Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money

Are you ready to take on the challenge of your life and compete with other contestants in a do-or-die sequence of trials? Cookie Carver is a survival puzzle mobile game that takes a lot of inspiration from popular TV show, Squid Game. 

From the design to the gameplay, each challenge is perfectly emulated from the show which is quite exciting if you are a fan. There are six unique challenges to complete and players must follow the rules or risk being eliminated.


Learn more about Cookie Carver and how you can win each challenge and survive until the end. Find out how you can earn money while learning the different objectives and mechanics for each challenge with my guide below.

  • Survival of the Fittest
  • An Introduction to Red Light Green Light
  • How to Win the Dalgona Candy Carver Challenge
  • Better Memory, Better Chances of Survival
  • Escaping the Final Round
Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
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Survival of the Fittest

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge derives most of its challenges from the popular South Korean television series and has made quite a mark in the mobile gaming world. 

Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Players will find themselves in some of the most gruesome and horrifying games much like the show. 


In Cookie Carver, players must survive a series of challenges to get to the next round. It's a game where players must use their skills and wit to avoid getting killed

Once you finish the first six challenges, players will be able to replay the same challenges but on a much harder scale. 

Download Cookie Carver and Join the Fun

Now that I've got your attention, here's how to download the game in order to join in on the fun. Cookie Carver is available on the mobile platform and is playable on almost all Android and iOS devices. 


Search for the title of the game through the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS users. 

Tap “Install” or “Get” and wait until it is fully installed. Then, tap “Open” or “Play” to begin playing the game and creating your character.

An Introduction to Red Light Green Light

Probably the most popular game out of the six challenges is Red Light Green Light. Everyone familiar with the show knows how terrifying this game can be. 

Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Malavida

In Red Light Green Light, I control my character as I sprint to the finish line in the shortest amount of time. 

This seems easy to do however, the caveat here is the statue that players need to pay attention to. Every time its eyes turn green, that means players can make their move and run towards the finish line. 

When it turns red, players must stop what they're doing, or they'll be shot. Equally intense and violent, it's a challenge where most players find enjoyable and difficult to finish.

Take Control of Your Character

Running towards the finish line is easy. All you need to do is to press and hold your character so it can run. Releasing your finger from the screen will stop your character from moving. Pay close attention to the robot's eyes or at the gauge at the top of the screen. 

I highly suggest that you release your finger right before the gauge turns red instead of releasing it right after. This way, I still have a millisecond for my character to stop and stay still. 

The gauge will reset if other players are eliminated from the challenge. I also noticed that the closer I get to the finish line, the faster the gauge turns red so it becomes increasingly more difficult to get to the finish.

How to Win the Dalgona Candy Carver Challenge

Probably the most annoying challenge in the game for me is the Dalgona Challenge. In this game, I have to carve out the item presented to me without breaking the entire candy. I get immediately eliminated if I break the candy. 

Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
Image Source: APK Pure

There's a little bit of luck involved in this game as the items that you need to carve in the candy are random. Players who get easy-to-carve shapes will most likely survive this challenge but those unlucky enough to carve difficult shapes would end up having to restart the game. 

Press and hold the screen once you've chosen the candy to reveal the shape and start carving. Everything in this challenge is about control and patience. You'll have to hold and press the screen as you work your way to make the shape. 

This is also a time-based game so you need to work fast or end up losing the change.

Pull the Rope to Survive

The third challenge is a simple game. It's tug-of-war but whoever gets pulled in the middle falls to their death hence players will have to make sure that they stay away from the center to avoid falling. To do this, players will only need to tap the screen to tug the rope. 

Boost your strength by repeatedly tapping the screen. Look at the gauge at the top of the screen. When the pink line hits the green area, tap the screen rapidly to get that boost and your team will pull the rope in full force. 

This should help you pull your team to safety and let the other fall to their death. I know it's a bit terrible for the other team but you have to do this to survive.

Better Memory, Better Chances of Survival

The next challenge in Cookie Carve is a memory game called Glass Stepping Stones. This is a subtler game than the others wherein players will have to memorize different platforms to get to the end. 

Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Players can only jump between yellow platforms. It's quite tricky since I need to choose between two platforms to see which one is yellow or red. I get to choose between the left or right platform by tapping the left or right side of the screen. 

If I choose the right platform, I get to proceed to the next, however, if I chose the wrong one, I plummet to my death and have to restart the entire level. Make sure to remember your choices so you don't have to start from the beginning. 

Remember that this is also a timed challenge so be quick to decide which platform you should choose.

A More Brutal Version of the First Challenge

This next version of Red Light Green Light is a much more brutal one than the first challenge. In this iteration, I'm up against another set of players and the challenge takes place under heavy rain. The goal here is to survive and be the last man standing

You won't be able to reach the end if the other contestants are still in the game. The good thing about playing this challenge, even though I find it brutal, is that I can still win even if I don't reach the finish line. 

The only catch in this challenge is that I am the one to eliminate other contestants by hunting them down while also playing the challenge.

Escaping the Final Round

The Final Round is one of the best challenges in the game. This is where you'll have to play with stealth and avoid getting caught by the roving guards. Watch out for their field of view and try to move out of their line of vision. 

Cookie Carver - See How to Get Money
Image Source: APK Pure

My technique is to wait behind corners, sneak up on the guards, and eliminate them. Be mindful and avoid alerting other guards when you try to eliminate one. 

If spotted, they'll immediately shoot you down. Try to hide behind walls first and wait for them to turn their back against you. Reach the end of the room where the boss is waiting and prevent him from escaping. 

Once you eliminate the boss, the game will reset and you'll start from the beginning but this time, it gets even more difficult to play.

Win More Challenges and Get More Money

It's very easy to earn money in the Cookie Carver mobile game. All you need to do is to finish each challenge and you'll get rewarded with money

The faster you finish each challenge, the more money you collect. Of course, it can become very difficult to earn more money once you replay the game but that's why there's my guide to help you win more games

You can then use the money you've earned to purchase new suits for your character and other cosmetic items at the in-game store.


Learn how to survive the different challenges in Cookie Carver through my tips and tricks mentioned above and you're on your way to collecting more money. Never forget to follow the rules in each challenge and read each instruction carefully before playing.