Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins

If you want to play a game that will also help you get healthy, Pikmin Bloom is a good mobile game to download and play. There are several games similar to Pikmin Bloom but this game provides a lot of features and more cooperative gameplay than many of its competitors.

Pikmin Bloom is a mobile game created by Niantic where you get to grow your little creatures called Pikmin. These creatures follow you around as you explore the map based on your current location.


While Pikmin Bloom is not a complicated mobile game to play, it can still be confusing for new players. In this guide, you'll learn how to play the game, how to get coins, helpful tips, and more.

  • Playing Pikmin Bloom
  • Learn the Different Types of Seedlings and How to Grow Them
  • Explore the Map
  • Expand the Amount of Pikmin You Can Own
  • Send Your Pikmin on Expeditions
  • Gathering Petals for Your Pikmin
Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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Playing Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin are tiny plant-like creatures that come from the seedlings that you planted. The ultimate goal of the game is to grow and bloom as many Pikmin as possible so they thrive in this world. 

Pikmin come from seedlings that you get to plant in the seedling slots. You'll need to walk around in real life with your mobile device to gather seedlings along the way. 


The game will notify you if there is a seedling nearby and you just have to reach that destination to collect the seedling. To grow these seedlings, players must walk or generate a certain amount of steps. 

There are a lot of other seedlings and features waiting to be unlocked in Pikmin Bloom. You'll discover these features down below.

How to Download Pikmin Bloom

Before we proceed, here's how you can download Pikmin Bloom on your mobile phone. Pikmin Bloom is available for download in the Google Play Store and the App Store for both Android and iOS devices. 


Search the name of the game through these platforms and tap Install to begin downloading the game. Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch the game. 

You may also link your preferred payment option if you want to support the game through in-game purchases or increase your chances of getting various Pikmin in the game.

Learn the Different Types of Seedlings and How to Grow Them

A large portion of playing Pikmin Bloom is all about growing different seedlings. Players will need to plant seedlings first before they transform into Pikmin. 

Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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Seedlings can be acquired by walking around the map and can be set into slots in your backpack. To grow these seedlings, you will need to walk around and gather enough steps to transform them. 

Each type of seedling will require a specific number of steps for them to grow. Each time you transform a seedling into a Pikmin, you also gain experience points

Connect with Your Pikmin Through Friendship

Each Pikmin that you own will have a connection with you. There are two main methods to increasing your friendship with your Pikmin. 

First, you can feed them nectar by harvesting them from flowers that you've grown. The other method that you can use to increase your friendship is by using your Pikmin in different challenges. 

Feeding nectar to your Pikmin is one of the easiest methods since they are readily available. There is also a special type of nectar that you can give to your Pikmin. This special nectar can be bought through the in-game store.

Explore the Map

The map in Pikmin Bloom heavily resembles the map of your current location. However, there are some modifications done to enhance gameplay. Every time you walk around the map, you reveal a small radius. 

Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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You'll notice that there are clouds around the map. These are the areas that you need to explore to discover more seedlings and other hidden features in the game. 

It is best that you try to explore the map as much as you can to help grow your seedlings into Pikmin. You might discover new types of Pikmin as you uncover different areas on the map. 

The game also records the number of steps and time you've spent exploring as well which can help measure achievements in the game.

Save Photos and Look Back on Your Experience

One of the best features of Pikmin Bloom is you can take photos and write logs about your journey throughout the entire game. 

You can even look back on your entire experience and see how far you've grown in the game. Each log will contain different information such as the date, the photos, and even the steps you've taken on that specific day. 

You can also share your lifelog on your social media to tell your friends about all the wonderful experiences you have had while playing.

Expand the Amount of Pikmin You Can Own

Every Pikmin that you grow will help you with your experience in the game. The more Pikmin you have, the better your chances in the game become.

Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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Leveling up your Pikmin is crucial so you can expand your crew. The game has a level cap of 60 as of this moment and almost all of the features in the game will be unlocked when you reach level 19. 

By expanding your Pikmin army, you can optimize the way you play the game. More Pikmin means you get to finish raids much faster.

Take on Different Challenges

Apart from taking long walks to help grow your Pikmin, there are still so many things to do within the game. There are different challenges that you can do together with your Pikmin. 

Many of these challenges involve completing different objectives such as completing several steps per day or defeating a certain enemy mushroom. 

These challenges will also reward you with different prizes. These prizes can either be coins or many other items that are crucial to the development of your Pikmin.

Send Your Pikmin on Expeditions

In the main Pikmin games, you can command your Pikmin to go out and explore different areas to gather various items for you to use. Pikmin Bloom also has this feature. 

Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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Once you have unlocked a few levels in the game, you can now send a group of Pikmin on expeditions to gather fruits and nectar

Your Pikmin can even discover cosmetic items such as new outfits. These expeditions do take time so it is best that you send your Pikmin once you are done with other tasks in the game. 

You can send your Pikmin on expeditions right before you log off from the game to save time.

Join Community Days Along with Other Players

Players can also expect Community Days to be held at different times of the year. These Community Days bring players together to enjoy the game. There will be different events during this time and players can participate in them to earn rewards. 

Players can also join different themed raids together with their Pikmin all over the map and receive prizes after completing them. This is an interesting feature in the game that many are already anticipating. 

Always make sure that you join the Community Days and experience what it feels like to interact with another Pikmin Bloom player.

Gathering Petals for Your Pikmin

There are a lot of different Pikmin that you can transform into in the game. Each Pikmin will have a specific color depending on the color of nectar you feed them. 

Pikmin Bloom - See How to Get Coins
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Every time you feed your Pikmin with nectar, the flower slowly grows from a bulb and into a flower. It is important that you know how to quickly grow the flower on your Pikmin. The best way to do this is to walk a short distance. 

Since this step helps grow the flower on your Pikmin, you won't need to feed them with nectar which helps you save nectar in the long run. Once it turns into a flower, you can then gather petals from your Pikmin. 

Players can only gather six petals from each Pikmin so the more Pikmin that you have, the more petals you can collect. 

Planting Flowers to Earn Coins

Coins are an important aspect of Pikmin Bloom's gameplay. There are several ways to earn coins but the simplest way for you to start earning coins is to plant as many flowers as you can. Once you have collected petals from your Pikmin, you can use them to grow more flowers. 

Each flower that you plant will help you earn coins. Each flower you plant will result in one coin so, at max, you'll be able to collect 30 coins every day. The game continues to plant flowers automatically even if you log out from the game. 

However, you will need to stock up on petals as the game will stop planting flowers the moment you run out.


Pikmin Bloom is all about growing as many Pikmin as you can as fast as possible and the only way to get them is to follow the tricks mentioned above. 

Experience exploring your local community while playing Pikmin Bloom and at the same time make yourself feel better as you walk around the map to discover more surprises. Download this mobile game today to start growing Pikmin!