Star Fox Command - A Brief Guide

The Star Fox franchise is one of the most popular video games in the early 90s. It is known as one of those games that pioneered the use of 3D graphics way back in 1992. Apart from its state of the art graphics, the game also boasts incredibly fun gameplay mechanics and game design.

It was not long after that several more games were created after the success of the original game. Star Fox 64 was considered one of its most successful and well-designed game as it took the elements of the original to greater heights. Much like its predecessor, Star Fox Command has found a new way to entice people with its graphics and mechanics.


Star Fox Command is the first Star Fox game that was released for handheld devices specifically for the Nintendo DS. It was also the first online Star Fox game. Learn more about what the game is about and how it is played through this game guide.

Star Fox Command - A Brief Guide
Image Source: Nintendo

What Is Star Fox Command?

Star Fox Command is the fifth entry to the Star Fox franchise. It follows Fox McCloud as he gathers his team to defend the galaxy from the Anglar. During the start of the game, Fox and his team had broken up, and each had gone on their way, but the circumstances surrounding the Anglar threat prompted them to band together again and fight off the invasion.

The game is surprisingly vibrant and faithful to the overall theme of the original game and the highly successful Star Fox 64. It follows the same mechanics of both games. The only main difference is the use of the dual-screen.


Playable Characters

Star Fox Command boasts the highest number of playable characters within the franchise at the time with a total of 14 characters.  Each character was assigned a specific fighter, and each has its special attributes that will help gain an advantage during dogfight battles.

The Objective Of The Game

The game is played through different missions across many planets. Each planet has several missions to finish, and each mission had a specific map. There are different objectives for each map.

These objectives may include battling your way through a series of monsters until you reach your destination. There will also be times when you will need to protect your base hence shooting down all of your opponents is the objective.


One of the key components to winning the game is to know where to position your characters and when to prioritize the objectives. Each level of the game can be completed simply by finding the right enemy and shooting them down.

Sometimes, you will need to get to clear out the entire map and get a bonus missile where it can be used to wipe out an entire army.

Star Fox Command - A Brief Guide
Image Source: Nintendo

Game Mechanics And Control

Much like the original game, players get to control fighters that have special attributes and moves. All of the controls done by the player is through the use of the touchscreen of the Nintendo DS. This allows the control of each fighter to be more fluid and accurate.

The use of the stylus to control the ship is by far one of the most compelling aspects of the game. It allows you to take your aim properly and shoot more accurately. Several dedicated buttons allow several special moves such as somersault and u-turn.

Speaking of special moves, barrel rolls are also very useful in destroying huge enemy ships especially during the later stages of the game. While the game was the first to use an online platform for its multiplayer mode, it has long been shut down.

Players can still try and use a local wireless connection via DS Download Play to connect with six players to play the multiplayer mode.


Star Fox Command went on to become a highly praised game both in the US And Japan. It garnered a Metacritic score of 76/100 and widely positive reviews. The game was also a financial success with over 20,000 copies sold on the first day.

With its charm and unique gameplay, Star Fox Command is one of those games that will immerse you into their universe to play for a few hours.