Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes

There is a secret that nobody is telling you. You can earn money by just playing games on your mobile phone. This is done thanks to GAMEE Prizes.

I've always been curious how apps like GAMEE Prizes can give out cash rewards for playing their games. The app has given thousands of dollars in prizes to users playing different games that are available. 


If you want to learn more about the app, how to play and earn, and how you can download the app, read on!

  • Learn More About GAMEE Prizes
  • Play Games to Get Rewards
  • Earn More Tickets
  • Complete Offers
  • Invite More Friends
Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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Learn More About GAMEE Prizes

GAMEE Prizes is a mobile app that lets me play different games for rewards. Most of the rewards given are in the form of cash. There are over 100 different games to choose from and each of them has different objectives.

Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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From my experience, there are no in-app purchases needed to play the game or get the rewards. You simply log in, play the game, meet the requirements, and get rewarded with cash.


I've always wondered how apps like GAMEE Prizes can generate this much money to give out the users. I just found out that the app shares the revenue they earn through advertising by turning it into prizes that you can withdraw after reaching the limit.

Downloading GAMEE Prizes

GAMEE Prizes is available to download on all mobile platforms including Android and iOS devices. Just make sure that your mobile device is updated and has all the requirements needed to run the different games on the app.

For Android users, head to the Google Play Store app on your phone and search for ‘GAMEE Prizes - Play Free Games, WIN REAL CASH!’. After selecting the correct search result, click ‘Install’ to download to your device. 


Apple users can head to the Apple App Store and search ‘Win Cash Rewards with GAMEE’ to find the correct app. Click Get' to download to your device.

Play Games to Get Rewards

There are over 100 games to choose from and each of them has its own set of requirements and tasks

Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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Enjoy playing different games such as puzzles, adventure games, and arcade games that are very fun and simple to play. Plus, new ones are being added after each update so stay tuned and see if you find a game that you are really interested in playing.

The app shows the tasks needed to be completed before you play the game. Reaching those tasks while playing the game will net you rewards such as tickets and more.

Some of the rewards are free spins. You can use those spins on the Wheel to get even more rewards and hopefully land on some cash prizes.

Understanding the Ticket System

Every time I play a game and meet the requirements, I earn tickets. Tickets can be used to compete on the leaderboard. The more tickets you have, the more you rise on the leaderboard and the more chances you have in getting more prizes.

The ticket system is equivalent to getting points in other games. The tickets that you earn will be tallied to help you earn more money. Upon collecting these tickets, I am automatically part of the giveaway that is done every Sunday which gives out at least $5,000 worth of prizes.

This is why learning more about the tickets and how to get them fast is important if you want to start earning real money in this game. There are many other ways to earn tickets in the app and I'll tell you how you can do so below.

Earn More Tickets

As I've mentioned there are many ways to earn tickets in this game apart from playing the games. I would still suggest that you play the games that are being recommended as they are largely the bread and butter of the app. If you just want to earn extra tickets, here are some of the things that you can do.

Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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First, the game itself will draw a random winner every two hours. I'm not sure how the system does the draw and what the categories aside from it being random. But the prizes are huge and can even reach up to $100.

What I discovered when trying to get more tickets is that I get a lot of notifications asking me to watch an ad. I know this is something that many people do not want to do. However, I got curious and found out that I gain more tickets by just watching the ads.

Trying Different Games

I noticed that there are a lot of games being recommended in the app. Some are already downloaded while the others will need to be manually added. Most of the games recommended by the app offer more rewards.

Download other developer's mobile games and play them according to the tasks. I've downloaded a few of them and was able to get as many as 100 tickets each even just from downloading the app. Don't worry though as you will still be downloading them through the official platform so it is still safe.

You might want to try joining the Lucky Games and test your luck to win instant prizes. Check out the Lucky Games every four hours and check out which rewards are the best for you.

Complete Offers

You already know how important tickets are in the app. Apart from the tasks set by the app when playing the game, there are a lot of offers that need to be completed. Some of them include spinning the wheel, sharing your games, or inviting some friends to download the app.

Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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Don't miss out on the chance to get a lot of tickets by finishing all the offers. Oftentimes, I get the 3x multiplier but there are also other great rewards found in the Offer System.

These multipliers can also be used for your tickets. You can win up to 4x multiplier in almost every game that you play. 

Don't forget to check the offer system every day for some cool surprises.

Win Random Prizes by Spinning the Wheel

While I was trying to find a new game to play, I found another feature in the app called the Wheel. It highly resembles the Wheel of Fortune but with different rewards. Players can spin the wheel with their free spins and get rewards.

The prizes are random but they are also quite good. Some offer tickets while others give free spins. 

The most coveted reward would have to be the cash prizes that change every and now then.

Invite More Friends

Much like any other app, GAMEE Prizes lets you share your accomplishments on your social media. Better yet, invite your friends to join you on the app for more rewards.

Find Out How to Get Real Prizes with GAMEE Prizes
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For each friend that you successfully invite that downloads and plays the game, you earn more tickets. Invite your friends and explain to them how you can earn real money with this app by just playing the game. It will surely entice them to try the app out and see for themselves.

I usually try to post my accomplishments on my social media to get their curiosity. Once they take notice of it, I immediately explain to them what the app is all about and instruct them to download it through an invite code

The trick here is to get them to be interested enough to try the game out.

Love Watching Ads

I have to set expectations straight when it comes to playing this game. You will be watching a lot of ads. You need to love watching ads or come up with a plan to watch ads without getting frustrated by them.

After you finish a task or play a game, the app will recommend an ad that you can watch. Watching the ads will give you more rewards such as tickets that will give you a better chance at winning the cash prizes. If you are not fond of watching ads then, this might not be the app for you.

What I usually do is I let the ad play and take a break from playing. Once it is done, I collect the reward and play another ad to maximize my time. I do this a lot so I get to rest my eyes and earn more rewards at the same time - it's a win-win situation for me.


While the game might not be enough to let you quit your job, it can be a good way to bring in some extra cash while also doing the thing that you love.

This is probably the only app that I have encountered that lets me play and enjoy games and get to earn some cash from playing them.