Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller

There is this arcade game called Sky Roller that I have been glued to over the last few months. 

While skating has never been my forte, I loved the concept of daredevilry shown in the game where characters skate on the top of large edgy structures, almost touching the sky. The fear of falling is real as I do have vertigo but who cares as long as I am on track?


Whether you should download this game or not will depend upon your choice and personality, however, I am listing down a few things that will help you review and come to a better decision.

  • About the Sky Roller App
  • Highly Rated on the App Stores
  • How to Play Sky Roller
  • How to Reach the Bonus Level
  • Pros and Cons
Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
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About the Sky Roller App

Sky Roller is developed and published by Homa Games. Homa Games is a company with young staff who don’t hesitate to experiment with ideas and games like this one. 

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
Image Source: APK Pure

Sky Roller was first introduced a few years back but they have been constantly updating the game ever since. It has over 150 million installs so far, which says a lot about its popularity.


What I find unique about this game is that you can perform various stunts on the skates. For example, depending on the level you are on, you can do wide splits, jumps, and more in order to evade objects and collect coins along the way. 

Main Features

The game has a number of great features. One is the structures themselves. You will notice that in level one, you have sleek, simpler basic tracks to work with while skating, as you level up, the speed of your skating increases, and the structures get leaner and meaner. This is when most times I have locked myself up to ensure I don’t fall!

I would be lying if I said that I like the characters presented to me for roller skating. I do agree that these characters are basic and don’t look anything like a tomb raider but who cares? The main focus is to keep skating skillfully and collect gems on the way, without falling.


But, for those of you who love to compete in style, Sky Roller comes with the option to make in-app purchases to get cool skins for your character.

Highly Rated on the App Stores

As per the feedback received by the customers who have tried this game at least once, they have unanimously agreed that it relieves stress and helps in killing boredom during the in-between times at work or otherwise. 

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
Image Source: App Store

On the Google Play Store, the app has a 4.3-star rating out of 5 after over 616,000 reviews. 

This is an incredible feat for a game and its widespread popularity as well as the developer's willingness to listen to player feedback and make changes to improve the game is quite obvious!

Rave Review on the iOS App

On the Apple App Store for iOS devices, the app has a 4.8-star rating out of 5, after over 261,000 reviews. This is a massive success for Homa Games and a true testament to how awesome the game really is.

How to Download the Sky Roller App

The app is free to download. If you are using the Android platform, then simply go to your Google Play Store app and search for ‘Sky Roller’ in the search bar. Find the correct result, with the developer listed as ‘HOMA GAMES’ and then once you're on the app's page, click on the ‘Install’ button to download it to your device. 

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
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For Apple users, whether iPad or the iPhone, please go to the Apple App Store to download the app. Search for ‘Sky Roller - Fun runner game’ to find the HOMA GAMES result. 

From the app page click ‘Get’ to begin installing the app to your device, and confirm any permissions regarding in-app purchases that may be necessary to continue the download.

Be careful when trying to download the game on the Microsoft store. When I tried entering ‘Sky Roller” the results were funny. The store showed me “Rolling sky” game which is a different MOBA ball game! Also do not download “Sky Roller for PC” unless you are sure of the source to avoid a virus attack. 

How to Play Sky Roller

The first time you install the game and launch it, you will see the Homa Games banner which will take you to the consent box which you must agree to by switching the toggle to green. Then press the play button. Next, you will see the VIP page that shows you the benefits of a subscription.  

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
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After you click the “x” button on the top right corner of the subscription page, you will see your player in level one ready to start skating. Use the simple blue bar that splits open the legs with a left swipe and brings them back together with the right. 

While the curves and different turns are taken care of automatically, you will want to manually make sure that objects and empty spaces are evaded or you will fall and lose that chance. 

Upon falling, you will have a pop-up with a “revive” option. To use this option, you will have to watch an advertisement for ten seconds.


Depending on your country of residence, you will get a free trial period. It could be for three days to up to seven days. After that, you will have to buy their subscription plans. There are four options to choose from. 

The No Ads plan costs you $2.99, and the VIP plan costs $5.99. The VIP plan gives you 500 free coins every day, up to 6 gifts to choose from, and also other benefits like cosmetic or dolled-up characters. 

There are two other plans: the VIP monthly that costs $19.99 and the yearly plan that costs $99.99.

How to Reach the Bonus Level

For any game worth its place under the sun, there are bonuses to be had. There are various ways in which you can get to the bonus level but before that let me tell you what happens in the bonus level of Sky Roller. On the bonus track, you will see no obstacles, only gems!

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
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First things first, focus on not getting hit by any of the roadblocks. Next, as you progress, you will see after an interval of at least three levels, a golden key standing and shining. Quickly take that key as you roll out to the finish line. This will immediately get you a bonus track!

Alternatively, collect as many gift boxes as you can. You will be surprised that not only you get fancy skates but also different types of bonus levels to unlock. 

Also, keep an eye on the app publisher’s website or social media handles to see if they have announced any bonus level dates.


As you play the game, you will have many irritating ads that will push onto your screen now and then. Sometimes, these ads are actually games that can be navigated. Clicking on the ads, even accidentally, will take you to the Google Play Store to download them. Make sure to press “X” immediately.

If you like the game, I will suggest you go for the no-ads $2 subscription. That way you won't have to contend with the bothersome and irritating must-watch ads that lure you by offering you 2x or 5x bonus gems. Simply click the ‘no-ads” option available on the left top of the screen.

Pros and Cons

Let us look at some of the customer reviews and understand the pros and cons of this app. You can then decide if you want to go ahead or not and not simply on what I have to say personally.

Learn How to Reach the Bonus Level in Sky Roller
Image Source: APK Pure

“Need for speed” is one of the most common responses for people to like this game. Why not, after all, it is featured in the arcade category. The speed and difficulty at the same time create a rush while playing and who doesn’t love a good adrenaline rush?

A simple user interface and great user experience is another major plus that has brought in a staggering 150 million players! The game doesn’t discount on its simpler bar to play but gives more with less, allowing people to maneuver their characters easily even while taking a ride in the tube or that crowded bus.

Believe it or not, many patrons think that this game develops urgent decision-making skills. I second that completely because the curves, objects and gems are so spontaneous that you have to act swiftly or you fall. Prepare for your next management role here!


I must agree with those who say that this app genuinely tests our nerves and pushes our buttons with its aggressive and, frankly, obnoxious ad placement. 

Popping up the subscription page now and then can dissuade everyone.


Sky Roller is a super fun app if you can tolerate their persuasiveness to buy their subscription. However, it takes care of your boredom and teaches you deep mindfulness and decision-making.

Download it today as a fun way to pass the time, get a thrill of adrenaline during your day, and, most importantly, to have some fun!