How Get Gems in BADLAND

BADLAND is one of those aesthetically pleasing games that are not played enough by a lot of people. This game has some of the best mechanics for a platformer mobile game and is one of the most beautiful-looking games I have ever seen. 

As you may have already noticed, the game is played through the lens of a small creature as you control him while avoiding colliding into different obstacles, traps, and many other things.


This one-touch action platform game from Frogmind has been positively rated by a lot of its users. Even without using any form of verbal cues, the game is still able to portray a good story. For those who want to know more about BADLAND, check out the article below for more information.

  • An Adventure Platformer
  • Avoid Obstacles as Much as Possible
  • Power-Ups Are Helpful
  • Replay Levels to Get More Gems
  • Destroy the Terrain
  • Correcting Your Mistakes
  • Play with Friends
How Get Gems in BADLAND
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An Adventure Platformer

BADLAND is a unique adventure platformer mobile game with gorgeous graphics. The game is set within a forest filled with creatures, trees, and flowers.

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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However, the forest is also littered with traps and obstacles that could spell doom to your clone if you ran into them. 


BADLAND features physics-based gameplay, multiplayer mode, and a level editor.

Downloading the Game

For those who are interested in downloading the game, it is available for download on all mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store

The game is also available on different consoles such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, and on Windows PC.


Avoid Obstacles as Much as Possible

It is one thing that you try to control the creature as much as possible but as soon as you launch into the game, the main objective is to avoid obstacles.

There are only a few terrains and obstacles that get in the way during the early levels. As soon as I get to a few more levels, things start to feel very challenging. 

There are a lot of obstacles to avoid. Some of them include fans that will try to slow me down or blow me off course. 

There are also tilting platforms and exploding plants that will immediately kill you.

Fast Hands Is the Key

The key to playing BADLAND is to have a good reaction time. The quicker you can react to certain situations, the better you will be at playing the game. 

There will be times when a platform suddenly drops as you get near them and it will entail a lot of quick reaction time. 

Sometimes, you also get to deal with other creatures or traps that fall from above. You will need to be fast with your reaction.

Power-Ups Are Helpful

While the game does pose a good challenge even for seasoned players, BADLAND also helps its players to get to the end with the use of power-ups.

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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Power-ups are scattered throughout each level. However, they are randomly placed within the level. 

Most power-ups tend to speed you up so you get to the end much faster. 

There are also power-ups that slow you down. Some power-ups increase your size and others shrink you down.

Choosing Power-Ups at the Right Time

Now that you know that power-ups are scattered throughout each level, there will be instances that you will be forced to pick up one. 

It could either be that you want to speed up the level to get to the end or you want to slow down so you can avoid large traps and obstacles perfectly. Not all power-ups are designed to help you in all situations. 

Certain power-ups should only be used in a certain instance. I would suggest avoiding picking up the power-up that slows you down. Not only does it slow down the entire game, but it also slows down your reaction time which is highly detrimental to your game.

Replay Levels to Get More Gems

Once you get through to each level, the game offers different rewards. Some of these are gems that can be used for other things in the game.

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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To maximize the rewards I receive at each level, I replay them all over again once I'm done. 

Not only does this effectively double the rewards that I get, but I also get to harness and hone my skills in the game making it easier for me to play the next few levels.

Follow Social Media Pages

BADLAND is free to play and oftentimes, they also give out freebies. Check out their social media pages especially on Facebook. 

They often give out a lot of prizes that are unique to the game. You can even get free gems if you are lucky enough to participate in their events. 

They often do a lot of these events right after updates or alongside major holidays such as Halloween.

Destroy the Terrain

There will be times when the terrain becomes a hindrance to your progress in the game. Sometimes, I encounter an obstacle that blocks my path.

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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If you do get to encounter these situations, don't hesitate to destroy the terrain. What many players don't know is that you can smash obstacles and destroy them. 

There is no need for you to restart the entire level in hopes that you won't encounter the same obstacle again. All you need to do is to destroy it and move along. This is highly advisable if you find yourself at a dead end.

Pick Up Clones

Obstacles and traps can be the end of your game. However, there is an option for you to survive longer even if you bump into these traps in the game. 

Pick up some clones along the way. This extends your life in the game making you a bit invulnerable to traps. But do make sure that you try to avoid them as much as possible. 

You don't know when you'll need to sacrifice a few of these clones for you to survive to get to the end.

Correcting Your Mistakes

Since you can replay each level, you also get to correct a lot of your past mistakes from playing. Even when you are playing the game, you can still respawn at the nearest checkpoint and continue the game. 

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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These should be enough for you to learn from your mistakes. What I usually do is pause for a while after respawning, gather my thoughts, and understand what happened

Then, I would make sure that I don't make the same mistake so I can finish each level perfectly and receive the best rewards.

Be Prepared to Die a Lot

Many new players think that playing BADLAND is very easy and there is a very low chance of dying at the early stages of the game. Unfortunately, that type of mindset will get you frustrated a lot of times in the game. 

Change the way you think of the game and you will notice that deaths are not as harsh as you think. I always have a mindset of being prepared to die a lot when playing this game. 

This teaches me perseverance and self-criticism in the way I play the game. You should try it too. It brings a different perspective to the way you play Badland.

Play with Friends 

While I do find the single-player storyline to be very engaging, I have had the best times when playing together with my friends. 

How Get Gems in BADLAND
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BADLAND has a multiplayer feature that allows up to four players to play the game on the same device. 

The multiplayer mode features 23 levels and more to come in future updates. Another great feature is the cooperative mode where I once again play with four other players and go through the single-player campaign. 

However, this time, I have three other players to help me get through the difficult levels.

Have Fun with the Level Editor

Sometimes, I want to surprise my friends when we play the cooperative mode or the multiplayer mode with the level editor

The level editor is a feature in the game where I get to create my level, fill it with different obstacles and traps, make sure that it runs smoothly, and then share it for the rest of the world to play. 

I would invite my friends to join me in testing the level out and see which part needs improvement or which area is challenging. The level editor is such a great addition to the game.


BADLAND is a mash-up of great games with aesthetic visuals and gameplay that is as challenging as Flappy Bird. However, the game infuses its own set of mechanics that make it far more interesting and unique to the rest of these games. 

With that in mind, I hope you get to enjoy the game as much as I did and use the tips above to play the game better.