Discover These Free War Games for iPhone

If you look at mobile gaming today, you would be surprised at how much games have evolved throughout the years. Hundreds of games can be played with many of them having different features and gameplay. From simple puzzle games to intricate and complex strategy games, there are so many games to choose from, especially for the iPhone.

Mobile war games, for example, are some of the best strategy games that you can play on your iPhone. It entails a lot of strategy and complexity to playing the game. While many would want to choose the simpler games, there are still others who would want to delve deep into the iOS war games.


With that in mind, there are a lot of free war games for iPhone to choose from. Some might have the best features while others offer a very nuanced strategy that will keep you playing for hours on end. Here are some of them.

Discover These Free War Games for iPhone
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Company of Heroes

While RTS is a trendy genre in PC, it has slowly made its way into mobile gaming. It has been a tough road for war games to come into mobile devices. It all changed with the introduction of Company of Heroes.

Company of Heroes focuses on the real-time strategy aspect of war games. The significant difference is that the game only allows you to control a set of squads instead of an entire army. While the limitations of the game are apparent, the fun and gameplay are more than enough to get you to play this game.


Take control of squads and run them across different maps against the enemy German army as the game is set in the backdrop of World War II. Take advantage of your environment and push the experience into the battlefield. With its high-resolution graphics, players can fully see all the action in its full glory.

Company of Heroes is currently available for download at the App Store. The classic game is also available as a premium app where you can download new maps and missions.

Vietnam 65

Vietnam 65 recounts the US-Vietnam War where you play as a US Army commander against the Vietcong insurgents. While on paper, the game plays exactly like a real-time strategy game, it is more than that.


Players will have to win against the insurgents to win over the local population. With them, you gain more information and ground to make your way into victory.

The game spans across the entire Ia Drang valley near the border of Cambodia. You will need to coordinate ground troops, rally different local forces, gather essentials, amass mechanized units, and other mobile assets to your advantage.

The complexity of training forces, managing resources, and mapping out your strategy is what makes this game very unique. It truly captures the essence of war during the time. Rise and challenge yourself in this epic mobile war game. The game is currently available for download at the App Store.

Discover These Free War Games for iPhone
Image Source: Pocket Tactics

Pacific Fire

Pacific Fire is a mobile war game that involves deep strategy. Developed by Wirraway, the game is set in the Pacific region during World War II.

Players get to choose either side of the conflict. Secure and capture different objectives from different missions while taking advantage of the terrain, such as the sea or ground. Those who make good use of the terrain will have a big advantage in the game.

The game is a realistic simulation of World War II including naval, air, and ground combat. Control different squads with 130 different kinds of aircraft and warships and make your way to victory. The realistic depiction of the game adds to the overall feel and experience of the game.

The AI also does not shy away from adapting to different strategies, thus making sure you will have a fun and challenging time playing the game. Pacific Fire is available for purchase at $2.99 to download at the App Store.


Some of the best iOS games found in the App Store are those that heavily involve strategy. These iOS war games are just a few of the hundreds of epic real-time strategy war games that provide some of the best experience on mobile gaming. Check them out to experience them yourself.