June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds

Are you fond of searching for clues and solving mysteries in a mobile game? If you're one of the sharp-eyed detectives that get excited about finding clues and uncovering secrets, you're in for a treat with June's Journey.

June's Journey is a detective mystery game where you get to search for clues and find a list of items that will help solve the central mystery of the game. Set in the roaring 20s, June's Journey is all about solving hundreds of mind-bending puzzles.


If you have what it takes to be the best spy, check out the game and learn about how to play, how to download it, how to get diamonds, and more with the guide below.

  • Check the List First Before Anything Else
  • Here Are Some Spots You Might Miss
  • Replay the Level and Get a Higher Score
  • Try to Think Outside the Box
  • Take Advantage of Hints and Learn When to Use Them
June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds
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Check the List First Before Anything Else

One of the unique aspects of playing June's Journey is the game's setting and era. The game is set in the 1920s when most people are not familiar with the terms and items. 

Each scenario in this mobile game offers a list of items and certain terms need to be deciphered to discover their meaning. Check the entire list of words and items before you make your move. 


It is best that you try to understand what the words mean first rather than making a wild guess. Keep on playing the game and you'll slowly but surely understand these long-forgotten words and items. 

Piece together the meaning of these words and you'll discover that the entire answer to the puzzle was right there all along.

Try to Play on a Larger Screen

Many of the game's clues and answers are hidden underneath the entire screen. Playing on a small screen, especially on a mobile phone with a small display, might be detrimental to your game. 


You won't be able to spot smaller objects or clues that might lead you to the answer. This is why it is better to play on a larger screen so you can immediately spot hidden clues or items that might be slightly concealed or not visible when you have a smaller screen. 

Once you're in the game, try to adjust the resolution of the game to a comfortable level. You may even try to enlarge the screen to increase your chances of discovering more clues.

Here Are Some Spots You Might Miss

Having a larger screen does help you find some of the hidden clues and items in June's Journey. However, there are still some spots that you need to look for that might hold the key to winning the game. 

June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds
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Try to look for clues starting at the edge of the screen and then in a circular fashion move downwards. This is a highly effective method when trying to search for clues

Another great way to spot clues is to move your vision from the outermost side of the screen towards the middle as if you're reading a page. You can then move to the other side of the screen once you're done. 

Players often make the mistake of leaving the corners and sides unchecked when looking for clues. You'll be surprised that it's in these areas where most clues are hidden.

Look at the Bigger Picture

When you're having a hard time looking for hidden objects, one good suggestion that you can use is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Many players often zoom in on the screen to find hidden clues when the objects are already very visible. 

Avoid making this mistake and try to step back a little to see the entire scenario. You'll soon discover that it was hidden right under your nose all along. 

Try to bring your screen away from you for at least an arm's length to see the entire picture. This is the best thing that you can do when you feel like you can't find any of the items in the puzzle.

Replay the Level and Get a Higher Score

The game gives you a score depending on how fast you complete the list and finish the puzzle. Many players are often pressured to finish the puzzle as fast as possible even if this is their first time. 

June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds
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Since you can always replay the puzzle, you can try to finish the puzzle at your pace during your first run and then go back and replay the level to get a higher score. 

Each time you replay a level, you'll be consuming energy so be sure to strike a balance between working fast and replaying the level. 

There are also some ways to replenish your energy in the game that will cost you some diamonds. Check out some of the tips below on how you can get diamonds.

Memorize Where the Items Are Located

While playing your initial run on your first attempt at solving the puzzle, remind yourself to remember where the items are placed within the game. This will help you collect them when you go for your second run albeit this time, on a much faster tempo.  

Every time you finish a level, you should always know where to locate the items on this list so you won't have to waste precious seconds trying to remember where it was located during your second run. 

Remember, the faster you finish the puzzle, the better your score and the more chances you get at earning more coins and even diamonds.

Try to Think Outside the Box

Upon looking at the list of items you need to find, you might begin to think about the items and forget that this is a mobile game based on a certain era. 

June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds
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You might think of a modern object, but there was likely another version of it during that time. This is why you need to think outside the box. 

Some clues might point you to the right spot where the item is hidden but you'll need to have a different perspective about it. If you are truly stumped about an item, you can always try to do some research to find out what exactly you should be looking for. 

Join the Detective Lounge and Win Diamonds

One of the best features added in June's Journey is the Detective Lounge. The Detective Lounge is where you can find and socialize with other players. You may even try to challenge them and see which one of you can complete the puzzle faster. 

The player who finishes first wins rewards including diamonds. The best part about Detective Lounge is that you can chat with other players and share different strategies and tips on how to play the game. 

You may even try to ask for help within the lounge if you're stuck playing a certain difficulty level.

Take Advantage of Hints and Learn When to Use Them

If you're feeling competitive and you want to make your way to the top of the leaderboard, using hints might prove to be very useful so you can finish the puzzle faster than anyone else. 

June's Journey - How to Get Diamonds
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Hints function just as you would think—they give you hints on where the item might be hidden. The caveat to using hints is that the feature does have a cooldown

This means that after using a hint, you won't be able to use it again until a certain time has passed. This is why using hints should only be used in dire situations. 

If you think that you can solve the puzzle without using this function, try to avoid using it at all costs. It is best to exhaust all of your efforts first before relying on hints to help you solve the puzzle.

Customize Your Mansion

With all the rewards you get from playing the game, it would be a waste of effort if you don't put them to good use. Sure, the diamonds you've earned a far more useful in terms of other resources like energy but the coins should be used to purchase items to decorate your mansion

June's Journey is not all about solving puzzles. There's also a mini-game where you can furnish your mansion and further customize your manor. 

Check out the beautiful rooms within the mansion or you can begin tending to the plants in the garden. The choice is up to you.


Dive into the world of June Parker as you discover different puzzles and resolve a scandalous family secret with June's Journey. It will take a lot of clever thinking and a pair of eagle eyes to solve this detective puzzle game. Hopefully, the tips above will help make the game easier for you to play.

Check out June's Journey at the Google Play Store and the App Store and download the game today.