Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins

There's something about coloring or painting that calms my mind and soothes my soul. I always find this activity very relaxing, hence the reason why I've been searching for a good mobile game that helps me achieve this goal.

Fortunately, I've discovered Paint by Number - a number coloring puzzle game designed for everyone, including kids. Choose from a wide array of designs and images and paint them with colors by following the numbers.


Learn more about Paint by Number, how to play, how to get gems, and more with my guide below.

  • Search for Images by Category
  • Follow the Numbers
  • Use Gems to Unlock Premium Images
  • Get Free Gems by Watching Ads
  • Follow Them on Social Media
  • Why I Play Paint by Number
Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
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Search for Images by Category

Playing Paint By Number is very similar to coloring in a coloring book. The app has a wide selection of images that I can choose to paint. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

Each section of the images is coded with numbers, so I choose the appropriate number for the color and simply tap that section, and it automatically colors it. There's no strategy or heavy mechanics involved in playing Paint By Number. 


All I do is follow the instructions and slowly make the images come to life by adding colors. There are certain challenges, especially when it comes to completing the images. 

There are small sections that are hard to see because the images are well-designed and very beautiful. Search for different images by category, and you'll know what I mean.

Complete Missions and Earn Badges and Hints

Badges are a sign that I have made progress in the game. There are multiple badges to show off that I've painted a lot of images in Paint By Number and that I've gained experience in the game. 


Hints, on the other hand, are a good way to help me paint difficult images. Remember when I mentioned above that there are areas that are quite small? Hints will help me find the exact location and allow me to complete the image. 

Missions are featured in the game as well. Missions have objectives that I need to complete. In doing so, I earn more badges and get even more Hints to help me finish other images.

Follow the Numbers

Numbers are placed strategically within each portion of the image for me to follow. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

I must choose the right color that corresponds to the right number. For example, the number 2 is the number for the color blue. 

Whenever I pick blue, I make sure that every portion that is labeled with the number 2 should be colored with its assigned color. In this case, it's blue. 

This is how you can fill up the image with various colors to create the perfect art.

Use Hints as Much as Possible

There will be times when I find it hard to spot these numbers, especially in more difficult images. This usually happens when the image I've chosen is very complex and uses more than ten colors to paint. 

Some numbers are stuck in between large portions that become hard to see. For this reason, I often make good use of Hints which allow me to find these hard-to-look areas. 

If you ever encounter a complex picture where there are a lot of small spaces, use Hints as much as possible. Don't worry too much about using them since the game will replenish them after some time.

Use Gems to Unlock Premium Images

With so many images waiting to be colored within the app, there are bound to be ones that have the premium lock. These are images that can only be unlocked using gems. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: APK Pure

Gems are the premium in-game currency apart that can only be bought using real money. While there are other ways to earn gems, I primarily get a huge amount of gems to unlock these premium images by spending real money. 

At the in-game store, there are a bunch of gem packages sold at different prices. Choose the ones that you can afford and use the gems to unlock premium images. 

Play Mini-games and Earn Free Gems

Gems are quite expensive if you wish to purchase them with real money. However, there are a lot of ways for players to earn gems for free. One of which is to play the mini-games found at the Events Tab. 

One mini-game that I like to play, which also helps me earn gems, is Snow Dream. In Snow Dream, I get to collect winter-themed images and paint them. Every time I finish coloring them, the puzzle is slowly revealed until I finish it all. 

The game rewards me with gems after completing the entire set. There are also other mini-games such as Festival Footprints, Star Emblems, Owls Club, and more that give away a lot of gems for free. Go ahead and try it out.

Get Free Gems by Watching Ads

Now some of you might not like this next feature in the game, but I find it to be very helpful, especially for those of us who don't want to spend money on the game. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

Another good way to get free gems in the game is to watch ads. If you go to the Events tab, there are different methods to get free gems. 

There are lots of options to choose from, but the free gems are given once you've watched the entire ad. This option allows you to watch an ad if it has a Play icon below it. 

Tap this option and watch the entirety of the ad and then collect the rewards after. You can also receive free Hints this way, so keep on playing those ads.

Vote for Pic of the Week

One of the many reasons why I love playing this game is that it's fun and interactive. There may be hundreds or even thousands of images waiting to be painted by the players but what I like about the game is it involves other players. 

There's a feature where I get to vote for the Pic of the Week, which promotes the artists of these images within the game. It's a great avenue for both creative artists who want to publish their art and for players who simply want to enjoy their time. 

Go ahead and check out this feature at the Events tab and vote what you think is the best picture of the week. The game will then reward you with gems.

Join Events to Get More Free Gems

There are four main tabs found at the bottom of the app. These are Library, Explore, Events, and My Work. The Library tab contains all the images that you have acquired and colored so far. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: APK Pure

The Explore tab lets you discover different images and search for a specific one by category. My Work is a tab where you can find your work-in-progress. 

Finally, the Events tab is where all the magic happens. In this tab, you can find all the different events happening within the game. It may be a holiday event or a simple contest where other users want to share their work. 

I always check this tab from time to time and see if there's anything worth participating in, especially ones that have gems as prizes.

Follow Them on Social Media

Paint By Number has an amazing system where I get to follow the app's social media pages for official updates and rewards such as Hints and gems. 

Check their pages from time to time as they often release updates that contain freebies. 

You can also reach out to them through these pages and provide feedback. 

Why I Play Paint by Number

Many of you might ask why I play Paint by Number and what I think of the game. 

Paint by Number - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

First, I find Paint by Number a very pleasant and stress-free game to play. 

There's no wonder why many people like to paint as their hobby since it is such a calm and relaxing experience. I get to have an artistic expression with the game. 

I find it quite appealing as well since there are a lot of images to choose from. 

Downloading Paint by Number

Paint by Number is now available on all mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. Download the game today from the Google Play Store or the App Store for free. 

You can support the game by purchasing in-game currency or subscribing to their no-ads service.


Go ahead and try out Paint by Number today to learn more about the game. There's no more need for you to buy coloring books or coloring materials when you have a game like Paint by Number on your mobile device.