Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run

As one of the most addictive games out there, Temple Run has created history in terms of the number of downloads. Even though the motive of the game is simple, RUN, this game is still a fan favorite. 

To improve your running, try to complete the in-game challenges and coin collection streaks to boost your character's performance. 


When I say that there are some amazing ways to gather more coins by playing the game that everybody else is playing, you should believe it! So if you want to have double the fun and rewards, make sure to read on.

  • What Is Temple Run?
  • Features Of Temple Run
  • How To Download Temple Run
  • Game Strategies For A Better Experience
  • Other Ways To Collect Coins
  • User Reviews On Temple Run
Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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What Is Temple Run?

Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run is a 3D endless running game where a monster chases the player. The purpose of the game is to run fast enough not to get caught by the monster and to collect as many coins as you can. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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The game seems simple, but it is easier said than done. Because as you move ahead, the speed of your player increases progressively. Not to mention there are several obstacles in the way that you have to clear without letting the monster catch up. 


We have seen an incredible amount of success accomplished by the game ever since its launch in 2011. After its first release for iOS, Temple Run ported to Android and Windows 8 phones. The latest development was the VR version released in 2014. 

Some Amazing Things About The Game

Temple Run was so successful that due to this game alone, Imangi Studios was able to surpass the number one game development studio at that time, Zynga. It became one of the top 50 most downloaded games on the App Store within a few months. 

Not long after, it also took the number one spot among the best free iOS games. When Temple Run came to Android, it was downloaded one million times in just three days. If that’s not all, the Temple Run: Brave version was the most downloaded paid game. 


The Temple Run second version hit 6 million downloads in the first 24 hours on iOS, and the total download count as of June 2014 was 1 billion. 

Features Of Temple Run

Before playing any game, it is best to understand its features. With Temple Run, you need to understand the runner, the role of the coins, and the store. Let's me start by explaining the feature of the runner. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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There are multiple runners that you can choose when playing the game. These runners include Novice, Sprinter, Miser, Athlete, Steady Feet, Allergic to Gold, 5K Runner, No Trip Runner, and the 10K runner. My all-time favorite runner is the 10K runner.

These are runners represent your level of running skills. As you progress in the game, you will get a better runner title. 

Secondly, there is the store where I get my power-ups, utilities, and also characters. With power-ups like coin magnets, invisibility, mega coin, boost, etc., it becomes easier to collect more coins and earn more rewards. 

Some Additional Features Of The Game You Should Know About

Utilities are also similar to extra powers given to your player in between the game. These include resurrection wings, boost, and mega boost. The purpose of these utilities is the same as any other power-up, which is to help you move forward effortlessly. 

Lastly, we have characters like Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, etc. You can play with these characters, and each of them has its own special abilities and power-ups. I personally love to run around as Scarlett Fox.

By playing Temple Run, you will have to complete the 22 achievements and objectives. Gaining more achievements means you will get a higher score, and you can share your score with your friends. 

How To Download Temple Run

Temple Run has different versions available for Android and iOS devices. While some versions are paid, others are free. Irrespective of the version you choose, the download process is the same. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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For Android phones, visit the Google Play Store on your device and search for Temple Run. After you located the game, click on Install and wait for the game to be downloaded on your phone. 

For iOS devices, you need to visit the App Store and again type in the name of the game. Once the results appear, click on Get, let it download, and start playing. For paid versions, you can pay with a credit card or Apple Pay. 

How To Play Temple Run

I like to play Temple Run because I took the time to understand the basics of the game. Yes, it might take some time and practice to understand how to navigate your player; but here are basic tips that I can share with you.

Temple Run is an endless running game. So, as long you do not fall or get caught by the monster, it will not end. That is why it is imperative to learn to control your player and help him cross all the obstacles.

Apart from the monster behind, you will face obstacles on your path. In some places, there will be wooden logs you need to jump through, while in other places, the path will be broken or cut off on one side. So, it is all about learning to navigate through these obstacles. 

Game Strategies For A Better Experience

I focus on two things: one is running as far as possible, and the second is coin collection. The distance that I am running is directly connected to my coin collection. Where progressing in the game is connected to your skill level, coin collection can be tweaked. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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I can, for example, buy power-ups from the store, especially the ones that will increase the value of the coins that I collect during my run and the speed that I collect coins with. By investing in these power-ups, I will benefit.

Coin Collection And How To Get Even More Coins

Collecting coins is the main objective of the game. By collecting more coins in the game, it becomes easier to get power-ups, characters, and boosts. Collecting coins is easy, and I can increase the value of each coin collected. 

Two power-ups are critical to me, Coin Magnet and Coin Value. Alternate between these power-ups until they are maxed out. The Coin Value will increase the value of each coin to 2x after 1000 meters and to 3x after 2000 meters. 

In addition to this, when I use the Coin Magnet with Coin Value, I will automatically get a higher value on each coin without any struggle. The Coin Magnet power triples the value of each coin at its max. So, I get nine coins when collecting one coin. 

Other Ways To Collect Coins

One of the most obvious ways to collect more coins is to go further in the game. The more you run, the higher will be the coin collection. Along with this, Temple Run also has some missions that you need to complete. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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After each mission, you will get a huge coin bonus. So, make sure to complete all the missions present in the game and collect more coins as you proceed. 

Added to this, you can open the free chest available after every four hours to get more coins or gems. As a part of their promotional exercise, Temple Run gives free coins to the users who choose to follow their social media handles. 

The last option to get more coins is to buy them by paying real money or, as they are called, in-app purchases. 

Tips To Play Temple Run Like A Pro

You must keep in mind a few things while playing the game that will ultimately help you get more coins. First, focus on staying alive rather than collecting more coins. Yes, you read it right. To stay alive means not taking risks that will kill you. 

While you are running, ensure to collect green-colored coins as they are essential to resurrect your characters and ensure continuity. The game will take some practice to accurately judge when to jump, move aside, or slide. So, be patient!

Practicing will help you prepare ahead. When you cover more distance, the game gets faster, and obstacles more frequent, and they also get more dangerous. Learn to jump or slide and move left or right as it will help you move faster and further. 

User Reviews On Temple Run

When the game was first launched, Temple Run has amazing graphics; this is a common feeling shared by almost every person who has played it. Another thing loved by the users is that it is free to play. 

Learn How To Get The Most Coins On Temple Run
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I feel that Temple Run motivates you to go ahead because the track never ends; the game keeps on moving forward only to end when the character dies. 

In-App Ads

One aspect of the game that I could criticize is the in-app adverts. After every run, the game will show you an ad that cannot be skipped. Somehow it decreases the interest and leads to abandoning the game altogether. 


I think it is safe to say that Temple Run is one of the most played and liked games on Android and iOS devices. It is an addictive game because there is no end to it.

So, make sure to collect more coins, learn to move ahead with your player, and never let the monster catch you. If you get the hang of it, there is no other game more enjoyable than Temple Run.