch each limb one at a time to see how Stretch Guy would react. 

If the color remains green, yellow, or orange, go ahead and move another limb. You'll be able to get to the end faster if you maximize all limbs in moving across each level instead of leaving one dangling.

Don't Ignore the Hints

The first few levels of the game are inherently very easy. This is to help you understand how the game works and let you create a strategy in playing the game. 

Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins
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As soon as the game goes beyond a few levels, it becomes increasingly difficult. The game slowly adds different obstacles and sometimes, puzzles that you need to solve first before you can move Stretch Guy to the finish spot. 

Fortunately, the game also provides hints at the start of each level to give you an idea of what to do with the puzzle or obstacle. Never ignore these hints or tips as this will help you get through the level. 

However, don't rely too much on these hints especially later on in the game as you need to rely on your quick wit as well.

Clear Out Some Obstacles First

Speaking of obstacles, some of the hints only give you some details on how to solve the puzzle. The game won't give you all the necessary details to remove obstacles or solve the puzzle to get you to the end. 

The best way to resolve most of the puzzle is to remove some obstacles first. These can be bricks, crates, and rocks. Sometimes, you might also encounter a trap door controlled by a button. 

You might even have to place a heavy object on a button to keep it activated. Clear out some obstacles that might be in your way so you can slowly make your way to the finish spot.

Use Your Surroundings

In the later stages of the game, Stretch Guy becomes more and more difficult. I've encountered different obstacles and puzzles and most of them are very difficult to solve

Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins
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Sometimes, there are even monsters that wait for you which makes it even more difficult. Take your time in observing the entire level and think about how you can beat the puzzle or go through the obstacle. 

One thing I did was to eliminate the monster first by using what's available within my surroundings. At certain levels, monsters just sit around waiting for you to come to them but there are cannonballs or even bricks or crates that you can use to defeat the monster. 

Make good use of your surroundings to get to your finish point.

Tap the Parachute

I know there are some levels that are very difficult to resolve and you might want to skip them. Chances are, you're already out of options to skip and you need all the help that you can get. 

Fortunately, the game does offer some options for you to get out of a sticky situation. I've encountered some bonuses within each level in the form of parachutes. 

These parachutes randomly appear but what I noticed is that they often appear at difficult levels. Take advantage of this option and tap the parachute before they disappear from your screen.

Look Out for the Saw and Other Obstacles

There are a lot of dangerous obstacles and items in Stretch Guy. There are spikes, cannonballs, and rocks that might harm you. However, there is one obstacle that is a lot more dangerous and it could spell doom to your character - the saw. 

Stretch Guy - How to Unlock All Skins
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You'll encounter the saw a lot more in the early stages of the game and it can be very challenging to get through them. 

This is the right time for you to practice moving slowly around an obstacle and see to it that you avoid touching any part of the saw. 

Once you've mastered your way around the way, it should be easier for you to dodge cannonballs and spikes later on in the game.

Watch an Ad to Skip a Difficult Level

There will be times when you encounter a level that is very difficult to complete. I've found myself struggling at different levels in this game but fortunately, the game does give us players a way to skip these difficult levels. 

There's a skip button available at the upper right corner of the screen. All I needed to do was to tap on the option and it would allow me to watch an ad so I can skip the level. 

I would suggest that you try to play the level first and try your best to get to the finish point but if you do find the level difficult, use this option to skip the level and move on.


Stretch Guy is such a fun puzzle mobile game. It allows me to think outside the box and even challenge my wit, especially in the higher levels. Be sure to check out my guide to help you get through some of the tougher levels in the game.

Stretch Guy is currently available for download on the mobile platform including iOS and Android devices. Download the game from the Google Play Store and the App Store today.